The Spirits today..... (Spoilers)
by Articman on 10/25/2000:

A few days ago, I asked the question: Why are the spirits appearing to Sheridan? In the past, I
have advanced a pet Theory that Sheridan and her Mother may be of the Standish bloodline.
There by explaining some of the apparent psychic abilities that Sheridan has shown in the past.
That because of this, these powers, her possible heritage as a Standish, was the reason why
spirits were appearing to her. One of the things I said we needed to see was, who were the
spirits to appear to Sheridan.
Today, we got the answer. Today, we saw which spirits of Harmony past appeared to Sheridan
and warned her of danger. I find it interesting that none of the spirits were Crane clan spirits. The
Spirits were two Standish women and a Bennett male. (Played by Grace, Sam and Charity)
Does this mean that Sheridan is more Standish than Crane? Does she have Bennett blood in her
as well? Why didn't Crane clan spirits appear to her? They certainly came out to get Tabitha.
Then, why did they stay away from their own kin, when she is in Danger? Wouldn't their warning
carry more weight?

Now that we have seen the Spirits, which spirits, who have appeared to Sheridan. The question
is why these spirits and not others. Why no Crane spirits? Why no Winthrop spirits? Why only a
Bennett and two Standish spirits? Is it because these are the spirits of Sheridan's ancestors?
That she and her mother really are of the Standish Bloodline? I think that it is no accident that it
was these Spirits that appeared Sheridan. I think that we'll find out, further down the road that
Sheridan is a member of the Standish Bloodline. Perhaps she and Grace are even cousins, a
couple of times removed. I like this idea.

What do you think?