Martin Fitzgerald Case file........
by Articman on  8/14/2000:

Martin Fizgerald
Parents: Unkown, Status: Unkown
Siblings: Unknown, Status: Unkown
Spouse: Pilar Lopez Fitzgerald, Status: Living in Harmony
Son: Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald, Status: Missing
Son: Luis Lopez Fitzgerald, Status: Living in Harmony
Daughter: Palmora Lopez Fitzgerald, Status: Living with Aunt Maria
Daughter: Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald, Status: Living in Harmony
Son: Miguel Lopez Fitzgerald, Status: Living in Harmony
Date of Birth: Appox. 50 yrs ago
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Marriage: Appox. 30 yrs ago
Place of Marriage: Harmony, In Saint Mary of Margarets Church
Places of Residence: The Cottage on the Crane Estate; appox. 10 years
      The current Lopez-Fitzgerald house; unknown, less than a year, if at all.

Job Skills: Auto mechanic,
Job History: Harmony Auto-Body shop
      Crane Industries

Hobbies: Fishing,

Goals: Dream House on island in Harmony Cove / Bay
      Retire to New Mexico
      Dream Cruise and tour of Spain with Pilar

Distingushing Marks: Scar behind Right ear

Described as: A Man who lived the 10 Commandments; Alistair Crane
      A good and honest man who loved his family; Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald
      A Stand up kind of guy, a family man, an honest man; Sam Bennett

Little is known about Martin's family, where they come from, who they are, even if any of them are still alive. This leaves Martin's past and Heritage wide open to speculation. He could be from a wealthy family or a poor one. Noble blood or a commoner. We do not know when, where and how he and Pilar met and fell in love. Pilar and Martin could have had a intensely Passionate courtship that makes Luis and Sheridan appear cold. We do know that he and Pilar were married in Harmony, in Saint Mary of Margarets Church some 30+ years ago. That he and Sam Bennett were friends, their wives are friends and they raised their families together.

Martin loved his family and wanted them to succeed and to have the best. In Luis' memories about his father, Martin was loving and supportive of him and wanted him to excell. Martin didn't care about the money it cost to send Luis to baseball camp or that they had just purchased a new house. He would find the money, somehow. We have only seen Martin through Luis' eyes, not Pilar's, Theresa's or Miguel's. What we do see, is a man that loves his wife, loves his family and wants the best for them.

Martin's work habits and ethics are pretty much traditional. While it is not clear what Martin did for Crane Industries, he worked on the floor of the factory and was in a postion to embezzle money. Martin loved working on cars, he taught Luis how to repair cars. He worked nights and weekends in a local Autobody shop for extra money. He worked extra shifts at Crane Industries as well. This implies that he was more than willing to work long and hard for everything he owned and everything that he gave his family.

Given his mechanical background, the fact that Julian said that he had talked to Martin on the Factory floor and that Martin was in a position to embezzle funds. I would say that Martin was in maintenance, repairing and maintaining the Factory's equipment and machinery. This would place him on the floor and if he was in a leadership position, access to accounts for parts. It would also make use of his mechanical skills and knowledge. Where Martin got thses skills, is unknown, except that they were not learned in the Military because he was never in the Military. This is according to Luis when they were trying to verify the dead Martin's idenity and why they couldn't use fingerprints for the ID.

Martin's mechanical skills may have placed him at odds with the Cranes. When discussing the Martin imposter, I have advanced the idea that the Faux Martin was needed to turn over, sell control of something to the Cranes. I said property, perhaps. SHUIS Fan brought up patents and patent rights. Martin could have designed a new part for the factory machinery, which sped up the work and lasted longer, or an innovation for the assembly line, perhaps even a new machine used in the factory. Something that he did on his own time and presented to the Cranes for use in the factory. However, Martin filed for a patent on it before presenting it to them. Which meant that he retained the patent rights and not the Cranes or Crane Industries. This is just a thought, just a possiblity.

At some point in his life, Martin visited or lived in New Mexico. It was his dream to retire there with Pilar someday. The way Luis described New Mexico to Sheridan, the way he described how Martin talked about it. It is clear that Martin been there before. I wonder if the Fuax Martin bought that fishing cabin or if the real Martin did a long time ago. It is possible that Martin has also been to Spain at one time as well. He was planning to go there with Pilar one day and dance the Paso Dablo with her. Pilar is obviously from Spain and the possiblity that Martin met her there is a good one. The only real question about this is, why Martin was there and what was he doing. Then, there is the Dream house on the island. According to Miguel, Martin planned to buy the island and rebuild the house there. To build a dream house for him and his family.

Martin moved his family into a new house at about the time he disappeared. The mortgage is in his name. Alistair kicked the Lo-Fitzs out of the cottage in order to remodel it into a playhouse for Sheridan. This could have occurred prior to 'That Night'. Perhaps, shortly after Mrs. Crane died. This would have allowed for them to move into the new house and explain why the mortgage is in Martin's name. While putting all of this in the same time frame as 'That Night' and Martin disappearing. Luis could be mistaken as to the exact timing of the move and his father's disappearance, because they were so close together in time and he was a kid when it happened.

The Cruise to Spain, the retirement to New Mexico, the new house and the Dream house all take money. This is why Luis was open to the accusation that Martin was stealing to support his family. We know that Pilar was working for Ivy and Martin was working for Crane Industries and at the autobody shop. With the move to the new house, money would have been tight and the temptation was there. By the way, the money that had been saved for the Dream house and or the Cruise may have been used to finance the new house instead.

The night before Martin disappeared, he recieved a phone call from Alistair Crane. What it is about is not known at this time. Julian, when confronted with the call claimed that Alistair wanted to see Martin about descripencies in the books for Martin's division. He then told Luis that Martin had been caught embezzling money from the company and ran off to avoid prosecution. Luis doesn't know if this is true or not, but he doesn't really believe it. He overheard the phone call and knows that Martin was upset, angry, scared by it. The next day he went off to work and was never seen or heard from again.

As to the timing of the Martin's disappearance and 'That Night' occuring at the same time. We got that from Ivy. Ivy remembers finding Pilar in the pantry one day, crying over Martin's disappearance. Ivy remembers this day being right after Sheridan was sent to Paris, with in days of Sheridan being sent to Paris. Ivy, like Luis, could have the timing of these events wrong. I doubt it though.

All that is known about Martin after his disappearance is that an Imposter took on his idenity and lived in New Mexico for the past fifteen years. That Julian tried to creamate the imposter's body without Pilar's permission or knowledge. That the Faux Martin could physically past for Martin, right down to his scars. That the Faux Martin knew Julian Crane on sight and had his private number.

Beyond this, we know nothing about the true fate of Martin Fitzgerald. We do not know why an imposter was needed or what he did for the Cranes. We do not know what happened to Martin or why it happened to him. There are a lot of gaps in here. Please feel free to fill them in as best as you can. Or to correct any errors on my part. I want to know.

What do you think?