Anything For Her

The crowd is overwhelmed as Sorell is finally found guilty on all charges of racqueteering and drug traffiking. Dara grabs her attache' and walks away feeling very good after getting this conviction when so many told her that she wouldn't be able to pull it off. As she starts to walk away she looks up and someone hands her a note.

"You should have taken the money and walked away but now your life is OVER!"

Her blood began to run cold as she could feel those eyes of his shooting daggers at her. If looks could kill she'd be dead already and not have to wait for him to do the job. Sorrell's eyes met hers and clearly told her that he meant every word.

Dara never let him see her sweat. She left the courtroom and continued to try to function as usual. She wondered if it was all just a big joke, a ploy to scare her. Afterall Sorrell was in prison and would more than likely die there than be released any time soon, so why worry, she told herself?

Mac is in his office finishing up for the day. She knows that we were a force of nature. We were so good together. Everytime we'd get close to making love she'd pull away. She drove me wild. It was so frustrating to hold that beautiful body so close to me and then have to leave time after time, then suddenly she just broke it off. Felicia will use the girls as pawns and you'll go back to her. You always do."

Her words stung him as he thought of them so often. Was Dara right? Would he be blinded into going back to that witch again? He did take her back the first time and she promised to leave Luke alone, but she went to his bed as fast as she could.

"I'd do anything to make her realize that she's the only woman that I love. I need her so much!"

Dara went straight home afterward. She soaked in a hot tub and it seemed to help. She'd stand her ground and not let anyone frighten her. She did her job and that was that. She looked down and there was a piece of paper on the floor.

"Your time is running out! Your life is history!"

Dara shuddered as she ran to the phone, but someone knocked at the door at the same time. It's him! She thought but she tried to pull herself together long enough to wait and see because she WAS NOT opening that door!

"Dara, it's me, Mac!"

Dara opened the door and threw her arms around him pressing her body against his as she never had before.

"Oh Mac! I'm so glad to see you!"

Mac smiled. He was happier than he'd ever been!

"My timing is wonderful I see. Wait a minute, you're trembling. What's wrong?"

Dara sits down on the couch to explain.