Always & Forever- Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Jason and Carly are at the Quartermaine Mansion preparing for AJ and Keesha's surprise ''Welcome Back'' party.

''JAXY!! DARA!!'' Robbie squeals as he runs over to Jax and Dara as they walk through the door.

''Hey big boy, what are you doing?'' Dara says as she picks him up to give him a hug.

''Playin' with my trucks!'' he says excitedly.

''Really! Can I play too?'' Jax says as he ruffles Robbie's dirty blond hair.

''Yeah! C'mon.'' Robbie says as Dara puts him down and he took Jax's hand to lead him over to the toy trucks.

Dara looked over at the two and smiled to herself as she thought to herself how good a father Jax would make. After a moment, she headed over to where Carly was getting some food ready for the party.

''Hey Carly.'' Dara said as she greeted her friend with a glowing smile.

''Dara! You guys got here right on time. AJ and Keesha should be...'' she drifted off as she notices the glow on her friend's face. ''Dara, what is that big Kool-Aid grin for?'' she asks excitedly. ''Are you pregnant?'' she asked in a sort of hushed voice.

''I don't know for sure, but I really think that I am this time.'' she says as her smile grows even bigger and Carly squeals.

''Ohhh, I'm so happy for you. If anyone deserves to be a mother, it's you!'' she says as she hugs her friend. ''Have you told Jax yet?''

''No, I want to make sure I really know if I am or not before I tell him. I bought a pregnancy test yesterday, so I should definantly know by tomorrow.''

'' guys will make such good parents. Good luck!'' she says as she hugs her again.

''Thank you.''

Their conversation is momentarily halted as Alan comes in to tell everyone that AJ and Keesha have arrived and to get into their positions.

''Okay, let's go.''


''SURPRISE!'' Everyone yells as AJ and Keesha walk into the living room of the Quartermaine Mansion.

'' guys shouldn't have!'' Keesha says taken aback by the party that her friends and family had set up. ''Thank you all so much!''

''You're welcome. Now let's eat.'' Ned says, smiling, as he goes over to greet his cousin and new cousin-in-law.

As AJ and Keesha are greeting everyone, Robbie finally makes his way over.

''Auntie Keesha! Uncle AJ!''

''Hey buddy! How are you?''

''Good. I have something for you. Mommy had to write the words on it for me, but I drew it.'' He said as he handed over the drawing to AJ.

''Awww...honey, that is so sweet.'' Keesha said as she kissed his chubby cheek and again looked at the drawing that could only be drawn by a 3-year old of AJ and Keesha on their wedding day. It read 'I love you both. Love Robbie.'

''Yeah, thank you bud. We have some presents for you too from Hawaii.'' AJ said as he smoothed his nephew's hair.


''YAY!'' Keesha said as she mocked Robbie's enthuiasm and then tickled him causing him to giggle.

''C'mon, let's go find your daddy.'' AJ said taking his hand.

'''Kay. Bye Auntie Keesha.''

''Bye bye sweetie.'' she said as she went off in search of Dara and Carly.

She found them talking over at a table.

''Hey girl, welcome back. Take a seat.'' Dara said indicating the seat next to her.

''So how was your honeymoon? And don't leave out any details.''

''Ohhh, it was so fun. I didn't want to leave ever. Everything was so perfect. I'm so happy that we are finally married.'' Keesha said thinking back to the wonderful time her and AJ had in Hawaii.

''Well, you know we're happy for you two. You guys are so perfect for eachother.'' Carly gushed, truly happy for her friend and brother-in law.

''Thank you.'' she says and smiles. ''So what's been going on around here since we've been gone?''

''Well,'' Carly starts excitedly ''Dara may have some news.'' She says as Dara's face lights up.

''Dara, are you--'' you stops a moment to quiet her voice down ''pregnant?''

''I think I may be, I really think that I may be!'' Dara said with the Kool-Aid grin again returning.

''Ohh...I'm so happy for you! You and Jax deserve this so much.''

''Thank you.'' she said as they all giggled and started talking of other Port Charles gossip.


On the other side of the room while their wives gossiped, the men were over at the television watching a Yankees game.

''I can't believe the Yanks are having such a bad season this year.'' AJ said surprised that one of the best baseball teams ever are having such a bad season.

''I told you, man. They can only stay on top for so long. Now the White Sox are the team to go for.'' Jax said as AJ and Jason threw popcorn at him for mentioning the rival team's name. ''What did I do?'' he said as all three of them laughed.

In a few minutes the game was over, ended by a 2-run homerun by the other team. AJ and Jason are disgusted.

''Oh well. So AJ, how was your honeymoon?'' Jason asked as he turned off the television.

''It was great. We had so much fun. Inside and out the room.'' He said as they all laughed again. ''What have you guys been doing here?''

''Nothing much. Carly's been taking me shopping. She says that I need a new wardrobe. You know how she is.'' he said and smirked. ''Speaking of wives, Jax, how is Dara?''

''To be honest, I really don't know. For the last couple of weeks, she's been really depressed about this baby thing. But, today she's been walking around with this big smile on her face, so I guess she's feeling a lot better.''

''Well, how do you feel about it?'' AJ inquired.

''Well, I can't wait to be a parent. And even if we can't have a child of our own, I'd love to adopt or something. But I don't know how she feels about it. I may mention it to her tonight.''

''If you need anything, we're both here for you, you know.''

''Thanks, I appreciate that.''


Later on that night, Dara was in the bathroom with the Home Pregnancy test. She waited for the stick to turn colors.

Then continued to wait.

And waited some more.

Then she finally gave up on waiting, and thats when the tears started to fall.

Jax, worried that his wife was still in the bathroom, went to go check up on her. As he was about to knock, the door opened and she collasped in his arms. She looked up at him, still crying.

''I'm so sorry Jax. I really thought that I was pregnant this time. I really did. I'm so sorry.''

''Oh honey. Its okay. Its okay.'' he said trying to comfort his wife.

''I'm so sorry.'' She cried, then again collasped into her husbands comforting arms.