Gotta love David...... today
 by Articman

Yet again, David has given himself away. Shown that he is not the good, kind, loving person he claims to be.
During the little face-off in the hospital chapel, David accused Sam of staying with Ivy because he still loved her, not because she was injured and needed him to protect her and keep her alive until help arrived. David stated, quite clearly, that he would have left Ivy and gone in search of Grace, eventhough he had no way of knowing that she was in danger or needed him. Sure, abandoning a person with life threatening injuries to the elements, a very nasty storm and seeking out your wife who is supposed to be safe in the community storm shelter is a great way to show your love and devotion and what a great and caring person your are.

Maybe it's those 20 some years of obessing over the wife that left you speaking. But I do not think that this is the case. David keeps putting up this charming front and maybe it was this facade that Grace fell in love with. Behind this facade is a very cold, obessive, controling person. Someone that Grace would have left for fear of her own life and or sanity. Someone that Grace would have divorced, despite her religious convictions.

There is no way that Sam could have abandoned anyone, in Ivy's condition, sick, injured, alone in a storm, in danger of dying. Not if he is to remain the man that Grace loves. He did the only thing that he expected of himself, stayed with her, comforting her, keeping her safe, keeping her alive, all the while trying to summon help. This is what Sam did. He stayed until Ivy was in the hands of the paramedics and in route to the hospital. It was when he mentioned going to the church, the shelter to see Grace, that Sam learned that Grace wasn't there and then went looking for her at the shed. If Sam hadn't of done this, he would have stopped being the man that Grace fell in love with and raised a family with. More importantly, he would have felt unworthy of Grace's love, in his own eyes, he wouldn't be worthy of her love.

And yet, David still declares his intent and no one catches on. 'I have come to claim my wife, possesive, and take her away from her.' There is no menton of concern for what Grace wants, or how it's going to affect her family, or even if he wants anything to do with her children. Let alone cares about them. Just what he wants.... He wants Grace... but none of her baggage. Not her husband, not their friends, not even her children.

We keep seeing hints of his true nature and David is definitely not a man that Grace would ever stay married to. That is even if they really are married.

What do you think?