Pilar certainly is Jaded
by Articman on 3/6/2001:

After all of those years of working for the Cranes.
After raising a daughter like Theresa and putting up with her antics these past 20 some months.

Having a son, Miguel, who is constantly risking his life to save his girlfriend.

Having Luis, who is a cop and all of the stress that brings into her life.

A Husband who disappeared and her eldest son who left home years ago. Plus a daughter who
lives with relatives.

With all of this going on in her life, in her past. Is it any wonder that a Portal to Hell holds no
terrors for her. Eve, TC, Ivy, Julian, Sam and Ethan would run screaming when confronted by
this, a look into Hell. While Grace would try to embrace the souls of the damned, or try to
convince them to move their portal to another closet, Like IVY'S, because they're making a mess
in her house.

Pilar seems to be totally un-intimidated by this sight. If the souls of the Damned came charging
out at her, she would just scold them until they returned to Hell without her. Hey, she has gotten
alot of practice scolding Ivy and Theresa these past 20 months, so the Souls of the Damned
would be no match for her.

With all that has been happening and happened in her Life, Pilar is so Jaded that Hell itself holds
no terrors for her. Atleast it seems that way.

What do you think?