Anything For Her Ch. 4

The next morning when Dara awoke she noticed that the bed was empty. She rolled over and touched the pillow where Mac's head had been. She caressed it smelling his scent which made her smile.

"He's so sexy. I don't know how we're going to make this trip without having our hands all over each other! I wanted to touch him so badly last night but I told him no so I need to stick to my decision. All I could see was me fingers getting lost in that thick, curly hair of his. Not to mention that sea of hair on his chest. Ooohh it just drives me wild! I wonder what he looks like underneath those Joe Boxers of his? I'm being naughty but I can't forget how good he felt against me yesterday! I know that I heard him moan. It was a soft moan, but when you're that close to someone you tend to notice everything going on around you."

She thought to herself as she turned over and sat up in bed, when out of the bathroom stepped Mac wearing only the smallest towel that she'd ever seen. It barely covered him so he held it in place at the thigh. She had no idea what a treat she was in for. His body was surprising muscular. She'd never seen him in anything other than a jacket and slacks or a suit. But he was now wearing the best suit of all! Looking at his body made her want to stripe down to her birthday suit too, but she knew that she couldn't. His thighs were so hairy as was the rest of his body. The sight of him turned her on. She was speechless as he walked toward the bed.

"Good morning. I didn't think that you'd be up so soon. I was trying to get dressed and out of the bathroom before you got up."

Dara turns her head and looks down as she tries to find her clothes. When she does, she takes her shower. She's fully dressed when she emmerges. In a pair of red shorts and red muscle t-shirt with white tennis shoes she looks really cute. Mac thinks so as his eyes follow her thoughout the room. While she was in the shower he made breakfast. She elated. Once breakfast was over he washed the dishes. Mac took a few minutes to sit down and she sat next to him.

"Since you've been so nice to me, let me do something for you."

She walks around and begins to massage his back. She can feel how tense he is.

"Losen up Mac. It's just us. Relax."

He leans forward allowing her really work on him now. As her fingers work their magic Mac has slipped into a world all his own. She moves her fingers lower and lower. Mac cooes in delight as the tension melts from his body. She stops and walks around to look at him.

"How did that feel?"

He looks at her with sheer lust in his eyes then gently pulls her over to him. She sits on his lap. Mac pulls her into a fiery kiss. It's their first kiss since they broke up six months ago. His mouth seizes hers with a deep longing as his tongue probes her until he feels her tongue darting in and out of his hungry mouth. He was such an wonderful kisser. This was truly one of the things that she missed about him. His mouth pulled broke the kiss but only for a few seconds. He started to suck on her tongue, and then her bottom lip followed by the top lip. He sucked until them like a baby does a bottle. He knew that this would make her go wild, it always did.
"Mac, oh baby please!"

He knew that she was close to surrendering to him.

"Please what, baby? Tell me. You know that I'll do anything that you ask me to."

Finally Dara had to come up for air.

Breathless and woosy from the nearness of him, she put her hands on his chest and looked into his eyes.

"I'm scared Mac. I'm afraid of being with you. It's been almost two years since I was with Marcus and when that didn't work out I crawled inside of my shell. It hurts too much to give myself like that only to find out that it doesn't work. I just can't do again. When I felt you against me yesterday you awakened my sleeping body and now I'm on fire for you, but I still can't give in, I just can't. You'll probably tell them where to find me now, won't you?"

She laughs weakly. Mac takes her chin in his hand and tilts her face to his.

"You can trust me, I promise. I know what you want because we want the same things. To be held and touchedby someone who cares. Don't you know that it's because of you that I haven't been with another woman since you left? I called out your name before we could even get started so that was that. Wait here."

He says giving her a deep kiss.

Mac goes into the bathroom and disrobes. He puts on a condom and then a pair of briefs not the boxers that he was wearing. When he comes out he stands over her and takes her hand.

Dara's eyes widen when she sees him in his underwear. She knows what's on his mind and from the looks of his erect malesness he was more than ready.

"Do you trust me? Really trust me?"

She feels that she is about to burst with desire for him as he is for her.

"Yes Mac. I do!"

Then her eyes look at his in a way that they never have before.

"I'm going to take you to a place where I've never taken anyone else before. Dara I'm gonna love you like you've knew possible. Just trust me. I won't violate your trust I promise. You'll still be safe but ooohhh it'll feel so good!"

Mac touches her t-shirt and pulls it over her head then he tosses it away. He kneels before her but never taking his deep blue eyes off of her he pulls down only her shorts. Then one by one he takes off her socks and shoes. Dara is stands before him in her black lace bra and panties. He pulls her close to him, so close that he can hear her heart beating, it racing!

"You look like a doll standing there. I've drempt of how beautiful you'd be so many times that I've lost count. Come to me Dara and let me love you!"

He breathes huskily as he picks her up and carries her the bed, THEIR bed.

"Mac, but I...I.."

He covers her mouth with a hungry kiss and sucks her tongue again making her moan this time. Mac pulls away too look into her eyes and the fire that he sees there makes him want to thrust inside of her with all of his might but he promised her that he wouldn't. Mac lays her down gently on the bed and covers her with his body. His fingers explore her soft, brown breasts. The hardened pebbles that bulge the lace of her bra. His large hands caress and tease them.

"Oh baby, you feel so good! So good!"

As Dara closes her eyes and gives into the wonderful way that he is making her feel she suddenly feels his hot mouth on her. Mac's tongue is not licking her swollen nipples through her bra. It swollows most of her breast and sucks it into his hungry mouth.

"Oh Mac! I need you, what are you trying to do to me? Don't tease me like this. I have to have you now!"

Mac kisses her stomach and thighs and the silken skin of her inner thighs on down to her toes. He sucks each one. Then kisses her all the back up to her thighs. He ever so lightly licks the exposed curls around her panties. His naughty tongue then suddenly licks her lips through her panties. He can smell how wet she is. He can even taste her though her panties.

"Mac don't stop! It feels divine!"

His rigid tongue darts around her lips then back up to her breast. This time his large hands tease and fondle her nipples through the material. She presses herself against him wanting to feel his hardness inside of her. His thumbs encircle her nipples making them even harder by the second.

"Ooohhh Dara, you're so hot and so ready for me, aren't you? Baby I have what you need. I promise baby, I promise that I won't.."

With that it was she who was in control now! It was she who pushed him back and onto the bed and straddled him then kissed him. Her kiss never stopped, it just changed locations. It was now at his chest. She kissed each pink nipple and then pulled it with her teeth. Dara's fingers stroked his huge bulge that craved her touch. Her long nails created such a stir in him until he couldn't wait any longer to feel her close to him. She stroked him until he felt like a cannon about to erupt!

"Mac you feel so good in my hands!"

She took the whole of him in her hands and caressed him gently.

"Oh Dara! Dara! It's been so long! So long! I can't stand anymore. I'm about to explode. Let me love you!"

Dara sat on his lap and rubbed herself against him. She could feel how hard he was and she needed to feel him. Mac lay there tossing his head from side to side. Dara ran her fingers through his hair and then gave his head a subtle yank.

"Aaahhh you wildcat you! I've got what you need."

He says as he turns her over and on her back and covers her body with his. Feeling her body under his is all that he'd drempt of for so long and now the time was finally here. Mac spread her golden thighs and smiled devilishly as he slid in between them. He took hold her round, firm bottom and lifted her pelvis to meet his. His erect manhood stood at attention. It was big and it was ready for her. She felt him grind against her. She locked her legs around his waist and felt him stroke her over and over again building the pace faster and faster until he leaned forward and his hips stroked her with even more force.

"Mac, mmmmmmm! You feel so good! Yeeesss! Ooohhh yesess! Don't stop loving me! Please don't!"

Dara rakes his back and the skin too. She never knew that she could feel this way. He made her feel so sexy and so loved that she wanted him so much!

Mac strains against her as even harder now as he's even harder now than ever! His hips seem to grind her into powder! One the wings of love they fly as neither of them ever have before. With one more stroke Mac brings them both to a place where they were in search of total ecstacy.

"Oh baby! You're killing me! I've got to have your love! It's all for you Dara. It's all for you! I love you Dara!"

Their quiet storm engulfs them as she presses herself even closer to him. Both bathed in perspiration Mac looks at her and kisses her passionately.

"Mac it was beautiful! I don't know what to say? You did all of this for me? I've never been with a man that would went through this much trouble to satisfy me before. I felt wonderful, just like we actually connected."

Mac raises up on his elbow and looks at her. She feels naked before him even though she's still wearing her underware because his eyes have seen her in a whole new light. He's touched her in a way that she never knew.

"If feels like we connected because we did. Not physically but in our hearts where it really counts."

She looks at him as he takes her face in his hands and kisses her fully.

"Mac you said that I could trust you and I could. You knew that I wasn't ready for submit myself fully to you but you gave me what I so desperately needed, what we both needed. You loved me in a safe way that I could handle. I'll always carry this night in my heart. It will forever be special to me."

Mac kissed her again.

"When you are ready to give yourself fully to me neither of us will be able to handle it because it will be so intense and so awesome that we'll be screaming to the top of our lungs. I love you Dara Jensen and you're mine!"

Dara looks at Mac a little concerned.

"Mac are you sure that I can't get pregnant. I mean I was so aroused and you were so close."

Mac strokes her cheek and goes to the bathroom and returns.

"I wore a condom. I wouldn't put you at risk. I love you too much. I said that you could trust me and you can, always."

She stands up and he pulls her against him and they embrace.

"Mac I do need you in my life."