Anything For Her Ch. 2

Dara inhaled as she clenched her hands together. It was obvious that she was frightened.

"Take your time and tell me what has you so scared? I'm here Dara. Relax and talk to me."

He says as he kneels to caress her trembling hand until it stops. His smile warms her somewhat. She doesn't feel as alone as she did before. She knows that somehow he will help her. He won't let anything happen to her.

He says in a soothing voice. She could never say that didn't care for her. She always knew that he did, but it was just that he still cared for Felicia too. But right now, SHE has his undivided attention.

"Just before you came in I found this. Someone slid it under my door. But that isn't all. After the judge read the verdict I was handed this note and Sorrell gave me a cold stare like he was mocking me!"

Mac can't believe it. Racing a million miles a minute, his mind is thinking of the best possible course of action.

"Dara, I can't take any chances. Will you do exactly what I say? I can find this guy if you will work with me and not against me. I have to keep you safe any way that I can."

She blinks her eyes at his statement. Of course she won't work against him. What does he mean?

"Mac, what do mean?"

"I mean if I say that you should change your schedule without notice or let me put a tap on your phone or like spend the night at my place which you should do, so let's pack your things. I don't want a lot any static about it. Some animal is out there trying to hurt the woman that I ..I care about.. and I'm not about to let that happen. It's all a part of the plan. Rule # 1 NO ONE but NO ONE must know what we're doing. Not that I'm afraid that you'll tell someone, but I'll only tell you what's going on as the time approaches in case if someone hears you."

Dara gives him a skeptical look.

"Mac, even I won't know?"

He shakes his head and pulls her close to him.

"What is you told Bobbie and someone was hired to follow you and listen to your every word uttered. A real pro could blend in without detection and before you knew it, your location would be public knowledge. Baby, I'm just trying to catch whoever is responsible for doing this to you. Please cooperate. If it costs my life, I won't let them take yours!"

With that he gives her a heartfelt hug. The two embrace for what seems like forever. When she pulls away tears stream down her cheeks.

"Mac I don't know what to say, except thank you. I mean it."

He wipes her tears away with a tissue that's on the table.

"Come on, let me examine your phones. This one is okay. Where are the others?"

She leads him to the bedroom. Upon entering the first thing that he sees is her freshly discarded underwear and bra. She never gave it a second thought since she hadn't planned on inviting him to her room. When he saw her matching red panties and bra on the floor a sense of excitement overwhelmed him! All he could think to himself was "Man I know she looks so hot in those! When will I ever get a chance to see for myself? All those curves, man!" His mind raced. They saw them at the same time and she ran to them and put them in the bathroom. She was embarrassed to say the least. Suddenly Mac's face was flushed. He was beet red and walked past the irrestible articles and tried to focus on the matter at hand. He again took off the mouthpiece on the phone and then screwed it back on.

"This one is okay too. Listen the plan is this. You spend the night at my place then put in for some vacation time and ..."

Dara cuts in.

"Mac it's odd, but I'd already planned to go on vacation after this whole ordeal with this trial was over, so I am on vacation for two weeks."

He breathes a little easier now.

"Okay so I'll take some time off and we'll flush this guy out. We'll make him come to me and then may God have mercy on his soul! Remember, I'll tell you where we're going tomorrow. I'll give you a few minutes to pack and then should get going."

She packs her clothes, but in her hurry she kneels down and Mac caught a glimpse of her ample breasts. The swell of them made him erect as he quickly took a seat to hide his increasing bulge from her sight. How of this could her take. It wasn't enough for him to see, only a flash of skin. A little more than her cleavage, but then again he hasn't been with anyone in six months. He was so weak for her that anything would arouse him and he didn't want her to know that she possessed this power over him. He didn't know how she would use it. He would do anything for her, anything!