How I would like to see the Sheridan's Death story wrapped up.
 by Articman on 12/9/2000:

I don't know about you, but so far I'm a little disappointed with the Sheridan's Death story. Part of this is how the story has been overshadowed by the Ethan & Theresa show. I once posted about how I wanted to see Luis' wrath, to see Luis go after Roger and Pierre with a vengence. Yet except for Luis trying to dismember Pierre with his bare hands, in the church. We have seen none of this. Luis has been too occupied with other things to go after Roger and Pierre. In all fairness, he needed to be at the funeral and to mourn Sheridan, but I could have done without him having to learn about Ethan & Theresa at this time.
With Sheridan's Death, Luis could become reckless in his pusuit of Roger and Pierre. He could no longer cares what happens to him, just so long as he brings them to Justice. Not that he no longer wants to live, just that he doesn't care if he live or dies.

With Roger and Pierre holding Hank, Hal and Eve hostage and intending to take them on a short, one way boat trip. I could see Sam and Luis learning that Eve is missing and or Hal and Hank, with the trail leading them to the wharf. They get there just in time to see Roger or Pierre forcing one of their captives below the deck of the boat. There is an exchange of gun fire in which Pierre is hit and falls to the deck, but the boat pulls out. Luis seeing the man who ordered Sheridan's murder getting away, runs down the dock and jumps aboard the boat as it pulls away.

Once on board, Luis struggles with a couple of henchmen as the boat races out to sea. Sam, TC, Ethan, whoever is with him, jumps aboard the Harmony Police boat and gives chase. Luis overcomes the henchmen and tries to take control of the boat. He and Roger fight and the fight moves out onto the deck, while the boats runs out of control. During this fight, Pierre, who has been injured takes aim at Luis as he and Roger fights and fires. Luis is hit by the pistol fire and he is thrown overboard by the impacts, but not before he pulls Roger over with him.

Seriously wounded, Pierre takes control of the boat and turns it around to search for Roger. Meanwhile Sam and company, closes with the Police boat. They catch up with the getaway boat and capture Pierre and the other Henchmen, freeing Hank, Hal and Eve. It is now that Sam and Ethan? learn that Sheridan is still alive. Also they learn that Luis went overboard after being shot. Sam calls back on the radio and sends men to the graveyard to save Sheridan, while they search for Luis.

After hitting the water, Luis and Roger continue to fight, but Luis subcomes to his injuries and slips under the waves. Roger treads water until Sam and company finds him and arrests him. As Luis sinks to the bottom, he has a vision. The Little Angel comes to him and tells him to fight for his life, not to give up, that he has something to live for. That happiness for him has not been lost. She does not tell him that Sheridan is alive, but encourages him to live, to fight for his life.

Luis flashs back to his family, friends and memories of Sheridan. He finds something to live for and struggles to the surface. When he reaches the surface, he is to far away to be see or hear the search effort to locate him and starts to swim to shore. Somehow, Luis makes it to shore before his injuries and the cold kill him. He then struggles to find help for his injuries and flags down a car. The driver takes him to the nearest Hospital, which does not have to be in Harmony. Luis is too far gone to identify himself and has lost his identification while swimming to safety and is admitted as John Doe. The Doctors and Nurses treating him don't recognise him either. The initial report to the police is a Jonh Doe, victim of an Armed Robbery / Mugging, stripped of all valuables, beaten, shot and dumped into the bay. Suffering from multible Gun shots, contussions and hypothermia. Prognosis poor. Luis is rushed into surgery.

Meanwhile, Sheridan is rescued, in the nick of time. As she recovers from her ordeal, Sam comes in and breaks the news that Luis is lost at sea and presumed to be dead. He recounts what happened aboard the boat, during the chase. How Luis, with little or no regard for his own safety, single handedly tried to take Roger and Pierre down. How Luis was shot and fell overboard, dragging Roger with him. How they found Roger, but not Luis. And How the search for Luis was continuing but they didn't have much hope.

Sheridan is Heartbroken at this news. Believing that her death drove Luis to these reckless acts, Sheridan blames herself for his apparent death. Hank believing the samething, blames himself as well. They get to go through, what they intentionally put Luis through. Eve and Hal also blame themselves for their part in the plan.

Sam goes to see Pilar and tells her that Luis maybe dead. Theresa is oblivious to what is going on and pines for Ethan. While Miguel seeks comfort in Charity's arms. Grace comes with Sam and stays with Pilar while Sam returns to the search.

It can be a couple of days before Luis regains conciousness and he could be in surgery for a very long time. Like six to eight hours, if not longer. So the doctors and nurses working on Luis would not know about the missing and presumed dead Police officer until after the surgery is over. So it would be sometime before Sam is able to id Luis.

If it is the Harmony Hospital that Luis is taken to, Eve could be asked to consult on a John Doe recovering from surgery and walks into the ICU to find Luis laying there, unconcious. That would be a great scene. If it is not the Harmony Hospital that Luis is taken to, then Sam could be notifed about the John Doe Armed Robbery / Mugging vitctim that is laying in the Hospital's ICU. He could go there to get the finger prints for identification and walk into the ICU to find the unconious Luis Laying there. This too would be a great scene.

Or Luis could just lay there, unidentified, until he regains conciousness. When he does, he tries to contact Sam and or Pilar. These Phone calls, are something to watch as well. Sam gets a call from a man that he believes to be dead. Pilar gets a call from her dead son, Luis. These calls could take place after a memorial ceremony for Luis, believed to be dead. Still believing that Sheridan is dead Luis is suprised when she rushs into his hospital room and starts begging his forgiveness, kissing him, hugging him and crying.

Now this would be a great way to bring this story to a close, to bring it full cirlce. It certainly would be better than the way it seems to be going. Not to take away from Timmy saving Sheridan.

What do you think?
How would you bring this story to a close?