Harmony's Psychics
by Articman on 1/29/2001:

Passions has several characters that have or appear to have psychic ablities. Some are supernatural entities, Witches, while others are psychic and some are meerly obsevrant and voicing concerns based on knowing and understanding the people involved.
The Supernatural: Those who are supernatural in origin or tied to the supernatural and or the Divine.

Tabitha Lennox: Centuries old Witch, uses cards, scarying bowl and other means to gather information, spy and guide her spells.
Hecuba: Another witch, uses her mirror to do the same as Tabitha.
Timmy: While Timmy is a living doll and no apperent powers, he can see the Angel Girl and Ghosts.
The Angel Girl: A Divine messenger and guardian to the Standish Clan.
Father Lonigan: Blinded years ago in a fire, the good Priest can sense Evil and the evil intentions of others. This ability is probably of Divine origin and tied to his calling as a Priest and his faith.

The Psychics: Those who have the natural gifts of precieving things beyond the normal range of preceptions.

Grace Bennett: She has been visited by the Angel Girl, shared a Psychic bond with her twin sister Faith, has premomitions and has been able to see and hear things before anyone else. What powers she has are hidden, muted by her ammesia.
Mercy Standish: Grace's mother and introduced in the book 'Hidden Passions'. She too had premomitions.
Faith Standish: Grace's long lost twin sister, currently missing and presumed to be dead in a fire. She shared a bond with Grace and powers similar to Grace's.
Charity Standish: Grace's neice. Her powers are active and growing. They include the ability to see into the future, into the past and can detect evil and defeat evil.
Sheridan Crane: Has been visited by ghosts of Harmony's past. Sheridan has had dreams that boarder on visions and had feelings of doom when being sincerely threatened by others. Once when Roger swore to kill her upon her return to Paris, Sheridan felt like someone had walked on her grave.
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald: Supercop Luis has keen instincts and flashs of inspiriation. When he trusts his gut, he finds the truth. When his gut told him Sheridan was in trouble and he followed it, he was able to save her life. If he doesn't have psychic abilities, he is a borderline psychic and is linked to Sheridan.
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald: Shares a psychic bond with Charity. He dreamt that she was in danger, in a fire, the night her house burned down. His Love maginfies Charity's powers and gives her strenght. In the mine shaft, Miguel was able to open the box of Goodness and then control the light, there by saving Charity and all of Harmony.

The possible Psychics: These are those that have potential Psychic ablities or have shown possible psychic talents.

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald: Theresa's obession with Ethan led to her dreaming about Ethan coming to her home. The next day, Ethan showed up at the Lo-Fitz house with a message for Pilar. Was it some sort of Psychic ability or just her delusional mental state showing her what she wanted to see.
Kay Bennett: JER has stated that all of the Standish Women have some sort of Psychic abilites. Of Course the was before she sold her soul to Hecuba. She has yet to demonstrate any ablities.
Jessica Bennett: Another of the Standish Women, she too has yet to demonstrate any psychic ablilties.
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald: Mother to Luis and Miguel. A Woman of Great Faith, she is convinced that Martin, her missing husband is still alive and will return to her one day, as will Antonio, her missing son. She has a clear understanding of the Cranes, their individual natures and is unsuprised by anything they do. Pilar has very good instincts and can generally spot hidden agendas and schemes. All of this could be a indication of some hidden/latent psychic ability... After all, Luis and Miguel got their abilities from someplace. Why not from Pilar?

Aside from Alistair who is seemingly omniscent, thanks to his having Harmony wired for sound and picture, the rest of Harmony basicly doesn't demonstrate any psychic abilities. However, there are more then enough of those who are psychic or have psychic potential to keep the psychic power storylines going on for years to come.

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