Harmony's Good and Evil...
 by Articman on 1/10/2001:

In writing my post, "Good is Stupid", I started to divide the various people in Harmony into either being Good or being Evil, or someplace in-between. Here is my list and my thoughts as to why they should be considered good or evil.
The Good:

Grace Bennett; She is Kind, Generous and Trusting. She has charity, the pure love of Christ.
Charity Standish; She is the face of innocence and goodness.
Sam Bennett; He is a Hero, he is selfless, loyal and honest.
Jessica Bennett; She is mischivous and torments Kay, but she believes in and fights for honesty and love.
Reese; Is basicly good, selfless and loyal.
Miguel Lo-Fitz.; Another Hero, he is selfless and brave as well as honest.
Pilar Lo-Fitz.; Her integrity and descretion make her a good guy as does her faith and loyalty.
Luis Lo-Fitz.; A Hero, He has risen above his hatred to do the right thing time and again.
Gwen Hotchiss; She is honest, trusting and basicly a good person. Her current course of action is moving her towards the questionable list.
Sheridan Crane; Another honest and good person, she has faced some nasty nightmares from her past.
TC Russell; Despite his temper, he is a good man, supportive of his family and of others.
Whitney Russell; A loyal friend to Theresa, she has remained a basicly good person, despite her helping Theresa to conceal her lies.
Simone Russell; Despite her helping Kay in her schemes, Simone has retained her concious and is still basicly good.
Timmy; Despite being Tabby's sidekick, he has retained his Heart of Gold and is a bad influence on her.

The Evil:

Alistair Crane; He is more then willing to sacfrice his children to protect his empire. Enough said.
Julian Crane; An amoral hedonist who thinks his name gives him the right to behave anyway he wants to.
Theresa Lo-Fitz.; Her pursuit of Ethan and disregard for the conesquences makes her evil. She never cared who got hurt, just so long as Ethan was hers.
Rebecca Hochtkiss; Another Amoral character, to her the end justifies the means.
Tabitha Lennox; As fun as she is to watch, her repeated murder attempts and schemes are Evil, Evil, Evil.
Kay Bennett; Even before she sold her soul, her attempts to get Miguel can only be considered Evil.
Eve Russell; She puts on a good face and is good most of the time, but her actions in concealing her past, both known and suspected, are nothing less then evil.
Hecuba; Trying to destroy the Bennett clan is not what you call a good thing.

The Questionable:

Hank Bennett; His motives are highly suspect. He was interested in Sheridan because of her money.
Chad Harris; While Chad isn't outright evil, his support of Theresa's Ethan quest, treatment of Whitney, leading Simone on, plus his actions in LA do not make him a good person.
Ivy Crane; While Ivy isn't nessecarily evil, her attempts to get Sam, including drugging Grace are.
Ethan Crane; Ethan has appeared to be good, but his lack of concern about the consequences of his actions, swearing to destroy Sam Bennett, threatening Luis' job and his treatment of Gwen are not the actions of a good person.

Well this is my breakdown of the Good, the Evil and the ones in-between. I may have missed a couple of people and you may disagree with my listings. But this is how I see them.

How would you list them?

What do you think?