We must Eliminate Luis before it's too late......
 by Articman on 8/16/2000:

On Thursday's and todays shows, while Alistair and Julian were talking about Luis and the fact that he was becoming too great of a threat, Alistair said that they needed to kill Luis. Julian responded that this was not the time to do this and if they did kill Luis, it would only bring Sam Bennett and the Harmony PD down on them. Killing Luis would trigger a passionate and unrelenting investigation of Luis' Death and ultimately the Crane family. This is wrong. Now is the time to kill Luis.
Right now Luis is guarding Sheridan full time. There have been numerous attempts on Sheridan's life which Luis has stopped and protected her from. So any attempt on Luis' life could be blamed on the Drug Cartel, just as long as it appears that Sheridan, not Luis was the intended target.

When Alistair first mentioned the possiblity of them killing Luis, I post my thoughts along these lines. As long as Sheridan is a target and as long as Luis is her bodyguard, Luis is a target as well. All Alistair would have to do is hire someone to shoot Luis. He then arranges for Luis and Sheridan to be someplace off of the Estate grounds, like a public event, the Crane cabin or sailing on the Crane Yatch. He then informs the shooter where to be and when, so that he can take the shot. The Shooter's intructions are clear, shoot Luis first, hitting him, killing him if possible, then shoot at Sheridan. The shots at Sheridan can injure her, like a hit in her arm or leg or miss her, but it must appear that Sheridan was in danger from the shooter. Once Luis is shot and the follow on shots were fired at Sheridan, the Shooter would go to a meeting place, get paid, get in a new car and leave town for good. If it happened this way, it would look like another attempt on Sheridan's life and be blamed on the Cartel, not the Cranes.

Even if Luis is not killed by the shooter, it still works to Alistair's advantage. Luis would no longer be Sheridan's bodyguard. He would be recovering in the hospital for a few days if not weeks. Sheridan would get a new bodyguard and perhaps even be moved to a new and safer location. Alistair can bring in a Psychiarist, from France maybe, that he controls to treat Sheridan for the trauma that she is going through and guide her away from Luis and from 'That Night'.

There things that can go wrong with this plan. Such as:

Sheridan gets killed by accident. The bullet that kills Luis goes through him and hits Sheridan or one of the follow on bullets hits something vital and Sheridan dies from her injuries.

The shooter gets caught and the plot is exposed to Luis and Everyone.

Roger's Hitman kills Sheridan in all of the confusion caused by Alistair's Hitman.

Roger's Hitman witnesses Alistair's Hitman shoot Luis, follows him to the pay off and gets evidence of the Cranes hiring someone to kill Luis. Roger then Blackmails Alistair and Julian with this information. Alistair and Julian now have to use Crane Industries assets to smuggle, store and distribute drugs for the Cartel and or pay lots of money to Roger and Pierre. I really like this Idea

Someone else witnesses the shooting and the payoff, recording the payoff of the shooter. They then start Blackmailing the Cranes opening the way for their sucess.

The shooting only drives Luis and Sheridan closer together. It delays their investigation for a time, but Luis returns with a vengence, driven harder to find the truth.

Sheridan and Ivy insist that Luis be cared for in the mansion while recovering from his injuries. Luis could be crippled by the shooter, or need specialised care after he is released from the hospital. I can see Sheridan insisting on that care being given at the mansion and Ivy agreeing with Sheridan on this. (Ivy doing so just to spite Alistair and Julian.)

The shooting takes place after the Drug Cartel is broken up. Roger is arrested earlier that day and his hitman is exposed and arrested prior to the shooting. This would blow the cover story that it was another hit on Sheridan. Or Roger tells the FBI that his instructions to his hitmen were to kill Sheridan and only Sheridan. That he did not want the heat of killing a cop and this would be comfirmed by Antione and any other hitmen they arrest.

All things considered. Now is the best time to eliminate Luis. Sure there is alot that can go wrong, but when else will there be someone that they can pen Luis' death on so easily?

What do you think?