Can Ethan be Happy with Theresa????
by Articman on 12/14/2000:

This is something that I posted on the main board last night. I thought that I would post it here as well.
Here's a question that I have been pondering... Can Ethan be Happy with Theresa?

Never mind Luis' opposition to them being together. Never mind the Cranes or Gwen and
Rebecca. Never mind her delusional and obessive mental state. Can Ethan be Happy with
Theresa and live his life as intended, by him?

One of the things that Ethan keeps mentioning about Theresa. How she allows him to escape
the world of his up bringing. How he doesn't have to worry about being Ethan Crane, when he is
with her. How he can be free-er with her than with anyone else. But is this enough for him to
build a relationship on? A lasting, loving, Happy relationship on?

In their time together, Theresa has had to contend very little with Life in Ethan's world. She has
not had to play the role of Hostess or actively particapte in Social gatherings. Every time, Ethan
has had to be her guide. Ethan and Theresa's time together has been spent with each other,
away from Ethan's world of Social Standings and Circles. Playing in the snow at the cabin, going
to the arcade on the wharf, going to her Prom or just hanging out at the Book Cafe. Theresa has
never had to survive or particpate actively in in His world.

If Theresa is Ethan's escape from the pressures of his world. Then the question becomes will
she remain his escape if he brings her into his world, full time? Or will doing this cause her to be
the source of additional pressures and poison the Happiness that he believes that she brings into
his life?

Somehow, I doubt that Ethan and Theresa's Happiness will be all that easy or that long lasting.
Especially if, a big part of Ethan's happiness with Theresa is because she is his escape?

What do you think? Can Ethan really find Happiness with Theresa? Lasting Happiness?