Sheridan's Death..... Was it Live or Memorex?
 by Articman on 11/20/2000:

Since Hank shot Sheridan and she was prounced dead, there has been a lot of speculation as to
whether or not this was a FBI set up, to fake out the Drug Cartel. Both sides of this arguement
make some good points for their theories and stands. There are somethings that point to it being
a set up. Then there are things that say it isn't.
Reasons that it could be a set up.

1. The FBI authorizing Sam to Change Sheridan's Bodyguard, relieving Luis. Doing this would
clear Luis of responsiblilty when she died, because he was no longer assigned to the case.

2. Hank's mystery conversation on the Warf. Was it Pierre that he was talking to, or someone
else, Like Agent Freeman. If it wasn't Pierre that he was talking to then it could have been a set

3. Agent Freeman taking Luis to Quantico that night and not waiting until the morning. This
removed Sheridan from Luis' protection. It also should have relieved Luis from responsiblity for
Sheridan's death when the set up took place.

4. The time gap between Hank and Pierre leaving the Cottage and Sheridan's body and Luis
discovering her. We do not know how big of a time gap this is. It could have been long enough for
the FBI to switch Sheridan with a dead body double, or for Sheridan to be drugged into a
deathlike coma.

5. The Odd looks Agent Freeman kept giving Hank. Perhaps they share a secret concerning
Sheridan's death.

Reasons for Sheridan's Death to be real.

1. Luis' instincts. If it was a set up, Luis would not have had a 'BAD' feeling about Sheridan. He
did and acting on that instinct, he discovered Sheridan's body.

2. Pierre's presence at the murder. Pierre being there brought a unacceptable degree of danger
to the situation if it was a set up. What was there to stop Pierre from delivering a Coup-De-Gras'
by shooting Sheridan himself, with his own gun, or in the head. There was no way to control the
risk to Sheridan with Pierre being there. A Set up would have minimzed any Risk to Sheridan.

3. Hank's past. In order for Hank to part of the Set up. He would have to be with FBI, or another
Federal Agency. Otherwise, how do you explain his involvement with Les and letting Les take
that shot at Sherdian. Plus, he wouldn't realy be that concerned about his past and the
consequences of it coming out. No. Hank did something(s) in his past that were very illegal and
is wanted for them, just not under the name Bennett.

4. The Death scene. Sheridan's death was too drawn out for it to have been faked. Her begging
Hank to call an amublance and then struggling to reach the phone and Answer Luis' call. This is
too elaborate for a set up. The key to a success full set up is to keep the execution of it as
simple as possible.

It should have gone like this: Hank shoots Sherdian, she falls down, a pool of blood forms under
her, around her, Sheridan gasps a couple of times and then she dies. This would take place
where there would be a means to keep Pierre from checking or checking too closly Sheridan's

5. Sheridan is a Crane. The Crane Family is too promiment to be playing games with Sheridan's
safety. If anything goes wrong and she dies, there will be hell to pay. For Agent Freeman, his
Supervisor, Luis, Chief Bennett and the Harmony PD. This is too high profile of a case and
Family for a set up to be used. Unless, Alistair Crane agreed to it, and so did Sheridan.

6. The emotional fallout is too great. Sheridan is no fool and has learned the hard way that there
are somethings that you just can't make go away by wishing it. For Example, when she pressed
kidnapping charges against Luis. She was shocked that she couldn't just make them go away
and nearly destroyed Luis' career and reputation by pressing the Charges.

If Sheridan plays dead, as a part of an FBI set up, she would be doing so at great cost to her
family and to Luis. Sheridan would have too know that her Death would be devastating to Luis, to
Ethan and to Pilar. The Three people that she is closest to in the whole world. In the face of that,
do you think that she would agree to playing dead? Doing this hurts too many people and greatly
hurts those she is closest to.

7. The aftermath of her death. Sheridan knows how her family would respond to her death. She
knows that Ethan, Alistair and Julian would hold Luis responsible for her death and the lenegths
they would go to punish him and others, like Sam Bennett. Sheridan is not blind to what her
family is capable of. Unlike Ethan, who was sheltered by Ivy, from certain aspects of the family's
activities and inclinations. So, Unless Alistair was in on the set up, Sherdian would not agree to
doing it. Otherwise, she knows that her family would destroy Luis and other good people in the
wake of her death.

I can probably come out with more for each side of the arguement. However, I do not think that it
was a set up. The circumstances surrounding her death do not point to it being a set up. At least
not for me. Not with the reasons that I have listed. My Theory that it could just be that shock
from her injuries made it look like she was dead went out the window with autopsy. So unless it
is an very elaborate and ill-advised set up, Sheridan is dead.

I think that Luis is day-dreaming, imagining a reunion with Sheridan. Because, if it was a set up.
Sheridan would not be wandering the docks of Harmony looking for Luis. She wouldn't even be in
Harmony, she would be in Castleton, or on her way to Boston, but she would be in some sort of
safehouse and under constant guard. Otherwise, the whole set up would be blown the instant
someone recognised her.

I am NOW leaning towards Sheridan being returned to life by supernatural means, like the Angel
Girl. Then by it being a set up.

What do you think?