Anything For Her Ch. 7

The week has passed and the Governor's visit is over. Richard comes to Dara's office.

"I wanted to say goodbye before I left. I can't find the words to say how I've enjoyed seeing you again. Awesome is such an understatement."

He says and they burst into laughter. He was quite a looker and if she and Mac weren't together she would have taken him up on it but was not to be the case.

"Dara, if you and your guy don't make it you could give me a jingle and cry on my shoulder. I'd be here in a flash. You know that I always was good listener. A part of me will always love you Dara."

His eyes implore her as he looks down and notices her ring.

"Richard I'll keep your number because you can never have too many friends, but I know that it will work out because we'll MAKE it work."

She says holdig out her hand for him to see her huge ring.

"That is some ring, but you deserve the best. So this is why we couldn't have dinner last night. Dara I laid awake last night wondering just how good it would have been between us and I hoped that maybe we'd find out. I wish that I could shake this guy's hand because he is some lucky kind of guy."

She smiles at him and lifts her eyebrows.

"You can. Commissioner Scorpio is in his office. Mac and I were friends for a long time before we were ever anything more. He risked his life to save me earlier this year when I sent a felon to prison. He swept me away and made sure that he caught the person behind it all. We have a history, we trust each other and I know that he'd do it again in a second. Love that real doesn't come along every day. You have to cultivate and that's what we've done. Goodbye Richard."

He exhales and shakes his head.

"How can I compete with that? Dara it's hard to walk away from you again. Could an old friend have a goodbye kiss or would that be asking too much?"

She nods with a smile.

Richard moves in close and puts his hands on her small waist.

"Oh she feels so good and smells even better. To have her in my arms again!"

His mind is racing as his lips firmly touch hers. She feels his tongue graze her teeth trying to gain entrance so she pulled away. It felt so good even before it could begin. She knew that if she gave in now that would send both him and Mac a clear message about how she felt about Mac. That somehow he wasn't enough for her. Felicia had already done that before and she wouldn't be the one to do it to him again. He knew that it was not to be.

"Goodbye Richard."

She says pulling out of his embrace.

"Goodbye Dara. Congratulations."

He leaves with a sad look on his face.

As Mac is about to leave his office, he almost walks into Richard.

"Do you have a moment Commissioner?"

They step into his office. Standing toe to toe Mac wonders why this guy is still here, but then he already knew the answer to that--DARA.

"I feel strange telling you how I wish that I could have a second chance with my tutor and missed opportunities only to find out that you two are an item and now are engaged. I just want to tell you how lucky you are to have her."

Mac's chest puffs out with pride.

"I know that much. She's a wonderful woman. She's made me the man that I am today."

"I asked her give me another chance at lunch yesterday and even just now in her office. She turned me down flat. Man I was grasping for straws. That didn't work so I knew that it was a closed door. But I was desperate so I asked for a goodbye kiss and she consented. What I want you to know is it was just that. She gave me an innocent kiss and I tried to make it into more, but she cut me off at the knees."

Mac feels his nostrils flaring and he's turning red.

"Why are you telling me this? What is this suppose to prove?"

He says trying to restraint himself for cleaning this guys clock!

"Because you should know that Dara is trustworthy and loves you very much. It would have beenn wrong for her to give me a passionate kiss while she's engaged to you, but she didn't. All that I got was a quick peck and that was that. You are really lucky because I lost her twice in a lifetime and that really hurts. Take care of her or I'll be back."

Mac looks at him as he leaves. He goes to her office.

"Richard just left. He told me about the kiss and that he asked you for another chance but you turned him down. He said that when he tired to make something more of the kiss that you cut him off. Man, it seems that I remember feeling that same way so many times before."

He mused as he pulled her even closer and kissed her deeply. Standing in front of the desk he lifts her to sit on it. He walks over to the door and locks it.

"Mac what are you doing? What is running through that mind of yours?"

He takes off his jacket and starts unbuttoning her blouse as he plants long lingering kisses on her throat. She moans softly in his ear.

"Mac I can't! We can't! Not here!"

She whimpers in a low tone.

"I could never have a quickie with you! I just wanted to show you what you're in for everyday of your life. As long as we're married I'll never lose interest in all of this!"

He unzips his pants places it on his engorged 11 inch rod. Her fingers stroke the surrounding curly hair. How she loved the feel of it and all that he had to offer.

"Tell me that I'm the only man who'll ever touch you like this again. That all you need is this 11 inches of pure, pink, passion and nothing more!"

By now Dara is dizzy as he kisses her chest, but doesn't take of her bra. His lips only kiss her exposed cleavage. His hand touches her nipples making them as hard a pebbles.

"Mac! Mac! You KNOW that you're more than enough man for any woman especially me! You're all that I'll ever need! Baby I love every inch of you!"

As her fingers stroke him more vigorously he feels that he's getting close to bursting at the seams. He pulls out of her hands and tucks himself back inside of his pants.

"I'm going back to work now. After work, go straight to my place because I'll be waiting. And don't be late because you've got a date with your fiancee. We've got some UNfinished business that'll take all night long!"

Mac says in an unusually raspy voice. He gives her that sly, sexy smile of his and a wink.

Dara hops off the desk and runs toward him.

"Baby I love you so much! I'm going to your place now."

She says as he pats his small, round bottom.

"We'll see who gets there faster!"

He smiles as he opens the door for her.