Always & Forever- Chapter 4

Chapter 4

It's the 4th of July and A.J., Keesha, Carly, and Jason are planning a picnic in the park so that they could view the fireworks display after they have eaten. Dara and Jax are still upset about the mistaken pregnancy incident and decided to stay home. Keesha and Carly are very worried about their friends. Carly, Jason, and little Robbie meet A.J. and Keesha at the Quartermaine mansion.

''Hey guys! You ready for our picnic?'' Keesha asks Robbie as she tickles him.

''Yeah!'' He answered and then giggled.

''Hey, me and A.J. are going to take the coolers to the car. We'll be right back.'' Jason tells them as he picks up one of the coolers and heads outside.

''Hey! I wanna go too!'' yells Robbie as he follows his father and uncle outside.

''Well, since they're gone, I guess that leaves us a little time to talk. You know, I'm really
worried about Dara and Jax.'' Keesha said sounding concerned.

''I'm really worried about them too. Especially Dara, she seems to be withdrawing from
everyone, and even Jax is starting to. She was really expecting to be pregnant this time, I guess when she found out she wasn't she couldn't take it anymore. And Jax seemed to be trying to be so strong for her that he wasn't even thinking about what he was feeling. So I guess it's just caught up with him now. It's so sad, because they seem like they would make such good parents too. You know, the day that she told me that she thought she was pregnant, I caught her looking at Robbie and Jax as they played together, and the look in her eyes were so--dreamy like. You should have seen it, it was like she was imagining the as if it were Jax and their future child playing together.'' Carly explained. ''Jason said that Jax was thinking about adoption, or even foster care. And when I called up today to see if they were going to come with us to the park, Jax told me that they had already talked to someone about foster care.''

''Well that's good. I really hope that it works out for them. But still, maybe we could throw them a party or something to cheer them up. It's so unlike them to be so depressed all the time.

''Carly perked up then. ''Yeah! That would be good. Maybe we could have a Girls' Night out or
something, because you know that the guys' annual camping trip is coming up soon. We could
have it that weekend or something.''

''Oh yeah. I know that Robbie's excited that he gets to go this year. Last year, he hardly knew
what 'camping' meant and was still upset that he didn't get to go.'' Keesha laughed.

''Oh, don't I know it. The trip is 3 weeks away, and he's already packed up to go.''

''Uh huh. That's right!'' Robbie piped in and giggled as he ran over to where they were talking.

''Did your daddy and uncle get everything packed into the car yet?'' Carly asked her son as she
smoothed his hair.


''Well then, let's go!''


After they arrive to the park, A.J. and Jason take Robbie to over to the pond so that he could feed the ducks. Keesha and Carly relax and watch the two men and child.

''A.J. will be such a good father.'' Keesha sighs.

''Yeah. He's so good with Robbie.'' Carly says as she continues looking at them. ''How soon do
you think that you guys are going to start trying to have children?''

''Well...'' she says with a big smile, ''we already have.''

''Keesha, are you pregnant?'' Carly asks, with her eyes growing big.

She nodded and laughed as Carly squealed and hugged her friend. ''Yep! I found out yesterday!''

''Awww...finally I get to have a little niece or nephew to spoil. Have you told A.J. yet?''

''Nope, not yet. I want to wait until the perfect time. I haven't told him yet and hopefully I can keep it a secret until that perfect time comes up. And you,'' she says making sure she emphasized the you, ''better cannot tell him, okay?''

''Don't worry about me. My lips are sealed.'' She ensured as she acted like she was zipping her lips, locking them, and throwing away an imaginary key.

They both laughed.


''But one more thing.'' Carly said with a catch to her voice.

''What's that?''

''I get to plan the baby shower.'' Carly laughed and then Keesha starting giggling too.


A few hour later...

''Daddy, are the fireworks gonna start soon? We've been waiting for a lot of hours now.'' Robbie said, with a hint of a whine in his voice.

''Yes Robbie, they are going to start very soon now.''

Robbie had been asking about the fireworks for a little over 2 hours now and he was starting to
get a little restless.

''In fact they should be starting right about--now.'' And if as on cue, the first of the many bright and beautiful explosions of the display started.

''Oooohhh...they're pretty.'' he said in awe as he watched the colorful explosions in the black

''Yes they are, baby boy.'' Carly said as she came up behind her husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then smoothed Robbie's hair as she too looked up to enjoy the display with her family.


A.J. and Keesha are snuggling and watching the fireworks display from a blanket on the ground. Keesha caught of glimpse of the Morgan family moment, smiled, and thought to herself that this was the perfect time to tell A.J. their big news.

"A.J., I have something to tell you." Keesha said, all of a sudden becoming emotional.

"What is it, baby? Don’t cry." A.J. said sounding concerned.

"Believe me these are tears of pure happiness. A.J., honey, I’m pregnant."

"Can you run that by me again?" A.J. said even though he heard what she had said. He just wanted to here again to be sure.

They sat up to look at each other’s faces and Keesha repeated. "A.J., we’re having a baby!"

A.J. got up, picked his wife up, and twirled her around as his eyes glistened with unshed tears. They laughed and cried with each other.

"Oh, Keesha. I’m so happy. We’re going to have everything we’ve dreamed of now. I love you so much," he said as he kissed her softly on the lips. "And I already love this--our baby so much. We have so much to do. How far along are you?"

"About 2 months."

"That only leaves about 7 months for us to get everything done. I love you so much. Keesha, we’re having a baby!" He said again as he picked her up and kissed her passionately.


It’s the day after the holiday. Jax and Dara have an appointment with Social Services about becoming foster parents.

"Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Jacks. Have a seat. My name is William Brady, director of the foster care program in Port Charles. I’ve read over your information and you two seem to be an ideal couple for becoming foster parents." He said and then smiled at them, then continued. "And we just want to make sure you two know what you’re getting into. Most children in foster care have been taken out of bad situations and are going to need extra love and care. They may be traumatized and seem to be a little bit withdrawn because of their experiences. Are you sure you guys are ready to deal with situations like that?"

"Yes, we’re sure." Jax said as he took his wife’s hand and smiled over at her.

"Well, we’ll call you as soon we find some children for you take care of." He said as they all stood up and shook hands. "Thank you very much. We’ll be in touch."


A couple of days later, the phone rings in the Jacks household.

"I got it!" Dara called to Jax down the stairs of their house. "Hello?"

"Hello Mrs. Jacks. This is Mr. Brady, from Social Services, and it seems that we’ve got a pair of brothers here who need a lot of love."

A big smile grows across Dara’s face as she says, "We’ll be right over." She hangs up the phone and excitedly runs to tell Jax the news.


After what almost seemed like the longest car ride in Dara’s life to the Social Services building, they had finally made it. They met Mr. Brady at the playground in front of the building where he was watching two little boys playing in the sandbox.

He turns around to greet them. "Well hello Mr. and Mrs. Jacks. I would like you to meet these two special little boys, Matthew and his little brother Christopher.

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