Anything For Her Ch. 3

Mac looks over at her while she sleeps. He couldn't help but smile. The trip was a long one and he was sure that he hadn't been followed, but that didn't mean whoever was after her didn't have a way of finding them. He was very careful. He knew that when someone wants to find you they can, so this way they could at least be out of the range of innocent bystanders and no one INCLUDING his beloved Dara would get hurt. How she made him feel such a deep range of feelings at once. She made him feel happy that he was with her, but sad because it took something like this to do it. Also he felt unstoppable because he knew that he must be successful or die trying but most of all she made him so unbelieveably turned on! Everytime that he looked at her he couldn't get past the feeling of wanted to cover that fine, black, little bod of hers with his and together they could explore all the pleasures that their bodies had to offer. He did not want to have sex with the woman. He could have done that with anyone. He was a man in love and he longed to share his innermost desires with her. He wanted their union to be one of two souls joining. When they were together it would be so mind-blowing, so special, and oh so loving that he himself wouldn't be able to stand it. He'd treat her like the woman that he knew she was--HIS woman and the woman who stole his heart and owned his body. She had marked him! It was because of her that he was never with anyone. He'd planned too one night, but after calling the woman Dara, he knew that there just wasn't any use. Now he longed for the moment when she'd allow him to love her as she'd never been loved before. They stopped at a diner on the interstate. He touched her cheek softly and she opened her eyes slowly.

"We're stopping for a while. Aren't you hungry? Let's eat."

They are seated in a booth and look over their menus. A waitress comes over and takes their order.

"Excuse me, I need to freshen up."

She says as she leaves the table. He leaves right behind her.

"Rule #2, where ever you go, I go! So I'll be right outside."

He goes inside to check it out first then allows her inside. Mac is playing it cool. He appears to be using the phone in the hallway while keeping his eye on the bathroom. Mac heard voices, very soft voices.

"I'll take them in the hall then you give me five minutes and we'll take them out the back!"

Mac couldn't believe it! It was about to go down right then, right there! A guy in hallway passed Mac and he could see handle of a gun sticking out of his jacket. The man nodded hello to Mac and kept on by him, but he was the one who was surprised! When he felt the phone handle come crashing down on his head at full force. He dropped to the ground. Dara came outside into the hallway. Mac pulled the body into the men's bathroom out of sight and covered him up.

"I'm so hungry I ..."

She chirped as Mac grabbed her arm.

"They're coming now! Get into the closet and not a sound. It's really small in here. I'm too big! It won't work! You go!"

Just then Dara goes inside and pulls his arm.

"Mac, hug me from behind pulling me as close to you as you can. Straighten your back and press against me and we can make it!"

He doesn't believe just how tiny that broom closet is! There was a little stool in there so she stood on it to give him more room. Her bottom was right against his hardened maleness. Her jeans fit her so well until he hadn't take his eyes of her the whole while they'd been together. Now his big hands encirceled her tiny waistline and he could every conture of her body. He was heaven! She had such a nice, round, tight little onion that he almost lost himself right then. Before Mac knew it a soft moan escaped his lips. How he wanted to feel himself gliding into her moistness and finally feeling himself becoming one with her. This was the closest that he might ever get so he was thankful for NOT so small favors. Feeling her against him this was better than anything that he'd felt in such a long time! He was close so to her that his member felt like steel! She tired not move but she couldn't help herself and she felt all him at full force against her. He felt really big to her but she wasn't sure. The fact of the matter was that they both felt good as he rubbed against her. His hands held her waist firmly to him and she felt his hardness against her while he tried to stop from sweating as each second the tension was mounting.

"I can't stand too much more of this! She feels so good in my arms! I have to have her or I'm gonna explode!"

Mac is a professional and somehow manages to keep his mind on the work. He listens outside of the door.

"It's been five minutes! Where are they?"

The man in the hall looks around. They hear the sounds of footsteps slowly walking toward them. Their hearts are racing a mile a minute. And then...

"Good afternoon officer!"

The officer tips his hat to the man who was about to open the closet.

"They couldn't have been in there anyway! It was way too small! There will be another time and this time I'll finish the job!"

He thinks to himself.

"Now what was he doing back here? Probably trying trying to get out of paying for a meal. What is the world coming too?"

The officer says as he goes into the restroom.

"I think that he's gone, but let's wait for a while to make sure.

Dara strokes Mac's hand gently. He can feel that she isn't as tense as she was before. He kisses her hair and then her neck.

"I won't let anyone hurt you, I promise Dara. We'll make it through this somehow."

He whispers into her ear.

"Even now, I feel safe with you."

Finally he opens the door and they step out. First him and then her. A cook steps out into the hallway and sees them coming out of the closet and does a double take. Giving them an odd look she shakes her head.

"What is the world coming too?"

They go ahead and order their food because he feels that this guy is gone, but they take it with them.

On the road they only exchanged glances. Mac wondered what she was thinking. He knew that he felt him against her and he wondered what she must be thinking.

"So where are we going?"

She asked trying to break the ice.

Taking a long, deep breath he looked at her briefly and then decided that it would be better not to look at her because she was so alluring.

"We're going to my cabin that no one knows about. It's in the country. You'll like it. It's very small but nice."

So they get out and they grab their stuff. It's a small place with one bedroom, a kitchen, one bathroom and a pretty good sized den. Dara looks at the bed and her mind races.

"We'll be sleeping together. I want him so badly but I just can't! I can't! I would love to see what he looks like. He felt so big thrust up against me like that. It doesn't matter because I care for him much so it really wouldn't matter, but I'll bet he has a terrific body!"

Mac looked at bed and then went to the couch.

"Dara I'll be sleeping out here. Here are some extra blankets if you need them. I'm still a bit hyped up though. I'll be out her if you need me. Goodnight."

She couldn't believe it! He was so gallant. She could tell that he wanted her terribly but he didn't want to make her feel like she had to repay him somehow especially not like this. When they were together he wanted it to be because she wanted him with every fiber of her being just like he wanted her! She wasn't sleepy either.

"Mac, you don't have to sleep out there. It's your bed and we can share."

His eyes shone brightly with hope and love. Dara went to get something from her bag and when she returned she found Mac undressed and lying bed with the covers displaying his rugged hairy chest. She was turned on by him and he knew it. He could also see that she was surprised by his actions.

"Not to worry Dara, I'm not completely undressed under here, or would you like to see for yourself."

He said in a raspy voice giving her a seductive wink.

Dara went to the bathroom and returned and got in bed alongside of him wearing a big top that covered her white bra and matching panties. He looked at her with sheer lust as he noticed her thick curls peeking out of her panties when the covers brushed her thigh.

"I won't make it through the night! Her body is calling me!"

Dara kisses him softly on the lips.

"Goodnight Mac."

She then feels the safety of his arms encircle her close to him.

"Goodnight Dara."

He knew that she needed him to keep her safe and that she trusted him. All else would have to wait, unless she initiated it.