The Memorial Service... today
 by Articman

Ignoring the unmitigated tastelessness of Rebecca showing up in a wedding dress and Black veil. This Memorial Service had me just shaking my head in disbelief.
Theresa shows up in yet another outfit, (how many does this make it for this trip) that is tastefull. Chad has changed into a Black Shirt, no tie wearing it as if he is going clubing later. Whitney's top to her outfit looks like a top she wears while playing tennis.

Julian is apologising to Sheridan and then Rebecca confronts him yet again, pushing for an immediate marriage. ( I just wish Julian would set a date and tell Rebecca to take it or leave it. {We'll get married one month from today and not a moment sooner, or we won't get married at all.})It's amazing that everybody and their uncles don't know that Julian killed Sheridan and Rebecca outed Ethan's paternity, the way Rebecca runs her mouth.

The only good things about this memorial service were Ethan's little eulogy. That and Gwen and Luis' conversation, as short as it was, it was one of the few real things about this memorial service. Even the photo Gwen place on the casket was a nice touch. It looked like something Gwen took with her when she traveled, to put in her hotel room as a reminder of her friendship with Sheridan. It was something that Gwen would have and do.

My heart goes out to Gwen and to Luis. They were the only ones that seemed to be genuinely greiving for Sheridan. Theresa was crying for her brother's pain at losing Sheridan and seemed to be over done. Ethan just seemed wooden. Rebecca could careless about Sheridan, but then again, when has Rebecca cared about anything other then herself. While Julian is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Rebecca, his Father and little Julian.

It doesn't say much about a storyline sequence when the best part hands down is four or five lines of converstation between two people. Like we saw today between Luis and Gwen. I can't tell you how long I have wanted to hear something like that exchange between Luis and Gwen since she arrived in Bermuda and learned that Sheridan was missing.

This whole Bermuda storyline stinks. It started off good, Luis and Sheridan leave Harmony to get away from it all and enjoy life. Then you have Theresa and her cheering section follow them and what should have been a great Shuis storyline, adventure, has turned in to a decaying morass that is difficult to watch and insulting to our inteligence and to our sensiblities. Gwen is being completely wasted in this story except to show her growing distatse and disgust at Rebecca's antics.

When will we get some real story telling on this show?
Probably never?

What do you think?