Ethan: How could something so Right... Go so wrong?
by Articman on 8/13/2001:

Only Ethan could have asked such a stupid question... Made such a stupid comment. As he did today. While talking about how Theresa had run off to Bermuda, trying to make things right for him. He said this to Chad and Whitney.
This is a perfect example of how slanted this show's writing is in favor of Theresa. Ethan remains clueless of Theresa's true nature eventhough he has seen enough of it in the past. How with Theresa it's all or nothing, If you don't love me.... I can't live or I'll run away to another country. How Theresa had him worried for the well being of his family during the stalker phase of their relationship. How during this time Ethan thought she needed professional help.

Then you have Chad, who not only was repeatedly warned by Whitney about Theresa's mental state and witnessed it first hand on more then one occasion. Being suprised by Theresa's actions. He has forgotten his part in sabotaguing Gwen and Ethan's relationship. His encouragement to Theresa to stab Gwen in the back.

We have Whitney who has conviently forgotten her part in Theresa's long campiagn to win Ethan's heart. How she supported Theresa's lies and lied to Luis for Theresa. How she helped Theresa get and keep her job with Ivy Crane, against Pilar's expressed wishes. Lying to Frank Lomax to conceal Theresa's identity and prevent her from being exposed as Ethan's stalker. (I think that Ivy never did learn that Theresa was the one stalking Ethan.)

Considering all of the lies. All of the manipulations. All of the betrayals. The extreme and often delusional mental states of Theresa's personality. Only Ethan could call his relationship with Theresa as being 'Right'. Because there was so very little right with it from the very begining and it has only gotten worse with each passing day.

For this question to be posed about this relationship. the writers must be extremely high on something or are engaging in some "Gallows Humor".

What do you think?