Always & Forever- Chapter 6

A few months have passed and Christopher and Matthew have been adjusting wonderfully. It’s the first day of school in the Jacks household. Right now, everyone is sitting down eating breakfast. Chris is very excited about going to preschool, especially since his new best friend, Robbie, was in his class. Matthew, however, didn’t share his brothers enthusiasm about going to school.

"Dara, can’t I stay here? I won’t like school I know. Plus, who is going to take care of Corky? Hamsters need a lot of attention you know. He might get lonely."

"Matthew, sweetheart, somehow I think that they’ll be fine here by themselves. You’ll only be gone for a little while anyway. You’ll be back before you know it. You’ll see." Dara told him.

"Well I won’t know anybody. What if nobody likes me? How come I can’t go to preschool with Robbie and Chris?"

"You can’t go with them because you’re too old for preschool. Second grade is for big kids, like you."

"Hey! I’m a big kid too!" Chris protested.

"I know you’re a big kid, buddy." Jax added in. "She meant to say that second grade was for even bigger kids, like Matthew."

"Oh." Chris said nodding then went back to eating his cereal.

"And don’t worry about anyone not liking you Matthew. Everyone will like you, I know that they will. I bet that you’ll be the most popular kid in the second grade. You’ll see." Jax told him. "You just have to have fun and go with the flow. Got it?"

"Yeah. I got it."

"Good, because its time to go. Everybody ready?"

"Okay, Chris, you’re riding with Jax and going to pick up Robbie then go to school, alright?" Dara told him

"Alright. I’m ready."

"Alright. You have a good day at school today." She tells him as he kisses the top of his head.

"Bye hon." Jax says kissing his wife goodbye. "And Matthew, you have fun. I’ll see you later. Come on, Chris."

"Bye Dara and Matt." Chris said as he went with Jax to his Mercedes.

"You ready Matthew?" She asked the still hesitant boy.

"Yeah. I guess."

"Okay, let us be on our way."


"Mr. and Mrs. Quartermaine?" A nurse called out to A.J. and Keesha as they waited in the OB/GYN waiting room at GH. "Please follow me."

A.J. and Keesha were going in for their monthly checkup. They were very excited today. Today they would find out whether their baby was a boy or a girl. As they walked down the hallway, A.J. took Keesha's hand and smiled at her. He could not believe how truly happy he was with his life right now. He had a beautiful wife and a child on the way. Things between he and his father had never been better. And with a little help from Carly and Keesha, he and Jason had formed some kind of brotherly bond. It would never be the way things were before, he knew, but what they had now was another chance. And for that he was forever thankful.

When they got to the room, the nurse told Keesha to hop on the examining table and that Dr. Neuman would be there shortly. A few moments after Keesha had gotten herself situated, Dr. Neuman walked in.

"Well hello you two." She said with a smile. "How has everything been going?"

"We've been fine. But this little one," Keesha said as she patted her slightly expanded abdomen, "has been kicking up a storm lately." She laughed.

"Well I know today's an exciting day for you guys. So what do you say we get started."


"Well here we are Matthew. This is your class and your teacher’s name is Mrs. Jackson. You be good, okay?" Dara said as she hugged him.

"Okay. Bye Dara."

"Bye bye honey." She said and waved as she began to walk away.

Matthew walked in the classroom where all the other kids were getting situated at their desks. He found the desk where his name tag was a sat down. After he sat down, a girl came and sat down next to her.

"Hi. My name is Leslie Lu. What’s yours?"

"My name is Matthew."


"Okay Keesha, now I’m going to put this jelly stuff on your stomach. Then I’m going to use this little sonar to get a picture of the baby. The jelly might be a little cool when I first put it on though, okay?" Dr. Neuman told Keesha.


"Okay here we go. You two ready?"

Keesha squeezed A.J.’s hand as they both nodded.

At first they couldn’t see anything but then a few moments later they saw it. The life they had created. And to them it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen in their lifetime.

"That’s- that’s our baby?" A.J. asked with tears in his eyes.

"It sure is." Dr. Neuman smiled to them. "And from the looks of it, it looks like you two are going to the parents of a beautiful little baby girl. Congratulations."

"A.J., she’s beautiful. That’s our baby girl." She said, touching the screen tenderly.

"Look, she’s moving." A.J. pointed to the screen, as their baby girl kicked.

And for as long as the doctor would let them, the parents stared at the screen entranced with the miracle of love they had created.


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