A quick couple of thoughts about the talking tree.... (A repost)
 by Articman

Reposted from yesterday.
As I was rewatching my Passions tape, I was struck by a couple of things, thoughts.

One was how much that tree sounded like Alistair Crane. Unfortunately, the closing credits haven't listed who did what, But I think that Alan Oppenhiemer was the voice of the tree.

The other thing was, perhaps that the tree is an agent of evil. Afterall, this is Warlock Island, a place haunted by the Warlocks for a couple of hundred years. Perhaps the tree is the missing 4th warlock, in disguise. Perhaps he was putting into effect a plan to stop Charity from using her powers for good.

Think about it for a minute. Sooner or later Charity is going to discover her powers and start using them for good, fighting evil in the world. What better way to stop Charity from being a force for good then to show Charity that she has these powers but convince her that their use always comes with a terrible price.

In this case, Charity is able to save Miguel and the others lives but she can no longer love Miguel or return his love for her. If Charity believes that using her powers are only going to cause her continued heartbreak and sorrow, why would she even want to use them ever again.

One of the things that Tabitha has been trying to do is break up Miguel and Charity. Why? Because Miguel's love magifies Charity's powers, increases them. By making Charity give up Miguel in order to save his life, evil limits her ability to fight it. Plus, the heartache, heartbreak that she is going to feel at giving up Miguel, is going to make her less inclined to help others, perhaps even start charity down the road to become the emotional basketcase that her Mother was.

The more that I think about it.... the more it sounds like that this 'tree' is some sort of Agent for the darkside.

What do you think?