How I would break up Luis and Sheridan.
 by Articman on 2/20/2001:

As a long time viewer of the show, I am aware of just how much Alistair fears a Luis and Sheridan union. Luis' distrust and dislike of the Cranes and his search for the truth concerning Martin Fitzgerald, alone is reason enough to turn Alistair against Luis being with Sheridan. So Alistair wants Luis and Sheridan broken up and to this end he intends to play the tape of Sheridan's hypnosis session, where she claims to kill Martin, to Luis. While this could break up Luis and Sheridan, it opens the Cranes to Luis' quest for the truth and for Justice. Justice for him, for his Mother, for his Family and for his Father. This is not a wise course of action for Alistair to take. I have a better way.
If I was Alistair Crane, this is how I would break up Luis and Sheridan.

First, I would use my influence with Federal officals, people in the Justice Department and the FBI, to get Luis and Sam Bennett out of town for a short time. A couple of weeks to a month. I would have Luis and Sam offered slots in an Advance Law Enforcement Training program, For Free, with additional slots open for other Harmony PD officers further down the line. It would be made to appear as a reward for Luis' Bodyguard duties and Sam's quick actions which saved Sheridan, Eve, Hank and Agent Freeman. I wouldn't even discourage Sheridan from following Luis to the training site. Let her go. It'll make it that much easier to put my plan into action, if she isn't around or busy with other concerns.

Once Luis and Sam are out of town, but not out of mind, I'll set my plan into motion. I'll then use my influence with the Board of Trusties for one of the Local Private colleges to arrange admissions to the school for Harmony Police Officers and their families, on scholarships. With these admissions comes a generous acreditation for job experience, giving college course credits for training and experience. There would be no restriction on the degree programs, but Pre-Law would be one of those encouraged. The Plan would be to open 2 full time enrollments for police officers each year, with another 2 full time enrollments for family members.

Next would come the funding of the Scholarship Program. This I would do through an ally or two. I would contact one of the Trusties, who is a supporter of the Police and hopefully on the Police Board. I would make him, or her, an offer. They would champion the Scholarship program and set up the funding, with them being the first and Chief funder of the program. They donate 2 million to the Fund and I'll slip them 2.5 million, through an off-shore account. They set up a Fund-raiser at the Country Club, getting all of the big name Families to show and contribute. I'll then contact a couple of other key people, having them make donations to the fund as well, using my money. This way, there will be several promiment people supporting the Fund and added public incentive for the others to contribute as well. This would establish and maintain a sizable Scholarship Fund for the next phase of my plan.

Next, the Chancelor of the College and the Trustie who established the Scholarship Fund would contact the Mayor, offering the Admissions and Scholarship package to the Town of Harmony and the Harmony P.D. In the presentation of this package, it would be explained how the program could be expanded to include surrounding towns, if it is successful in Harmony. Added incentive for the Mayor to embrace the program. The idea would be for Sam Bennett to select/approve the officers for the program, while the Police Board would select/approve the Family members for the program.

Once the Mayor and the Police Board embraces the package, I'll encourage/put into effect a policy change for promotions. "No officer can be promoted to Detective unless he or she has a college degree, or is currently enrolled in college, in a degree program." This would be done quietly and through intermediaries, but it would be done before Sam and Luis return from the Training Course. This would make it impossible for Luis to become a Detective unless he goes to college, Full Time.

So. When Sam and Luis return from their training, Luis will discover that he is no longer eligible for promotion to Detective. However, Sam will inform him that there is a way for him to get the promotion, by going college on the newly established Scholarship program. Since there will be very little Crane money and Influence involved in this, Alistair's involvement will be well concealed, Luis should jump at the chance to go to College, at no expense to his family. It will be his chance to reclaim his lost dream of getting a Law Degree and becoming a lawyer. A chance to prove himself in an area that was denied to him by Martin's disappearance.

Once in College, Luis would be driven to excell in all of his courses. This coupled with his duties as a Police Officer and what ever time he has for the Youth Center, would leave him with little time to be with Sheridan. This would drive a wedge between him and Sheridan, because all of the time they are not together. Furthermore, while attending his classes, Luis will come in contact with and be exposed to many attractive, young coeds, TAs and even Female Professors. It would not be hard or even nessecary to prompt these women to pursue Luis. Afterall, Luis is a Handsome, attractive, inteligent man who is know for his bravery, a Hero. This alone should be enough of an incentive for women to pursue him. But, if nessecary, certain young, attractive women could be sent to seduce Luis. Luis having an affair with someone from school, could destroy his relationship with Sheridan for good. Regardless, the more time Luis spends at school, the less time he can spend with Sheridan and the easier it will be to drive them apart.

While Luis is in college, busy with his classes, it will be childs play to get Sheridan involved with some project. What it is, doesn't really matter, just so long as she kept busy as well. It then becomes childs play to direct attractive men, business men and or Crane peers at Sheridan. They will be involved with certain aspects of Sheridan's project and spending a lot of time with her. This opens up the opportunity for Sheridan to be unfaithful to Luis, which would have the same effect as he being unfaithful to her, driving them apart. Even if both remain faithful to each other, the situations could be made to appear to be otherwise.

This would work, because it is not a sledge hammer approach. It doesn't try to force them apart in one decisive stroke, but uses their own dreams, goals, personalities and careers to drive them apart. It will be expensive, costing several million at least, but if done properly, no one will trace it back to me. Unfortunately, it will take time and circumstances may need to tweaked from time to time to achieve the desired effect. Also, There is no garrauntee that it will work. However, it opens greater possiblities for me to subtlely drive them apart. This way has the greatest chance for success and the least chance for it to backfire on me. It doesn't matter that Luis benefits from this plan, just so long as he and Sheridan are driven apart.

What do you think? How would you break Luis and Sheridan up?