Anything For Her Ch. 5

The two are coming to grips with what they have shared. Neither of them were fully aware of how their new found intimacy would change their relationship. Mac's eye's constantly adore her no matter what she'd doing.

"I have a bad feeling about this all of a sudden. We'd be pinned down here. Let's load up the car. We're outta here, but first I need to give you something."

He tenderly adds staring meaningfully into her eyes as his fingers ease her blouse off of her shoulders...

"I thought you said that we were in a hurry. We don't have time for this, do we?"

She asked smiling at him.

"Oh yes, we have time for this!"

Later they quickly pack their bags and walk out of the house. As soon as they do become sitting ducks. POP! POP! and they both fall to the ground. Mac whispers to Dara.

"Play dead Dara! Play dead!"

He says as his body covers her. They both try to look like corpes in the hope that the killer will assume that they are already dead. Mac tries to see the face of the killer but he's wearing glasses.

"Well the boss will be glad that I took care of his problem and another problem as well. The man rolls Dara over with the tip of his boot to see if she's really dead. Mac reaches for his second gun that is strapped to his ankle in a concealed sheath. Mac aims and shoots the assailant. He falls to the ground. Mac moves over to Dara.

"Are you alright? Did he hurt you? Now too see who the this guy is!"

Mac rolls him over only to find out that it's none other than Jason Morgan. Taking his last breath he spits at Mac.

Mac pops out his cell phone and calls the police. They arrive at the scene and handle everything.

On the ride back home Mac slips his arms around her shoulders and enjoyed the closeness the this moment afforded them.

"I'm so glad that this is finally over! Now I can really sleep nights."

She said as she hugged her close to him. After the long drive back to the city she again was sleep. This time he drives as fast as he can in order get back as soon as he can. They went to his place.

"Dara I know that things should be back to normal, but I'd feel very strange if I didn't spend the night on your first bight back. Just to be sure."

Mac helps her unpack as he strokes her cheek with so much love.

"I'm do tired Mac. I just need to sleep."

He nods as she disappears into the bathroom and returns wearing a short black lace gown. Mac peels down to his black briefs and goes to bed. This time he holds her close to his heart. She snuggles close to him feeling his rugged body soothe her.

"I love you Dara."

He said as he turned out the lights.

"Thank you for helping me."

They settle in for the night with each of them feeling more sure about each other and themselves.

Later on that night, Mac feels something. He opens his eyes and it's Dara kissing him.

"What a way to wake up. You can't sleep? Are you still frightened?"

He asked sitting up in order to see her better. The lights are still out.

"For the first time, I'm not afraid."

Dara looked into his peircing, intense, blue eyes and all that she saw were the eyes that loved her.

Mac leaned upward and captured her lips with his. The kiss now took on a life of it's own. She straddled his hips and Mac pulled her to where he wanted her. He loved the feel of her hot body on top of his maleness.

"Are you sure you're ready? Is this really what you want? Am I really what you want? Once we do this, there's no going back. I want you to be sure because I've been sure about you for a longtime. I just hate that I did't express it better. It was never Felicia. Since we split, it's always been you."

She starts to push the gown from her shoulders, but he replaces her hands with his.

"Don't deny me this chance. I've always wanted to unveil this beautiful bronze body of yours. I want to see what you look like, how gorgeous you are! Let me look at you. Let me touch you!"

Mac pulls her to her feet as he stands over her. She can tell that he is mesmerized by her in every way. When he takes off the gown she looks away from his intense stare but he raises her chin to meet his eyes.

"Don't look away. I want to look at you. I want you too look at me. I want you to see what you're getting because it's all yours. We belong to each other now. From this moment on."

When Mac saw her dark nipples against the contrast of his flesh it sent shockwaves through him. He kneeled and took off her panties as well. He raised them to his nostrils and breathed in.

"I love the smell of you! You smell so sweet. Dara your body is so much more than I ever expected. Just looking at you drives me wild!"

Finally his eyes wondered down below, south of the border. He longed to see how her "sweet treats." Her mound was covered with a thick patch of curly hair that looked like a powder puff because it was so thick. A sexy smile came to his lips. He grew harder and harder by the second!

"Oh Dara, you're gonna make me explode right here looking at this tight little body of yours! You make me so hot!"

She loves to know that he loves what he sees. Mac reaches out and takes her face in his hand, but before he can reach her lips he licks his tongue out. He licks her lips and with quick snake-like movements. Their tongues dance like snakes.

"I'm glad that you DID make time early before we went out the door or I'd be dead!"

Mac reaches for his shorts and strips them off leaving him in only what he arrived in this world with.

"I know that you thought that I wanted to fool around, but I wanted to keep you safe that time. That's why I put the bullet-proof vest on you."

Dara looked carefully at his marvelous body. How he was different was obvious. She had never seen one that wasn't black and so he looked at it intently.

"What's wrong baby? Here we are embarking upon this new journey and I want you to be honest with me."

Dara looks at him and then smiles. Mac takes her into his arms.

"Does it look that different? I mean I'm not that small, am I?"

Dara looks up at him with an innocence that he's never seen before.

"Don't I look different to you? It's just that I didn't know that it was pink. I don't know what I expected and now that we're finally here I don't want you to disappointed with me because I love what I see. I've never seen so many veins in my life! Mac you're much more than I expected! I want you to love me. It's time for us to love each other."

Mac was full, round, long and very veiny. It turned her on! It was nestled in a patch of hair that surrounded his entire private area from his chest to his thighs. As his large, pink, member stood even more erect he moved closer to her and lightly touched her mound of hair. She shuddered as his index finger touched her clit. If he was nothing else he was a skillful lover.

Mac took her into her arms and gently hoovered over her spreading his legs. Then he covered her body with his.

"All white men aren't small Dara. I think that I'm the exception and not the rule. I know what you're thinking. It's 11 inches and I want to give it all to you, but not right away of course. I'm going to give it to you a little at a time. I'm not going to rough-ride you baby. I promise. I love you. I'd never hurt you, ever!"

His warm laughter broke the ice as his arms pulled her close.

"I know that it's been a long time baby. I'll take special care with you I promise. I'll take my time because this is our night and I want you to have sweet memories about the night that we shared our love."

He takes her hand and puts it on his long, pink, club.

"Touch me! Feel me! I need you so much. I love the feel of your hands on my body! I feel like I'm about to empty myself into your hands right here and now!"

Dara strokes it touching the veins with her fingers.

"It isn't like I've never seen a large one, before, it's just a large, pink, veiny one that caught me off guard. I love your body Mac."

He kisses her again as he large hands palm her breasts. His squeezes it and then presses it. She moans as he makes her come to life.

"Dara, Dara, you're so beautiful!" His lips find her dark nipples and suck them until she moans and pulls his waist down to hers.

"Now Mac! I need to feel you inside of me now!"

He touches her secret treats only to find that she was as wet as they come, but somehow he didn't think that she was ready for all 11 inches of him. His fingers touched her slick lips and caressed her there. Mac trailed kisses down her body to her thick patch of hair. His fingers lost themselves there. She couldn't stand it. She surrended to the exqiusite torture that he inflicted upon her. Dara closed her eye as she felt his lips and wet tongue on her moist, wetness.

"Aaahhh how I wanted to taste you for long! You taste like sweet nectar to me. Dara I could kiss you like this forever."

Once Mac's lips and tongue found her moistness, he kissed and teased her until her body quaked.

"Mac, oohh! Ooohhh it's too good! Don't stop, don't!"

When her orgasmic run was over he moved up to her face again and kissed her deeply.

"Baby you're ready for me now. You're so wet that I wish that I'd never have to come out."

Mac spreads her moist thighs as her juices have gone everywhere.

"Let me love you with my big, pink sword! It's so hard because you made it that way. Oh baby, it's all for you!"

He slowly pushed the head inside but she as tight as a virgin! He had to hold himself firmly and try it again.

"Dara! Your body is so awesome! Man you're gonna make me erupt before I can even get inside! Relax baby."

He went to a drawer and applied some lubricant to himself and her.

"Ssshh just me give me minute! I can feel how tight you are but I'm almost inside. Aaaahhhh! There it is!"

Once inside he stroked her slowly moving inside little by little only giving her small amounts of himself at once. Faster and faster he moved within her until she moaned.

"Mac, you're so big! It feels so good! Now! I can't wait!"

Her shockwaves ripped through her so fast as she moved under him bringing him with her. Faster and faster he moved within her slick vice. He'd never felt a anything like this in his whole life.

"Baby, baby, I'm with you! I love you Dara! I love you! This body of yours is too good! Too hot! You're squeezing the life out of me!"

He says as his jets squirt deep within her walls. His spasms shake him deep to the core. He's spent as he rolls off of her and brings a towel for her. To her surprise he walks over and cleans away all remnants of him.

"Dara you've made me feel things that I've never felt before. No one has ever set me on fire like that! You are just too much. I told you that it would be unreal when we did make love. I wanna wake up every morning making love you. I want to go to sleep slipping this long, pink, snake inside of you! I just have to have you that tight, little vice of yours everyday. It's my new best friend. No, you're my best friend and you have been for a long time. I love you Dara Jensen."

He said as he rested his head on the pillows of her chest.

"I love you too Mac."

Together they drifted off to the deepest sleep that either of them had ever known confident in the fact that they both needed each other.