Luis vs. Theresa (a repost)
 by Articman on 10/1/2000:

A couple of months ago I posted a comparsion of Luis and Theresa. In it I compared their
adittudes, actions, intentions and relationships. This post really explains why I am not a Theresa
fan, but Love and wholeheartedly support Luis' relationship with Sheridan. Keep in mind that this
was written back in June/July and a lot has happened since then, but the premise is still sound. (This was also posted on the mainboard last night.)
Luis vs. Theresa

Many of us were suprised by Pilar's reaction to finding Luis, in his boxers, in Sheridan's
bedroom. Her, "Oh God" was a understated response compared to her practicly dragging
Theresa out of Ethan's room. Pilar opposes Theresa pursuing Ethan and yet supports Luis'
relationship with Sheridan. I don't know why so many of you are suprised by this, but you are. A
simple comparsion between Luis and Theresa's attitudes will explain everything....

The Cranes:

Luis: The Cranes are evil people. They are responsible for Martin's disappearance. They do not
care about anyone but themselves. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds need to stay away from them, far, far
away. Since meeting and getting to know Sheridan, Luis has begun judging them upon their
actions and not a blanket condemation. He still distrusts the Cranes and with good reason, given
Julian's actions this past year alone.

Theresa: The Cranes are the greatest. They live such wonderful lives and can do no wrong.
Working for Ivy this past year has not changed this view. Luis cannot prove to Theresa that the
Cranes are not basicly good people. Nor can Pilar. Theresa is oblivious to Julians lechery,
manipulations and treachery.


Luis: Marriage is no fairytale. "Happily Ever After" doesn't exist. Just look at Mama and Papa.
Papa left us, or was taken from us. A marriage between people from different social classes is
even more difficult. A person from one class isn't going to be readily accepted in the spouse's
social class. A marriage takes work and commitment from both parties to work and stay strong
and to last.

Theresa: Ethan is going to marry me and everything is going to be great. We are going to live
Happily Ever After. The Cranes are going to welcome me with open arms, as are all of their
friends and associates. My marriage to Ethan is going to be wonderfull and last for ever.


Luis: Doesn't believe in 'Love at First Sight', at least not for him. Even though he and Sheridan
sparked from the first time their eyes met. Love is something that grows and becomes stronger
as two people get to know each other. Love alone is not enough for happiness.

Theresa: Love will make everything alright. It transcends good and evil, social class status, rich
and poor. Love is all you need to be happy.

Pursuing the relationship:

Luis: While Luis did not actively seek to be a part of Sheridan's life, circumstances forced the
two of them together. During these times Luis came to understand, appreciate and respect
Sheridan as a person. When he decided to explore the possiblity of a relationship and his
growing feelings for her, Luis asked Sheridan out on dates. They, both Luis and Sheridan, used
these dates to get to know each other better and became closer. When Sheridan broke off the
relationship, Luis tried to respect her wishes and keep his distance. Their contact was kept to a
minimum and mostly 'Official' in nature. Even now, if it wasn't for the fact he is Sheridan's
bodyguard, Luis would not seek out Sheridan unless he had too. He will respect, what he
believes her wishes to be and stay away.

Theresa: Fate will bring us together. Ethan is going to fall in Love with me and marry me.
Theresa has intentionally sought a place in Ethan's life. She disguised herself in order to be
close to him, repeatedly snuck into his room and used her job with Ivy to be with him. She has
been very open in discussing her feelings with Ethan and invited him to share his feelings with
her, creating an emtional bond between them. All of this done with the intent of getting Ethan to
Love her. Theresa has no intention of staying away from Ethan, even if he asked her to.


Luis: Luis has been honest with Sheridan about his feelings concerning her family. While he isn't
so upfront about his own feelings for her, he isn't sure of what they are and is confused. Luis has
been about his intenetions. Even going so far as to ask her help in finding out what her family
had to do with Martin's disapearance. Not to say he was right to do this, but at least he asked
her and didn't use her. All in all, Luis has been honest with Sheridan throughout their

Theresa: While Theresa has tried to tell Ethan her true feelings for him on several occasions,
only to fail because he didn't hear her or wasn't there. Theresa has lied to Ethan repeatedly. She
lied about having a boyfriend, about why Luis doesn't want her near the Cranes and about her
motives and intentions. Theresa hasn't just decieved Ethan and his Family in her pursuit of
Ethan, but her family and most importantly herself. Theresa has deliberately miss reads Ethan's
actions to fit her version of reality. These Lies and deceptions are right because Ethan falling in
love with her will make everything right in the world.

Rivals for Affection:

Luis: Hank has declared his intent to court and eventually marry Sheridan. Luis is not interested
in hurting his friend, but if Sheridan is interested in Luis, than Hank has a fight on his hands. Luis
isn't going do anything underhanded to get Sheridan, but he isn't going to just stand back and let
Hank have her either. If Sheridan breaks it off with Luis, then he'll try to respect her wishes and
stay away.

Theresa: Theresa has never given Gwen a chance. Gwen is the enemy. Theresa has tried to
portray Gwen as some sort of spoiled rich bitch and tried to get her to act that way. Once,
Theresa even tripped a waiter to get Gwen to loose her temper. Theresa has pushed forward and
pushed hard to get Ethan to Love her since Gwen has accepted Ethan's proposal. Theresa
doesn't want E1than to marry Gwen and I honestly don't see Theresa giving up once Ethan is
married either.


Luis: Luis has discussed his relationship with Sheridan repeatedly with Pilar. From the we can't
stand each other / She's driving me nuts stage, to the we may have something going on here
stage, to the what did I do to hurt her / Sheridan slapped me and broke it off stage, to the what
am I doing here stage. Luis has asked for Pilar's advice, support and understanding concerning
Sheridan and his feelings for her. Pilar has been well aware of how this relationship has
progressed and been shaping up. When Luis believed that Sheridan was in danger, Pilar was
aware of this. She encouraged Luis to go and warn Sheridan and supported his decision to go.
When Luis and Sheridan went to New Mexico to find Martin, Luis didn't tell her they were going,
because he didn't plan on going until he caught Sheridan going there. However, when it became
clear that they would be there overnight he called home and left a message telling Pilar what was
going on. Now, when Luis was arrested in Boston, he didn't call Pilar but Sam Bennett instead.
This he did because he didn't want her to worry and because Sam was in a better position to
help him. Luis has respected Pilar and her wishes, he has listened to her and doesn't want to
hurt her.

Theresa: Theresa has disobeyed Pilar. She took the job with Ivy against Pilar's express wishes.
She has repeatedly refused to listen to Pilar, concerning the Cranes, concerning Gwen, and
especially concerning Ethan. Theresa is openly defiant of Pilar when it comes to Ethan and her
pursuit of him. She has lied to Pilar on several occasions about what she was doing. Then you
have the trip to Bermuda, Theresa went there without telling Pilar where she was going. Pilar
learned about the trip from Ivy long after she had left, but Theresa was on the phone to Whitney
repeatedly throughout the trip. Theresa does not care about the pain, the sorrows and the grief
that her prusuit of Ethan has brought into Pilars life.

Relationships with others / Past Romances:

Luis: Clearly Luis has the advantage here. He is ten years older than Theresa with extensive
dating experience. Beth Wallace is an old girl friend and at one time he might of married her.
Luis has dated other people and been open to relationships with women over the years.

Theresa: Theresa has dreamt of only Ethan Crane. He is the only man that she is interested in.
Theresa has never opened herself up to a relationship with anyone else. Sure she let Eve set her
and Whitney up with dates once, but she turned down a date with Chuck. Chuck Wilson, a friend
of Whitney's, expressed an interest in getting to know Theresa and she turned him down.
Theresa has no boyfriends, past or present, and no desire for one anytime soon, unless it's

Looking at this comparison Luis and Theresa. Is it any wonder why Pilar supports Luis being
involved with Sheridan instead of Theresa being involved with Ethan? It isn't just about Luis being
older and more mature. Nor is it about the Cranes being dangerous people for her children to be
invovled with. One of Pilar's children is pursuing a relationship, a healthy, growing, honest
relationship with a good person. The other is pursuing a foolish fantasy, a relationship that is not
honest, not healthy and very destructive to a good person, their relationships with others and
their happiness.

Which do you think is which?
Which one would you support if you were Pilar?
What do you think of all of this?