A Look at Sheridan Crane
by Articman on 12/11/2000:

There has been several posts about Sheridan and how she has changed. In a response to one of my posts, I was asked to discuess Sheridan as I have discuessed Ethan, Theresa and Luis. This is my attempt at explaining, understanding who Sheridan is and how she has changed. I have broken her down into various phases of the show/storyline and will attempt to review who she is and her motivations are at that time. In many ways, Sheridan is a weaker character than she was a year ago, but she has become a lot less fragile and even stronger in many ways during this time.
Paris / Jean-Luc: When we first meet Sheridan, we have the Princess Di. storyline, which wasn't bad per se. It just could have been done better. Sheridan is happy and in love with Jean-Luc Moulin, expecting to become engaged any day. She is Gwen's friend and they discuess their impending engagments/marriages to the men in their lives. Sheridan even encourages Ethan to propose to Gwen.

Unknown to Sheridan, Jean-Luc was a drug smuggler looking to use her and Crane Industries in his criminal activites, nor did she know about Mimi, Jean-Luc's finacee. Jean-Luc believing that Sheridan's name could protect him, snubbed and cut off his association with the Drug Lord Roger. Roger in turn decided to eliminate Jean-Luc and Sheridan, because Sheridan accidently met Roger as he was leaving Jean-Luc's apartment. Fearing Roger, Jean-Luc propsed to Sheridan and took her to his country cottage with the idea of marrying her in the next day or so. Unfortunately for Jean-Luc, Mimi followed them, as did Pierre, Roger's henchman.

At the cottage, Sheridan learned about Mimi and Jean-Luc using her, but not about the Drug connections. She Slapped Jean-Luc, stormed out of the cottage and drove as fast as she can out of there. Only to stop outside of Paris to cry as her heart broke. Her next stop was church, where she is consuled by a visiting Nun to return home, to those who love her, meaning Ethan and Pilar. Sheridan decided to return to Harmony but, not before swearing off men, love and vowing never to let any man use her again. During the flight home, Sheridan had a couple of conversations about love and her past in Harmony, including a flashback to being shipped off to Paris as a little girl.

At this point, Sheridan is in pain. Her heart is broken and she is angry, very angry, at Jean-Luc, but even more so at herself. She just wants to get home to Ethan, to his love and his support. She does not know that Jean-Luc is dead nor does she know about the threat to her life.

Arrival In Harmony / Luis: Upon arriving in the U. S., Sheridan hoped in her car and headed to Harmony as fast as she could. Unfortunately, she flew past a speed trap manned by Officer Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and the chase began, in more ways than one. This chase ended with Sheridan smashing into Luis' patrol car and her being arrested. It was at this time Luis and Sheridan first saw each other and they both paused when they did. Sheridan,angry and heartbroken, was stunned at being arrested and shocked at having to spend the night in Jail. Luis became the focus of her anger and pain at this time, Sheridan refused to show any weakness in front of Luis during her time in jail. It was Gwen that told Sheridan who Luis was, Pilar's son, which was an even greater shock. How could Pilar have a son so mean, so hard-nosed, so against anything Crane? I think she even refered to Luis as a 'jackbooted thug'.

Her night in Jail went pretty quietly, except for the nightmare. Jean-Luc came to her in her dream and tried to take her away, to use her. However, Jean-Luc was stopped by a mysterious Man in Black, who decked him and then walked away. Sheridan went after him and tried to thank him. During this time Luis was doing a cell check and saw Sheridan tossing and turning in her sleep. When he tried to wake her, to make sure she was alright, Sheridan, half asleep, threw her arms around him, hugging Luis tightly, until she woke up and realised just who she was hugging.

When Sheridan returned home to the mansion she was haunted by memories of 'that night' and went out driving. Haunted by these memories, Sheridan again, smashed into Luis' patrol car resulting in her being ticketed for reckless driving. When Luis questioned her about what distracted her that badly, she shut him out, refusing his concern and compassion. Later, Sheridan crashed Pilar's birthday party. This was where a blindfolded Luis kissed Sheridan and then tried to Identify her by touch alone, much to Sheridan's fustration. I think that she had very mixed emotions about this. Then we had the TANGO. Luis and Sheridan ended up challenging each other to the Tango and they both enjoyed it, a lot. This led to a warming of the hearts between them, until Julian shoved his nose into things and filed a Sexual Harrassment complaint against Luis in Sheridan's name. This led to Luis and Sheridan viewing each other as the enemy.

Following her arrival in Harmony, Sheridan was in flux. She was trying to deal with her heartache and pain when she ran into Luis (literally) and found a man who she was attractted to (at least sub-conciously). She also had to start dealing with the memories of 'That Night'. It was at this time she re-established her ties to Pilar, to Ethan and to Harmony. Had Julian not interfered, Luis and Sheridan may have become friends at this time. Sheridan was looking for her niche in Harmony and it's people.

The Youth Center: As a result of her poor driving / demolishing Luis' Patrol Vehicle, Sheridan was sentenced to community service at the Youth Center, working for Luis. Viewing Luis as the enemy, Sheridan swore to not let Luis break her, to see her quit, or let him see any weakness on her part. During this time Luis and Sheridan fought tooth and nail, about the center, about sports, about the kids and life in general. Neither of them was willing to bend, to give a inch.

During this time we have the memorable scenes of Sheridan seeing Luis in a whole new light. The locker room scene. Sheridan walking into the locker room, seeing Luis holding a towel, wearing nothing but a smile, coffee dropping to the floor and Sheridan turning 15 different shades of red before running out into the office. Sheridan being trapped in a Magican's coffin, Luis using an ax to break it open and then carrying her out of the restraunt. The Basketball games with Luis and an LA Laker teaching Sheridan B-Ball. Plus, Sheridan hitting Luis with a cream pie, not to mention the Mugging where she saved the mugger from Luis, while trying to help Luis. Then there is the 'Luis gets it' conversation, where Luis and Sheridan are discuessing what they want in relationships and Sheridan realises that Luis wants the same things she does in a relationship.

It is during this time Pilar talks to Luis about Sheridan, telling him that Sheridan is not what she appears to be. That, while Sheridan appears to very strong and independant, she is actually quite fragile. This is very true. Around Luis, Sheridan puts on her best face, that of the Strong Independant woman ready to face the world alone. However, when she is with Ethan and Pilar, the scared, unsure, troubled and lonely side comes out. Sheridan is determined to not to show any weakness to Luis. When they are together, they are constantly challenging each other, pushing to show the other that he / she is wrong and driving each other nuts in the process.

Sheridan appeared to be strong, putting forth a facade of Strenght and Independance but, she was haunted, tortured by her past, the nightmares of 'That Night' and her own insecurities in her relationships. She viewed Luis as her enemy but started to get to know him and understand him. She challenged both Luis and herself and he challenged her in return. When confronted about her past, her troubles, her fears, Sheridan withdrew, retreated, only relying upon Pilar and Ethan for strenght and support.

New Mexico / Birth of the Romantic Hero: When Sheridan learned about Martin's disappearance and how it's timing put it at the same time as 'That Night'. Sheridan feared that she may have killed Martin and her family covered it up. This launched her little trip to New Mexico, with Luis by her side.

It is during this trip that Sheridan began to view Luis as a Romantic Hero, the man of her dreams. She was shocked to find Luis comforting her in her hotel room after having a nightmare. More so, because Luis broke open the door to their adjoining rooms to be with her. Then Luis saved her life when she was caught in the flash-flood, saving her from drowning, keeping her warm and dry, not taking advantage of her while she was derilous, asking him, begging him to make love to her. Staying with her, eventhough it meant that Martin got away. Shielding her with his body when Martin pulled a gun.

When they returned from New Mexico, Luis continued to suprise her with thoughtfull, kind, considerate and sincere acts. Like giving her the compact, to replace the one he accidently broke in New Mexico. Then came New Years Eve. Learning that Sheridan might be in danger, Luis rushed to the Seascape Restraunt only to find Martin holding her hostage on the roof. It was there, Luis made a decision, concious or not, to save Sheridan and not Martin. This really shocked Sheridan, not to mention Luis, that Luis would save her instead of his own father.

Sheridan responded to the Good, Decent and Noble aspects of Luis' character. He started to become the Hero in her life, coming to save her and protect her. His acts of kindness and compassion softened her heart towards him and she began to believe that they might have a future together. Add to this the enormous debt she owned him, after saving her life time and again, especially at his own expense. These things allowed Sheridan to offer to help Luis investigate her family's connection to Martin's disappearance. Not because she believed there was a connection, but to prove that there was not one.

Right after Martin's death, I was troubled that Sheridan's motivations in her relationship with Luis were not the right ones. At times, it seemed to me that she was acting out of an sense of obligation to Luis for saving her life and not based on love. Sheridan still remained closed to Luis about her past and those things that haunted her.

The Warf / Hero is Slain by Slander: Alistair watched Luis and Sheridan drawing closer together with increasing anxiety. Luis' distrust and anger towards the Cranes coupled with the secrets that the Cranes have which could damage, if not destroy the Crane Empire, made the joining of Luis and Sheridan as a couple a reicipe for disaster. To this end, Alistair and Julian discussed ending the relationship between Luis and Sheridan. These discussions included the option of Killing Luis. This is how serious of a threat Luis was becoming to the Cranes, in Alistair's eyes. To this end, Alistair and Julian put into effect a devestatingly effective plan.

One night Sheridan went down to the Warf to be with and talk to Luis. When she arrived she overheard Luis talking on his cell phone to someone. Boasting to them that he was using Sheridan, to get back at her family and to obtain access to her money. Luis' statements to his 'Friend' were everything that Sheridan feared and hated from her past and her previous relationships with men. It was devastating for her to hear Luis say these things about her. It was everything that Alistair and Julian had warned her about concerning Luis. It broke her heart and she was too devastated to even confront Luis then and there about his boastings.

After the intial shock wore off, Sheridan got angry, very very angry at Luis and lashed out at him, slapping him, telling him that she was just using him for fun, that she never wanted to see him again. Luis was confused at this behavior and didn't know what he had done to make act this way. What he had done to hurt her. Sheridan's pride kicked in full blast and Sheridan refused to, swore to never let Luis know just how badly he had hurt her. During this time, Luis continued to treat Sheridan with kindness, thoughtfullness, gentleness, and courtesy. His actions towards her, confused her in light of what she had heard and seen. Julian, took advantage of the situation and strongly suggested to Sheridan that she leave Harmony, return to Paris and forget about Luis and the pain he had caused her. To which, Sheridan eventually agreed. Harmony is Luis' home and Sheridan could not remain there without being reminded of him constantly. So, she departed for Paris as quickly as she could.

It is here we really get to see Sheridan turn into a bitch. Her pain and anger cause her to lash out at Luis and force him away. Sheridan is in tremedous emotional pain. Alistair scripted the Faux-Luis' boastings to be as damaging, as painfull, and as completely devastating to her as possible. He preyed upon every single one of her greatest fears concerning herself, her relationships and her past relationships. It was the most vicious thing that he could put together to break Luis and Sheridan up. (Alistair is such a sweet guy, isn't he?) Keeping this in mind, it is easier to understand Sheridan's actions following the Warf and the Faux Luis. They were her defense mechanism, to protect her from being hurt by Luis any further. Not that this made it any easier to watch her, or to condon her actions towards Luis. It doesn't, it didn't.

Paris, the Killers and the Arrest: When Sheridan returned to Paris, she was unaware of the threat to her life from Roger and his associates. Sheridan tried to return to her old life, forgetting her pain and Luis. She went to church and prayed for help to forget about Luis and to have her pain eased.

However, shortly after arriving she recieved a call from Luis. He wanted to talk to her about Jean-Luc and believing that Luis was trying to interfere in her life, she hung up on him and instructed the switchboard not to put his calls through. It was the next day that Sheridan found Luis in Paris, looking for her. Unfortunately, Luis wasn't there to ask her forgiveness or to resume their relationship, he came to warn her that she could be in danger. Sheridan didn't want to hear this and she didn't want Luis intefering in her life. She left him and went to meet Jean-Luc at his country house. It was there that Sheridan learned that Jean-Luc was dead and that his killers wanted her dead too.

Sheridan attempted to escape by using her name, but Roger was undetered. Sheridan escaped from Pierre, only to be caught by Roger and taken to a shallow grave in the woods near the house. Again Sheridan escaped, only to be pursued by through the woods by the killers. Luis found Sheridan in the woods, fought with Roger and after Sheridan sprained her ankle, he bodily carried her to safety. They returned to her Paris Hotel room and started to fight, again. Roger and Pierre followed them to the hotel and the chase began. Out onto the ledge of the hotel, swinging on a cable into another room, a close call in the hallway, hiding in the airduct of a cleaning closet and Luis attacking a Policeman, thinking that he was one of the killers.

Luis again, became the Hero in her life. The French Police called Luis a hero and compared him to James Bond. I think he was more Indiana Jones myself. Once Luis and Sheridan's statements were taken, a police bodyguard was assigned to protect Sheridan, but Luis was not satisfied. This Drug Cartel killed nearly six out of ten witeness against them, even under police protection. Luis was very concerned about her safety and strongly urged Sheridan to leave Paris as soon as possible, perhaps even to return to Harmony. Sheridan refused to leave and Luis made preparations to return home without her. Sheridan gave Luis a quick tour of Paris before he left, during which there was an attempt to poison her, stopped by Luis. This occurred while she was under Police protection and set Luis on a drastic course of action.

Realising that Luis had left his plane ticket at the hotel, Sheridan rushed to the airport to give it to him. Once there, Luis again asked, encouraged, Sheridan to leave Paris and return to the States with him. Again, she refused and they went their seperate ways, but Sheridan didn't make it out of the airport. She was kidnapped and while unconcious placed on a plane. She awoke next to Luis midway into the flight home and was shocked and angered to learn that Luis had kidnapped her. They again, started to fight and Sheridan had Luis arrested upon touch down in Boston.

At the Boston Police Station, Luis and Sheridan continued to fight. The Boston Police watched their fighting with some bemusment, until Sheridan, in a fit of anger, signed the complaint against Luis. Then it was all business and Sheridan was treated coolly for her actions. Sheridan didn't understand that she couldn't just undo the complaint being filed / signed, make it all go away, just because she was sorry. The Boston scenes brought us Officer Tina, someone I would like to see return at some point in time and her commentary on Luis and Sheridan's relationship. Like, Sheridan was upset with Luis because he hadn't made love to her yet, comparing Luis and Sheridan's Paris adventures to the Romance Novel she was reading and (As if we could forget) the Legendary; "Look at the man, He's 'Sex on a Stick', Honey." description of Luis. Watching Sheridan turn all different shades of Red during this conversation was half of the fun. Followed by the Luis kissing Sheridan through the bars of the cell.

During this time Sheridan's pride and confusion made her easy prey for Hank's and Julian's manipulations. Hank lied to and manipulated Sheridan into leaving Boston without settling things with Luis. Later Julian did the same thing to keep Sheridan from contacting Luis and making peace with him. Julian then used the time that Sheridan's confusion bought him to make a deal with Luis, in Sam's presence, to eliminate the charges against him in exchange for Luis not seeking Sheridan out or attempting to renew their relationship. Luis and Sam believed that Julian's deal was what Sheridan wanted and for the continued welfare / well being of his family, Luis agreed to it.

In Paris and Boston we see a Sheridan torn in two. Part of her wants to have Luis in her life, to start over with him and have the Happy ending she desires. Then there is the independant part of her, the part that doesn't want to relequish control of her life again, to open herself to the pain that Luis caused her. Luis' presence in Paris, to protect her, to warn her of possible danger, goes against both sides of her. He's not there to beg her forgivness and start anew, but is instead there to take control of her life by protecting her against an unseen enemy, which she discovers to be very real. Luis' actions to protect Sheridan strip her of her independence, even up to his kidnapping her and only angers her only further. Sheridan again becomes childish in her behavior and acts without thinking by signing the complaint against Luis. She then lets others act for her, knowingly and unknowingly, allowing Hank, Julian and Alistair to interfer with her life and relationships once again. Sheridan continues to hide her pain and problems from those around her, especially Luis. She still refuses to tell him what she overheard and lets Julian to prevent any attempt at reconcilation between them.

The Bodyguard: Following her return to Harmony, Sheridan believed that the threat was over. She strolled through the streets of Harmony without concern. During this time, Antione came to Harmony, stalked her and killed Crystal, by accident, while attempting to kill Sheridan. After Crystal's death, Luis arrested Sheridan and insisted that she have a bodyguard. Sam Bennett agreed with Luis and Crane Industries assigned a bodyguard to her. Sheridan then ditched her bodyguard at the Crane cabin, only to be confronted by Antione. Before to killing Sheridan, Antione tried to rape her. Meanwhile Luis realised that Crystal had been wearing the same coat and scarf that Sheridan had been wearing, when she was killed. Luis and Sam rushed to the Crane cabin, Luis parachuted in and saved Sheridan from an injured Antione.

With Antione's arrest, the FBI was brought in on the case and they decided to assign a full time bodyguard, answerable only to them. Their choice was Luis. So Luis was assigned to Sheridan and moved in with her. Much to her displeasure. It was living in close quarters with the man the had hurt her the most and little privacy on either of their parts. Again, Sheridan saw Luis in the buff, not to mention the time she had a nightmare, ran screaming into Luis' arms before really waking up, only to find that she had interupted Luis' Shower. Then there was the time Luis caught Sheridan sunbathing topless.

Sheridan started to lavish her affections on others during this time. I posted about this behavior, calling it a Foolish Game. Sheridan tried to prove to Luis that she did not need him, or want him in her life. She ran off to the 4th of July Party, trying to ditch Luis, only to have him follow. She played up to Warren trying to make Luis jealous and danced a Tango with Warren to show that she didn't need Luis. But this antics backfired to some extent when Phoebe and several other women took more than a casual interest in Luis. Phoebe when after Luis, tricking him into a kiss and stayed close to him the entire time. That and Luis refused to raise to the bait and show jealousy. When Warren took her to Lover's Lane, Luis followed and scared off Warren.

It was at this time the second Hitman, took his shot and missed. Luis believing that they were in danger, led Sheridan and the Hitman on a wild chase through the woods and back to the car. Sheridan was less than pleased by this. But this was also the night that the Prom boat sank. Upon hearing the reports of the Prom boat being in trouble, Sheridan convinced Luis to go and find out what is going on. Hank watched over Sheridan while Luis searched for survivors. Sheridan, while alone with Pilar on the docks, admitted in unkwoningly that she loved Luis, while worrying about the ones she loved, Luis was the one mentioned.

Luis continued to treat Sheridan kindly, thoughtfully and considerately. While he may have teased her about her cooking skills, he shared what he had prepared with her. While they were stuck in the cottage together, because it was safer for her to stay there, Luis tried to make things better for her. He brought the slides she had given him of Spain and they had a slide show. The two of them fell asleep on the coach and started kissing in their sleep. Only to be woken up by Pilar. This was followed by Sheridan teaching Luis the Paso Doble.

Hank became Sheridan's backup bodyguard and Les entered the picture. He tried to force Hank to kill Sheridan, but when that failed. He gave him a choice. Either lead Sheridan to her death or watch his family die, one at a time. Eventually, Hank agreed and Sheridan, using the opportunity to escape the confines of the cottage, went to the warf, where Les tried to shoot Sheridan. But Hank pushed her out of the way and was hit himself. When Luis arrived on the scene, he made sure Sheridan was safe and then set out looking for the Hitman. Sheridan overheard where Luis was, where he had located the killer, and ran to him. Sheridan arrived at the warehouse, inadvertingly saving Luis' life and placing them both in jeopardy. Luis told Sheridan to run to safety, while he took on Les. However, instead of running Sheridan stayed and ended up killing Les to save Luis.

During this time, as Luis served as Sheridan's Bodyguard, he continue to be Luis. The Luis that she had fallen in love with. While he teased her from time to time, he continued to behave as the Gentleman he is. Sheridan continued to be torn about her feelings for Luis. She resented having Luis forced into her life once again, but she wanted him there as well. Just not, as her guard, not in a professional capacity. However, Luis remained the professional that he was, he was not interested in engaging in any romantic fantasies, especially when he believed that Sheridan didn't want him in her life. So she, in private, Flirted with Luis and then in public she Lavished her affections on others. While she wanted Luis to come after her, when she went to the party, when Luis chased off Warren, She wanted him to be there because he wanted her, loved her, not to be her guard. Then there was still the Faux-Luis incident. When Sheridan went after Luis, When she Killed Les, she did so because she loved Luis and was not willing to let Luis die, to be hurt, for her. She had decided that she did not want to live without him.

Facing the Past / Facing her fears. After killing Les, Sheridan saw his body laying under a bloody sheet. This brought back all of her nightmares of 'That Night'. Sheridan broke down and Luis offered her, his help, to help find out the truth of her past, her nightmares. First they talked about 'Than Night' and then they had Eve hypontise her to recall the events of that night. Sheridan did this, despite Ethan's opposition and the risk that Luis might hate her for her past deeds. While I know that Sheridan didn't recall all of what happened 'that night'. She remembered enough for Julian and Alistair to be scared and for Alistair to blackmail Eve to hide the truth. This brought to a close, for now, the mystery of 'That Night'.

Then Sheridan helped Luis deliver Pat's baby. This was a scary experience for Sheridan considering that Sheridan's mom suffered from complications from her birth. Sheridan was afraid that she would do something to hurt Pat or her baby. Despite this, Sheridan found the strenght and courage to help Luis deliver Pat's son 'Luis Sheridan'. Plus she got a taste of being a mother, while watching Pat's other kids. While it wasn't a total success for her, the kids survived the experience and so did Sheridan. Sheridan was a natural as she held the newborn child and talked with Luis about wanting children of her own one day.

It was after this, Sheridan finally confronted Luis about what she had heard him say on the warf. Luis denied it, of course, because he didn't do it. However, this was the first time that Sheridan and Luis actually talked about it and did so despite Julian's interference. This led to the, what many of us thought of as the Lame excuse / agreement, compromise of; Let's pretend it never happened and go from there. This resutled in the big romantic evening that Luis planned for Sheridan, them nearly making Love, just before she died.

It is at this time Sheridan stops running and starts facing her fears. She does so despite the protests of her family and with Luis' help. This is a stronger, less fragile, more assured Sheridan. This is the first time she really opens up to Luis, showing her fears, her weaknesses to him. She overcomes her pride and her pain to confront Luis about his actions. She risks everything, like losing Luis' love and her freedom, to confront the secrets her nightmares hold concerning 'That Night'. This is a much different Sheridan than the one who worked in the Youth Center, Who smashed into Luis' police car, twice, who swore that she would not let Luis see any sign of weakness. Sheridan has grown stronger, better and is able to open herself up to others more fully.

Sheridan's Death. Overall, I do not like this story about Sheridan faking her death, especially since there are so any flaws with it. In some ways, I see Sheridan's particpation in this plan as a regression on the part of her personality. I could see the Sheridan of the Youth Center doing this, because it excluded Luis. This was motivated by a desire to prove herself worthy of Luis' Love. Something the Youth Center Sheridan would do. It is also something the Sheridan of the Luis' arrest would do, because she allowed Hank to talk her into doing this, allowed Hank, Hal and Eve overrule her concerns, concerns about the coffin and about Luis.

What are the after effects of this going to be? How is this going to effect her relationship with Luis? I wrote the Post, "I hate to be a wet Blanket, Tho Sher is a live, Shuis maybe dead" explaining my concerns about the this Faked Death plan. How it could destroy Shuis. Or how it should be a major obstacle to their relationship, because of the breech of trust with Luis and the CRUEL and intentional manipulation of his emotions that this plan required. Then there is the fact that Sheridan was concious when they closed the coffin and buried her. She was awake for the whole thing and she's claustrphobic. Sheridan should have some serious emotional problems after this as well. The question is, will we see any of this. Which is doubtable considering some of the writing on this show. Will we see the appearance of a reoccuring character or like a Physchologist for Sheridan to see and to treat her.?

What are we going to see with Sheridan next? How is her personality and her relationships going to be effected, changed in the coming weeks and months? Only JER knows what's coming next.

As I said at the begining of this post. this is my attempt at explaining who Sheridan is and how she has changed overtime. Overall, Sheridan Crane is a better person, a stronger person then she was at the start of the show. Despite the appearent weakening of her character, she has overcome many of her fears and flaws or begun to do so by facing them.

Please feel free to pick this apart. Tell me that I'm wrong and why. Tell me who you think Sheridan is and how she has changed? For the Better or for the worse or both? Tell me... What Do You Think?