Tea Leaf Readings
 by Articman on  1/7/2001:

A couple of weeks ago, Tabitha read Theresa's, Pilar's and Grace's tea leaves. Theresa and Pilar in front of most of the Bennett Clan and Miguel. Grace in the backyard as Tabitha was leaving. Here's what she said for each reading and my thoughts on it.
Theresa: Tabitha saw Theresa in a church, the whole town was there and everyone was crying. At first, they thought it was a funeral, but Tabitha said it was a wedding. Theresa's wedding. Tabby saw all of the men who were on the rescue mission there, but couldn't see Eve. (At this time, Eve was drowning after being thrown overboard with TC swimming to her rescue.) At Pilar's and Grace's insistance, Tabby stopped this reading. But later, when Theresa came to her, Tabitha told Theresa she saw her in Church wearing a veil, which Theresa took to be a part of her wedding gown. After Theresa left, Tabitha commented that you wear veils at funerals too.

My thoughts: Tabitha saw more than one thing in Theresa's Tea Leaves. She saw Theresa's wedding to Ethan and a Funeral in her tea leaves. The Funeral could be Martin's after Luis discovers / proves that Martin is dead. Or it could Luis', after Alistair and Julian have him killed. Or it could be Pilar's funeral, after she is killed in an accident, an accident meant for Luis. There are so many possiblities here, including Miguel being killed by Charity, Hecuba or in the cross fire between Charity/Hecuba/Tabitha. Remember, Theresa looked only for good news, good things from Tabitha's reading, while Tabitha saw both good and bad.

Pilar: When reading Pilar's Tea Leaves, Tabitha saw a man coming to her house. A man that Pilar loved and missed very much eventhough it had been a long time, years, since she last saw him. That he would soon return into her life. This led to Theresa believing that the man was Martin or Antonio, returning home. Which was happy news to Theresa and disconcerting to Pilar.

My thoughts: While it could very well be that it is Martin that Tabitha saw returning to Pilar. This especially since advance spoilers say that the Martin storyline is going to be revisited very soon. It is also possible that it is Antonio that Tabitha saw, returning home to Harmony opening up some more possible storylines and Romantic entanglements.

Another possiblity is that the man Tabitha saw was an old flame of Pilar's, someone that she had a love affair with and possibly fathered one or more of her children. This could explain Palmona's abscence. This man being anyone, including old Alistair. But this is just a bunch of wishful thinking on the parts of many posters. It would make an interesting story but would seriously detract from the Pilar that we know and Love.

There is one more possiblity. That the man that Tabitha saw coming into Pilar's home is someone from her family. The way he was described by Tabitha, he could be a husband, Martin, a son, Antonio, or a relative of hers, like a brother, a uncle, a father, or even a Grandfather. This would certainly stir things up for Pilar, especailly if there is something that she is hiding about her past and her family. I have kicked around and posted the theory that Pilar could be of noble birth and or from a rich and powerful family, herself. That she ran away to be with the man she loved, Martin Fitzgerald. I do find the possiblity that it is a member of her family, a brother or her father to be more likely and enjoyable than it being a past lover of hers. But it is most likely some sort of return by Martin that we are going to see.

Grace: This was the shortess of the three and most obvious. Tabitha saw a man long abscent from the house coming into her life. Grace believed that this man is Noah, but with Ethan's paternity coming out, everything points to it being Ethan.

My thoughts: Tabby was seeing Ethan coming into the Bennett House. Because Ivy withheld his paternity from Sam, he can be considered as being long abscent from the Bennett Home. This is the most obvious and likely outcome of what Tabby was seeing.

The other possiblities include, that it is Noah finaily coming home, at least for a visit. That it could be someone from Grace's past. An old flame, true love, returning to her life, discovering a woman that he long thought dead is still alive and wanting to win her love once again. A husband that believed that she was dead and she had forgotten with the first 20 years of her life. Or even a long lost son, raised in foster homes or adopted by a good family, come searching for his long lost mother. All of these are possiblities and could make for good storylines, but I believe that it was Ethan that Tabitha saw and was talking about.

After Tabby had left, Grace and Pilar had an short but interesting conversation. It was about how we had to be careful when looking into the future, because by knowing aspects of it could change it for you or could make you seek that and ignore what really is your future. Theresa is an excellent example of this, she took Fortune Teller Tabby's perdictions/visions of the future and made them come true for her, ignoring all other possiblities, like a relationship / Friendship with Chuck.

Now I may have overlooked some aspects and finer points of Tabby's perdictions / Readings, but I believe that I covered them all. Some are pretty certain to happen, like Grace's man being Ethan and others we're just going to have to wait and see. Like Pilar's man, may or may not be Martin. There is one thing that we must remember, Tabby was giving the sugar coated versions of what she saw, what she had seen were not nessecarily going to be happy events for the woman, or would bring many pains and sorrows into their lives. She even told Timmy this, that if she had told them what she had seen, that they would not be so Happy. So fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

These are my thoughts about the Tea Leaf Readings.

What are yours?

What do you think?