How long?
 by Articman

Given Rebecca's increasingly outrageous behavior.
How long do you think that it'll be before Gwen disowns her?

With each passing Day, Gwen is becoming more and more disgusted with her mother's antics. If it wasn't for the fact that Rebecca was the only one to take Gwen's side when Ethan dumbed her. I think that Gwen would have left her mother along time ago. (Gwen doesn't know how upset Luis was at Ethan's treatment of her and considered it an indication of his unworthiness to be with Theresa. But then again this was swept under the rug so that Luis would support Ethan and Theresa's marriage.) In many ways, Gwen has become Simone to Rebecca's Kay or Whitney to Rebecca's Theresa. Not a good position to be in.

I just hope that Gwen is given her own storyline soon. That and she and Luis can become friends. Afterall, what is there to prevent this from happening, except for the poor writing, the hustle, that the writers and JER thrust upon us day after day.

What do you think?