Afterall- A Matt and Ellen Story:Chap. 4

Chapter 4 A Heavy Load To Bear

The next day finds Zan`dele and Lucy having lunch at Mario's.

"Lucy have you ever felt at ease with someone and you wanted to tell them something to ease your mind? Well I want, I NEED to tell you something."

Lucy can hardly stand it now! She's at the edge of her seat.

"What is it?"

She exclaims as Zandy gathers her purse.

"Nothing. Some things are better left unsaid. I'll call you later."

How could she bring Lucy to the point of utter excitement and then just drop the ball like that!

"She wants to tell me something and I'm going to be right here when she's ready to tell me. I have a feeling that it's something big too!"

Zan`dele sits down on the couch and tries to think of something other than Matt, but she can't!

"He clouds my senses and unnerves me so. Why can't I get him out of my head? This is just too much for me to bare!"

She goes to bed and thinks of how she'll try not to ogle Matt tomorrow.

Matt has gotten past his confusion. He now knows that it was because he was so consumed with Ellen that he allowed her to overtake his senses
but never again!

Zan`dele's nerves had been worn to a frazzle. She was tired and she needed rest. As she opened the door she was surprised to see Matt.

"Hello Matt. It's always good to see you." She said as a tear escaped her eye. She quickly brushed it away not wanting him to see her cry.

"What's wrong? I can see that your eyes are red. What have you been crying about?"

She walks to the couch but he takes her hand and pulls her to him.

"Sit here. It's okay. I won't drop you. Now tell me what's wrong. I came to realization today and here you are crying."

Matt strokes her cheek and brings her head up so that he can look into her eyes.

"I realized that you're very special to me and that I don't want to go on without you."

With that Matt kisses and she holds him close as she murmurs against his throat.

"Oh Matt, how I've missed you!"

Zan`dele breathed huskily as he kissed her and her robe loosened and opened a bit, not much but just enough to get Matt's attention. He
attempted to help her out of her robe he soon found that he had misread the situation.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. I thought that I you wanted to... Please forgive me. It's my fault."

Trying to regain her own composure.

"Not entirely. I did want to. I've wanted to every since I saw you sitting in the hallway that day. Tell me how you really feel about me. I
need to hear it."

He holds her close and looks at her sitting so close to him now that he wanted to stop being a gentleman and SHOW her how he felt, how she made
him feel!