Afterall- A Matt and Ellen Story:Chap. 1



CHAPTER 1 Warming Up To You

It was a day like no other as Zan`dele Sutani sat in the office waiting for her chance to prove her worth. This was to be one of the most
important days of her life. She wasn't as nervous as she thought that she would be. The thought that she might not land the prestigious job
never crossed her mind, fore she knew that no one could do as good a job as she. Exuding confidence, she knew that the job was hers and she also knew that Dr. Ellen Burgess has resigned so it was hers for the taking she thought as the door opened suddenly.

"Hello. I'm Monica Quartermaine, Assistant Chief of Staff. I hope that you haven't been waiting too long. I've been going over your impressive
credentials. I greatly admire your efforts in Ghana. I'm glad to have you in staff at G.H. I feel that with your qualifications our emergency
medical department will be on the cutting edge. Oh, I do have one thing to say."

Monica says taking a breath. Zan`dele can't believe that it is going SO well.

"The salary has changed. Due to the fact that we can't seem to keep an E.R. Coordinator we are now offering you twice what the original offer
was and as an incentive a $5,000 sign on bonus which you can pick up tomorrow on what I hope will be your first day.

"Thank you and I accept. I know that I'm going to enjoy working here."

They continue to talk as Monica shows her to her office, which incidentally was Ellen's old office. They chat as Zan`dele begins moving
her things inside. Matt Harmon passes them in the hall and something goes all over him as he looks at them inside of Ellen's office. He sees
this short woman who despite her stature stands six feet tall! How he knows this is a mystery because he hasn't heard her say a word...yet.
She exudes such confidence and he can tell that tailored suit hide a one dynamic figure because curves like those can't be hiden. It's been a
long time since he has seen a woman who looked as good as she did with an afro. It was a reddish-brown color that suited her to a tee! And oh, that smile that she flashed to Monica made his head spin! As soon as Matt was finished with his rounds, he had to stop by. He couldn't shake
the feeling that he had when he first saw her. He'd never felt like that before and he couldn't put his finger on it, but she made him feel like
he hadn't felt in such a long time, not since Ellen left.

"I don't know who she is but there's something very different about her. I've never felt this way about the first time that I met them except
Ellen but she's not Ellen."

He told himself as he knocked on her door.

"Come in."

She said as she turned around to see Matt sitting there with a smile. When she looked up at him she gave him her most electric 100 watt smile!

"Hello. I'm Matt Harmon. I just wanted to welcome you to G.H."

At that moment he notices her name spelled out on the name plate on her desk--Zan`dele E. Sutani.

Zan`dele couldn't deny the electricity that she felt when she laid eyes on him. It was evident to them both.

"Is that pronounced Zandeelee?" He asks as she smiles again upon his correct answer.

"You're right. Thank you for coming to make me feel welcome Dr. Harmon. That's so nice of you. I think that I'll like Port Charles even better
than Ghana."

Matt who's feeling even more comfortable wants to put her at ease.

"Please call me Matt."

He says as she puts away the last of her things.

"Alright, Matt. I'm going to get moved in now. I'll see you later."

As Matt leaves he looks back at her and their eyes meet. Each of them look away and he closes the door.

"This is really going to be an experience. I just know it!"

He says as he moves down the hallway.

"I know that I'm going to like this place!" She says as she closes the door and leaves.