Theresa's Fate?
by Articman on 8/18/2000:

A While back I posted this on the main board. Some of these things have changed since then. Some for the better. Some for the worst. However, my basic concerns for her and her mental state have remained the same. If anything, I think that Theresa is going to go for a drastic solution to her problems in getting Ethan and to end her heartache. While ending her own life may be less likely now, she is certainly capable of destroying Ethan's to be with him.
As a long time viewer, I have been disturbed by Theresa's descent into madness. At the begining
of the show, Theresa was an idealistic dreamer, with dreams of marrying her prince, Ethan
Crane. She was honest and respectful of her mother. Where has she gone?

Today, she is a lying, decietful, little witch. Openly disrespectful of Pilar. Lying to everyone
involved without any regrets about her lies. The Idealistic Dreamer with Romantic dreams of
marrying her prince is gone, replaced by a deluded psychotic who is more concerned with Living
or Dying in the most Romantic way possible. On the Prom Boat, when Ethan told Theresa that
they needed to get to a lifeboat, Theresa refused to go. Instead, she wanted Ethan to kiss her,
because if they were going to die, then she wanted to die with his kiss on her lips. In short, the
most romantic way possible.

Ethan is so screwed up right now, that he doesn't realise that he should be scared. Scared of
Theresa and scared for Theresa. When Ethan thought that he was being stalked, by Theresa, his
concern was for his family and for her. He wanted her to be arrested so that she could recieve
the professional help that she needed. Theresa's behavior back then is tame compared to her
behavior now. But Ethan is blinded by his feelings for Theresa and the turmoil of his family's life.

I am one of those that thinks that Ethan will marry Gwen. Ethan is going to obey his family's
wishes and marry her and that Theresa is going to continue to fight for Ethan's love, destroying
his marriage. Either that or Theresa is going to act on her previous declarations, that she cannot
live without Ethan. That she may at the time of the wedding, or shortly there after, try to take her
own life. Looking at her behavior now, her whole mind set, it is not that farfetched. Theresa has
become more and more, driven, delusional, and obsessed with Ethan and marrying him. What
will happen as the wedding draws closer? When Ethan marries Gwen? When they expect their
first child?

I can not see Theresa willingly play the other woman in Ethan's life. I believe that she is
incapable of just being his mistress. I believe that her obsessive mental state is going to drive
her to acts of desperation. Either to gain his love and devotion or to end her pain at not having
him in her life.

What do you think?