Poor Gwen......
 by Articman

Gwen is a wonderful character stuck in really poor storylines.
First she has a fiancee the ends a ten years relationship the night before their wedding, for a delusional girl. Then she is stuck following the jerk around hoping that he'll realise what a big mistake he made and run back to her, so she can marry a man that is totaly unworthy of her love and devotion.

Then she is sucked into her mother's world schemeing, deceptions, backstabbing and manipulations. Helping her mother dump her father, seduce a married man, break up his marriage, so that her mother can marry a rutting pig like Julian Crane. All in hopes of getting Ethan reinstated as a Crane so that she can marry him.

Now she has been dragged down to Bermuda. Where she learns that the only friend that she had on the show is dead. Gwen is relegated to being a piece of furniture with only a couple of lines each day. They are good lines, but not enough to justify her being there. While all of this is going on... Her mother is making a fool of herself, being as tacky and tasteless as she can possibly be, trying to get Julian to the altar right away.

It is just not a good time to be Gwen Hotchkiss. Period.

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