August 8, 2001

Today’s show had its funny and poignant moments.

Subject: Timmy won’t leave his Princess.

Some of the most heartfelt scenes were between Tabby and Timmy, who are caught on the boat by Norma. The boat is beginning to seriously burn, and Tabby tries to find a way out. She thinks she can crash through the window and climb out, but, the boat has been outfitted with stronger glass.

Timmy sees a little passageway, that is usually for dogs or cats, and he thinks that he’s found the way out. But, then he realizes that Tabitha can’t fit through it. Tabby tells Timmy to leave, and ‘live for the both of them’, but, Timmy won’t leave her. Tabby gave him life, and they are going to go down together.

Sometimes, I can be a sap, and today was one of those days. I loved the exchange between them, because you can see the genuine love between these two characters. They have one of the best relationships on the show.

Subject: Kay, you’re going to get caught!

Even though we’ve heard the dialogue a thousand times over the course of the past two years, I have to admit that I was cracking up with Simone and Kay today.

I haven’t enjoyed Chrystee as much as I did today. I guess it was because I was cracking up a lot with Simone today. She’s at her wits end. Kay is just exasperating her. She doesn’t want Kay to be caught. She loves Kay, and yet, Kay is just ignoring her. She can see the train wreck and Kay won’t let her pull her out of the way.

Everyone else is looking for Kay and Simone, and Charity is concerned about the fire. Worried that it was Kay and Simone that she saw in danger. They began to search the tents, and Simone came out just in time, telling them that she hadn’t seen Kay. They went in search of Kay, and Simone told Kay that she needed to get out of there.

They didn’t find Kay, but they did find the boat on fire, and they saw Tabby and Timmy inside.  Will they be in time?


Subject: But Pilar, this is ‘fate’….LOL

Pilar is finishing up with Grace, who knows that she has to talk to Sam. She wants to find Ivy and tell her before Ivy gets it in her mind to go after Sam.

TOO LATE, Pilar.

Ivy’s mind has already processed the information, and it’s coming up with the same conclusion in Ivy’s mind: she and Sam TOGETHER.

Ivy tries to be a good ‘friend’ to Sam, who tells her that he’s going to find Grace.

Pilar gets to Ivy, and Ivy tells her that Sam told her about David, and she thinks it’s a miracle. Here she had given up on Sam, and suddenly, this opportunity has dropped into her lap. Pilar tells her that it doesn’t matter if Grace is married to David, but, Ivy disagrees. The entire ballgame has changed, and she intends to take full advantage of the situation.

I didn’t even get pissed listening to Ivy today. I didn’t because the game has changed. She’s not chasing after a married man. She had earnestly given up on Sam, even if she did still love him. She decided to respect his marriage, and in the process, regained some of the self-respect she had lost when she went over the deep end of her Sam obsession, between the incessant Sam-chasing and the groveling to him…Ivy was getting pretty pathetic.

She needed this time to ‘lose’, and to realize that she needed to begin a new life.

But, now, she knows about David Hastings, and it’s a whole new ballgame.

I won’t cheer Ivy (cause I’m a Gram fan),but, I still enjoy this story, which is the best written on Passions.


Subject: Sam and Grace face an uncertain future

I loved the scenes between Sam and Grace today. Here is a loving couple, facing the biggest challenge of their lives. The love between them is so evident. As is their fear.

Grace apologizes to Sam for leaving him, but tells him she needed time to clear her head. Sam is still convinced that there’s something wrong with David,but, Grace isn’t so sure. She wants for Sam to be prepared for ‘the truth’ about her and David, but tells him how much she loves him.

There was something so poignant about them being together in the house tonight. It’s like they don’t know what morning will bring, but, will take what tonight gives them. They should be happy – no kids, no Tabitha…but, the night’s events cast a pall over everything.

I thought Gram was sweet today, trying to face an uncertain future,but, trying to be strong for the other person.


Subject: I wish I was still a Crane

Well, THAT was an interesting line from Ethan.

Does he still wish he was a Crane?

Or, was it that the perks would get him to Theresa all the quicker.

Chad and Whitney were discussing Theresa’s situation, and they both observed how concerned Ethan was. Whitney tells Chad that she promised Theresa, and Chad cracked on ‘ you and your promises’ – they both know what else he was referring to. Chad tells Whitney that she is wrong, and she asks if he’s her mother. Chad says that he is not, but that maybe Whitney ought to talk to Eve about it. Whitney says that she can’t, because he knows what her parents think of Julian- that he’s the scum of the Earth. Chad tells Whitney that she has her answer about whether or not she should tell Ethan.

Ethan overhears and asks Whitney what Chad is talking about. Whitney reveals to Ethan about Theresa’s scheme about getting Julian to adopt him.

It’s hard to watch Edumb go on and on about the ‘innocence’ of Theresa. He flashbacks to the last time in Bermuda, and says that Theresa is too trusting to be there with Julian by herself.

Oh, spare me the ‘ Theresa is a naïve bumpkin’ sermon. I’m not buying it.

Ethan calls down to Theresa’s room, but the clerk reminds him of the policy that says that they don’t disturb guests after a certain time. Ethan tried to muscle him, but without the Crane name, he coulnd’t get anything. Then, Ethan wanted to ‘charter a jet’ but, he can’t do it, now that he’s an ordinary ‘Joe’.

So, he has to wait for commercial transportation like anyone else…LOL

Subject: Woody and Soon Yi continue….

Julian and Theresa continue their back and forth. Julian’s mind is on getting Theresa into bed, and Theresa wants Julian to reinstate Ethan as a Crane.

They decide to go to his room to talk things through. Julian is happy, and tells his buddies at the bar, that they will owe him in the morning. The slimeballs want a play-by-play in the morning.

Julian cracked me up with his Desi Arnaz impression. It even made Theresa laugh.

These two are just ickypoo to me, though Julian is being ‘Julian’, and Theresa is being an idiot. She’s playing a game that is out of her league, and she’s gonna get burned.

Ben Masters is a delight, though. Every word has a double meaning, and most of them sexual. He pulls it off marvelously.