A concern about the New Grace....
by Articman on 2/20/2001:

After everything that has happened to Grace the past couple of weeks, Grace has changed. Yesterday, we got to see Grace in a different light, she was cold, hard, determined. She seemed to be pushing Sam away from her.
While I am excited about the possiblities with Grace being changed by what has happened. I am very concerned that the are going to ruin Grace. When we met Faith, she was a recluse and pretty much a basketcase. She was hiding from everyone and everything, trying to protect herself and Charity from the Forces of Darkness. In 'Hidden Passions' Mercy Standish, Grace and Faith's mother was pretty much the same way. She raised her daughters in seclusion, home schooling them. At the first sign of trouble, the possiblity of Evil coming after them, she too turned into a basketcase.

My fear is that the writers are going to turn Grace into a reclusive Basketcase as well. This would ruin Grace. Her greatest asset, greatest strenght is her outgoing nature, her ability to reach out to others and a desire to help those in need. Grace is a vital member of the community, greatly involved in its various programs and organisations. She was a moving, guiding force in community events, such as a the Town Carnival, which is a fund raiser for the School. Not to mention her involvement in the PTA and the school itself. She also is a successful small business woman. If Grace is turned into a reclusive basketcase, all of this goes away. The Things I like most about Grace, all go bye-bye.

What do you think?