Anything For Her Ch. 6

Ch. 6 Move Over Mac

Mac is grateful to have this whole ordeal over and done with. Afterall it was this sad occasion that propelled them into each others arms. While it was a low point in his life, he always managed to see the good among the rubbish. Dara was that GOOD. He and Felicia have worked out an arrangement that is working well for sharing time with the girls. Dara is safe and they are together and have been for a year now. He has been working on making this night as special as possible.

When she walks into her office she sees the two dozen red roses and the card.

Having you in my life has made me a better man. Knowing that a woman like you could fall for a guy like me is amazing, but I'm glad that you did. I love you.


Mac is working hard when he sees Taggert at the door and motions for him to enter.

"Commissioner this is Det. Richard Steele fomerly of the New York Giants. He's the liason from the Governor's office. Hand picked I believe, but he'll be working with us this week."

Mac extended his hand and they shook.

"I thought that I recognized you. Glad to have you here. So how did you become involved in law enforcement? That's a far cry from the NFL."

Richard who looks like a younger version of Howie Long with striking blues to boot manages to give them some insight.

"After I graduated from college I signed with the Giants. But in three years I had managed to separate my shoulderblades and that's when I cut my losses and retired. So that degree in Criminolgy came in handy after all. My tutor used to tell me how important this degree would be to me one day. She was a good friend and someone very special to me. If I ever had the chance to see her again I wouldn't rest until I made it right. Well enough of tales of missed opportunities. It was good meeting you commissioner."

He leaves and as he does he sees Dara.

"Dara Jensen!"

He says looking at her with surprise written all over his face.

They walk toward each other and his arms embrace her in a warm friendly hug.

"Richard Steele! What in the world are you doing here?"

"I'm a detective in New York at the 53rd precinct, but I'm a liason with the Governor's office. He called me himself. You remember when he came to our last game of the season. We've been in touch every since. What I really wish is that I'd stayed in touch with you like that."

"So you work here too?"

His warm smile tells everyone including Mac who is watching them through his window, that he has more than a passing interest in her.

"I'm the Asst. District Attorney. It's a lot of work but I love it."

"We need to catch up on old times. Are you busy tonight perhaps?"

He said flashing her a perfect smile.

"Oh not tonight. I have plans. Maybe tomorrow."

But this guy wouldn't be denied. He wasn't going out like this. No sir!

"What about lunch then? You have to eat or do you for-go lunch in order to keep that fantastic shape that you've always had?"

She bats her eyes at him and tilts her head.

"No I do not and I will have lunch with you. Meet me at the Port Charles Grill in an hour."

When he turned to leave, he looked back at her and watched her walk away.

"I wonder how he knows Dara? Hhhmm?"

He asks looking at Mac's stern expression.

"I don't know but she'll tell me."

Taggert leaves as Dara comes in.

"The flowers are so lovely! Thank you. I can hardly wait until tonight!"

They slip their arms around each other in mutual satifaction.

"I've made lunch plans so don't plan anything, okay. Have you met Richard Steele yet?"

He nods at her.

"He and I went to college together. Back then I was a cheerleader and was a quarterback and he had some problems with his grades so I tutored him. If I hadn't he would have lost his spot on the team. We became close friends."

Mac is not hearing what he wanted to hear. Easing gently into this gray area of her past.

"Will I get to see your uniform tonight? I know that you were a knockout in that hot little number! I'll bet you had all heads turning including his."

"Well we were only friends. He wanted to pursue something more but back then I wasn't ready for the complications that an interracial romance would bring and I was there to study and not party. In the back of my mind I knew that with a reputation like his if we ever did start dating that he'd expect sex at some point in the relationship. I called the shots about when it was time for me and it wasn't. I wasn't sexually active until after college and it wasn't with him. So that's the story. We're just friends and that's it."

Mac's eyes widen as he can't believe what he heard.

"I know that he wasn't happy whe you told him that you two would just be friends, was he?"

Dara shook her head.

"No, he kept saying that we could make it work and that things were changing and that we belonged together."

Dara moves out of his embrace.

"All I could see were the multitude of problems that I'd be faced with and I didn't need any of that. So were we just friends."

Mac at least feels go to know that he doesn't have any firsthand knowledge of her.

"I'll see you later. Bye."

She said as he kissed her on the lips.

Mac had never been more acutely aware of the fact that their ten year age difference might be a problem until now. His 45th birthday was last month and with the arrival of Dara's would-be suitor he was feeling his age.

"He won't get my woman! I don't care what he says. He missed his chance and that's his fault not mine but it's too late to start over!"

Later on at lunch they catch up on old times.

"It's really good to see after so long. I always knew that you'd be successful one day. Dara, I've never forgotten about you. That day after graduation when I left to play pro ball. The way that I held you in my arms and kissed me and said that our time hadn't come. You said that you didn't want to get involved with me because it was too big of a problem for you to handle. What about now? Is there a chance for us now?"

Dara is taken aback by his comment. She never expected this. They had been friends and there had always been a strong atraction to him. He was so handsome and so nice. She remembered that day as the wind blew and he kissed her goodbye. She knew that he was special to her too.

"Richard that's very flattering but I'm very much involved with someone. I hope that you will one day find the happiness that you deserve."

He looked at her and squeezed her hand. When she looked up from her plate he was staring at her.

"Dara I'm happy for you. You deserve to be happy. I hope that one day I will find someone that will make me as happy as you did. I was in love with you Dara and when I saw you today all of those old feelings came rushing back. I'm sorry but I had to tell you how I feel."

Her eyes widen at this disclosure.

"I think that I should leave now. Call me if you want to talk. Good bye Dara."

He signals the waiter and pays for their meal and then leaves, but not before kissing her hand. When she looks down she sees his business card. On the back is his cell phone number and pager number along with his address.

Dara goes back to work thinking of what Richard said. Still can't believe that he wants a relationship now, after all of this time!

Mac is trying to contol his jealousy but it's getting the better of him.

Later that night while Mac and Dara are enjoying themselves Richard is in his hotel room asleep.

He locks her office door and pulls down the shades. He unzips his pants and takes her hand in his and places it on his stiffened member. He's waited for this too long to leave without it now!

"I've been waiting for this for so long! Dara I need you so much! Tell me that you need me too! Do you see what you've done to me? I have to have you now! Right now!"

His tone was demanding and she knew that she couldn't deny what she felt any longer. His lips came down on hers seizing hers and with such urgency that he almost swallowed her mouth with his. His lifted her effortlessly and she sat on top of her desk. Quickly he moved the papers away from the desk and took off her panties. She smiled seductively as he did so. Richard unbuttoned her jacket and placed it carefully over her chair as not to wrinkle it in their wild romp that was to follow. He didn't stop there, oh no! He unbottoned her blouse and kissed his way to her full, round chocolate breasts. Richard knew that he couldn't take the proper time to worship her perfection so he opened the clasp in the front and watched as they sprang forth. His eager tongue sucking and licking her erect nipples. How he wanted it to last forever he knew that it was to be a quickie, but what a quickie it would be! His large hands felt how soft her breasts were and his thumbs kneaded their softness. Dara stroked his short crew-cut hair wildly as she threw her head back while he pleasured her beyond measure.

"Dara! You're so beautiful! You taste like sweet chocolate. I have to have more!"

His tongue and mouth teased her nipples until his sword became so stiff until it twitched in the air with anticipation.

He breathed heavily as he touched her forbidden love zone. She was oh so ready for him as he felt her juices on his fingers and licked them off with a sexy grin.

"You taste go good! I have to taste you!"

He declares as he pulls her skirt up even further and spreads her lovely thighs.

"Dara I could just look at you forever. You make me so hot! I'm gonna show how good it feels when a man loves you like I do!"

Richard bent down and touched her glistening mound with its thich patch of damp curls. His tongue expertly licked her until she moaned in delight. His mouth loved in a way that she'd never felt before. Deeper and deepr his tongue went until his head had completely disappeared from view.

"Richard now! Do it now!"

He pulled away at her urging and wiped his mouth of her. He relished the fact that he'd carry her scent until he showered.

"Here I am baby! I'm here."

He said as he pulled himself out of his pants for her to see. He was full and thick, but not as large as Mac. He knew how to use it too! He entered her wet box slowly as he held her hips in place. She was a tight fit, much tighter than he'd ever dreamed. This made him loose control. Her small space fit him snugly that this brought him to the brink almost as soon as he entered her.

"Dara! What are you doing to me? Are you still a virgin after all of this time? Oh baby you're so tight!"

He said as he gripped her hips even tighter feeling himself begin to spasm out of control.

"Richard! Don't stop! Yeeeeesssss! Don't stooooop!!"

She yells as she too feel waves of ecstacy sweep over her. Together they ride the love train of pleasure. Dara takes out some baby wipes and hands them to him along with a towel.

"I've got to freshen up. Will I see you tonight?"

She asks him with hope in her eyes.

"You can't get rid of me now! And the next time will be off the charts. I'm here to stay."

Just then Richard wakes up extremely erect.

"Dara! Dara!"

He asks looking around the lonely room.

"I should have KNOWN that it was TOO good to be true!"

Meanwhile back at he restaurant Mac makes his move.

"Dara you've made me feel like a young man again. I didn't think that I'd ever want to go down this pathway again, but with you I do."

Taking a box from his pocket and putting it on the table in front of her. He opens the box to reveal a two carat pear shaped diamond ring. Tears welling up in her eyes as he slips it on.

"Dara Jensen, will you marry?"

She hugs him as tears flow.

"Yes Mac, I will. I love you!"