What is it about Grace and Alistair?
by Articman on 2/10/2001:

At the very start of the show (Friday's Show) Alistair is talking about Grace's fall and injury. He seemed troubled that she was hurt and that that the injury could effect her pregancy. His tone was such that his
assistant asked if he would be sending flowers if she lost the child. It really sounded like Alistair cared about Grace, about what happens to her.
When Alistair responded to the Assistant's question, it was all Sam Bennett, Sam Bennett must pay for his fathering Ethan. Nothing about Grace, it was all about Sam and Ivy and revenge on them. Not once did Alistair mention Grace in his desire for revenge. It is as if, he has no desire to hurt Grace, to keep her seperate from what he has planned for Sam and Ivy.

The question is: WHY?

Is it that Grace and Alistair have some past connection?

Is it that Grace's personality, her warm and loving nature, just brings out the best in him?

Or is it something else all together?

You may want to take a look at the post "Alistair's Gift to Grace" over on the Theories Board. Where I discuessed this apperent connect, bond, strange relationship that Alistair and Grace have.

What do you think?