Afterall- A Matt and Ellen Story:Conclusion

Conclusion-My One and Only

It has been six months since Zan`dele has come to Port Charles and she is very tired of what's going on in her life.

"Did you notice how Harmon has gone nuts for Dr. Sunati? Well he finally got over Ellen. It took him long enough! This new doc is amazingly
gorgeous. How does Harmon manage to get all of good-looking woman? He nabbed Ellen and now this babe. What's he got that the rest of the men
don't have other than the ability to walk?"

Before Eve can answer him Dr. Sunati steps into view.

"What he HAS is a sense of decency that you know nothing about! He's more of a man than you'll ever be in any lifetime!"

She leaves in a huff and Eve leaves him standing alone in the lobby.

As Matt relaxes at his place he answers the door and is delighted to see Zandy.

"Just the person I was thinking of."

He touches her hair and smiles.

His eyes have now taken on a seriousness of their own as he brings her closer to him. His body is screaming to be near her!

"Zan`dele I feel so close to you. I feel such an urge to hold you and to show you that I love you. I want you to know that being with me won't
have to be a trade-off. That I'm not limited in any aspect of anything."

He says calmly. She hears exactly what he's telling her. Zandy touches Matt's strong hand and kisses it. The sensation of her lips on his hand
had sent him to another world.

"You should stop if you aren't rea-dy because...!"

But she didn't let him finish because she didn't want to stop. Matt, now so caught up in the whirlwind of anticipation that he stripped off his shirt in record time and his hungry eyes devoured her from top to bottom. As he sat there watching her he took her hand and kissed it as
he unbuttoned her blouse and thoughts of Ellen came rushing back into his head and his heart. She knew that something was wrong, because she
knew him all to well.

"Matt what's wwrong? Tell me please."

Matt looks away from her as she kneels on the floor forcing him look into her eyes.

"What I feel for you is real. I know that it is, but whenever I'm with you I'm reminded so much of Ellen. I just can't shake it. I've had therapy but I just can't seem to shake this feeling. I see her in everything that you do. I know that I'm just obsessing over her but I thought I would have gotten over it by now. What I feel for you so real please believe me."

He says with glassy eyes. She stares at him and shakes her head.

"I once had my entire life ripped away from me in an instant. I had a devoted man in my life whom I loved very much and then this! There was a
struggle and then she threw acid in my face. I thought that I was ruined for life until I looked into the mirror."

Matt looks a little perplexed.

"You're beautiful. They didn't hurt you at all. Thank God!"

He hugs her close to him and kisses her again. Pulling away from him she shakes her head as tears form in her eyes.

"Matt, I can't let you go on like this lamenting over Ellen. I can't stand to see you so sad. What are the odds of you falling in love with me twice in a lifetime?"

At this Matt looks at her as if she's speaking in Greek.

"Zandy what do you mean, twice?" He says as he wonders what she's talking about.

"I'd rather spend one night with you than a lifetime with anyone else." She says as he looks at her with a blank stare.

"How could you know that? That's what I said to Ellen the first time that..."

Putitng her finger to his lips to silence him.

"I know because I'm the one that you told not to worry because I'd be safe with you."

He eyes narrowed then became bigger.

"There's no way that Ellen would have ever told anyone the details of our private life. Ellen is it really you? But how?"

Matt still believing it to be a trick of some kind looks at her with disbelief.

"Only the woman who holds my heart captive would know what happened between us the day that the marshalls came for me. Tell me what happened
and THEN I'll know that's really you."

She sits down next to him and exhales.

"You were wearing a jacket but underneath a red sweater. You tried to get me to admit that I had feelings for you but I just couldn't. So you
starting talking about the patient that you had who suffered spinal trauma and you asked me to tell him that 'life would be good again'. Then you saw that my hands were shaking and you..."

Matt having unshed tears in his eyes takes her into his arms and kisses her just as he did that day.

"Ellen it's you! I didn't think that it was possible!"

He wipes the tears away with his thumb.

"I had plastic surgery on my entire face and even my dimples are gone, but you still knew it was me. I didn't think that you'd want me back
after all that had happened between us. It was Rachel who sent you that letter. I was in the hospital recooperating for months. I went to Ghana after my face healed to get away from it all but nothing could take my mind off of you. You were always in my thoughts. So I decided that I'd have to make you want me and my new face. Rachel made sure that my old one was useless. She thought that since Ellen Burgess' face was gone
that it was over for us but you have proven her wrong."

Now everything is falling into place.

"That's why I had that funny feeling when I saw you for the first time. My heart knew it was you Ellen! Even with a brand new face your touch
was the same. Your voice is different but I could see it in your walk and how you carried yourself. That kiss on the nose really made me think. I mean anyone could have done that but it was the WAY that you did it. Once I'd been kissed by you I'd never forget what it felt like and that was the one thing that didn't change. I just couldn't explain it to Kevin or anyone else. They thought that I was losing it. Ellen I love you and your new face. I love you so much baby."

Ellen's eyes are flooded with tears.

"I wanted to tell you as soon as I got came to town but I was so afraid that you wouldn't believe me and I needed you to believe me so I
reinvented myself in hopes that you would grow to like me. It was so hard keeping my hands off of you. I wanted to be with you so much! I
love you so much!"

Matt scoops her up in his arms and then puts her on his lap.

"Ellen always and forever will I love only you."

They embrace on and on ... for love has been kind to them in restoring the love that they held in their hearts