August 15, 2001

Ok, I could NOT stop laughing during today’s show.

Subject: Shuis and the Bumbling Criminals

Since I’m sure that we’re finally about to begin another story with Shuis, I have to admit that I enjoyed their scenes today. They were happy on the boat, and Luis tells her that he has to go back for sunscreen. What I enjoyed about today was the little moments that were cute. Luis telling Sheridan that it’s no fun making love sunburned, and she asked, ‘ is this personal knowledge’, and he pleaded the fifth. She told Luis to hurry back, and praised him for being so protective of the ones he loves.

I could have been spared the ‘Theresa is such an innocent’ drivel from the two of them, but, what should I expect. We know that they have to paint Parasita as the ‘victim’- yeah, right, whatever.

Once Luis is gone, Sheridan practices writing her married name. I thought that was cute, and something I think any engaged woman would be doing.

The criminals are worried now. Luis going back for the sunscreen has put off the timer of  the bomb. They work together, with the lady distracting Sheridan, while the guy reset the timer.

Once Luis was back, they were  on their way again. The female criminal was lamenting that possibly Shuis could survive the bomb, but her partner assured her that it wasn’t going to happen.


Subject: HOW did they get the money?

Ethan’s plane is about to leave for Bermuda, and who comes to join him: Whitney and Chad.


I know that Whitney is going down because of Theresa. Being her Principal Enabler, Whitney knows that Theresa can’t get through one of her schemes and/or lies without the help of her enablers.

I sense Whitney’s reason for being there.

The only reason I sense for Chad being there, is for him to try to get back with Whitney.

How far Chad has fallen. A character that used to mean honor and decency, is basically a lying hounddog.

He trivialized Whitney worrying about her tennis coach and her parents. He was a lowlife today.

Ethan tries to get in touch with Theresa, but, can’t. He flashbacks to right after he took Theresa to the ballet (ah, memories..I actually liked E/T back then), and there he was, having a conversation with Julian (loved those gray sideburns on him), where Julian was encouraging him to sow his wild oats. It does establish that Julian’s had a lust thing for Theresa since the beginning of the show. Ethan says that Julian wouldn’t make a pass at Theresa because he knows how much she means to him…oh puleeze. But, then, the smarter Ethan said that since he’s not Julian’s son, all bets might be off. Duh, no kidding.

And, we had more enabler excuses for Theresa by Chad and Whitney. You know the drill, just imagine their lines. You know them.

So, the trio is off to Bermuda.

Subject: The moment of truth in Bermuda…….BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

I had to stop eating my lunch when Passions came on. I still get the ‘ickypoos’ when I see Julian and Theresa together. But, without food, I found them hilarious today.

I KNEW that was Julian’s dream. It totally fed into his very large ego. His whole manliness, and the way he wants for a young woman to be hot for him. He cracked me up when he said that he could get excited ‘without props’….


That is something for kinky Julian.

And, I have to say that I thought Lindsey Korman did a great job in those scenes. It was SO funny, I couldn’t stop LOL. Telling Julian everything that his ego wanted to hear. How he was just ‘too much’. Julian telling her that she’s the perfect ‘trophy wife’ for him. How the other ‘Captains of Industry’ would be jealous of him.

Oh yeah…that is a dream by Julian.

So, Julian’s having a good time, and then suddenly, we hear Theresa tell him not to touch her.

We’re out of Julian’s dream, and back to the present in the hotel room.

First thing I checked for in the present was THE RINGS.

Gold Band on Theresa’s finger.

Gold Band on JULIAN’s finger.

Ah…..this is getting interesting.

Theresa asks what they are  doing there in the bed together. And, Julian responds making love.

Theresa says that she had a dream about making love to Ethan.

Julian says that he had a dream about making love to Theresa.

Theresa relaxes for a bit and sighs, and says that it was all just a dream.

Julian tells her No…it wasn’t a dream for him. He had that dream AFTER they had sex.

Theresa got to quivering then. I mean, it was in overdrive.

I could not stop cracking up.

" This can’t be happening."

Well, it is, Parasita.

Julian was just being Julian, happy about his ‘performance’, and told Theresa that last night was wonderful for him.

Theresa is like, ‘ it can’t be.’

Julian goes over the evening for her, and she is upset. She tells Julian to stop talking about it, and throws a vase and smashes it. Luis hears it, and bangs on the door for Julian to let him in.

Julian tells Theresa that if she tells Luis, she will get him killed, and what will Ethan say?

Theresa hides in the bathroom, and Luis looks in the suite. Julian tells him that the lady has left, and Luis yells out that the lady need not be afraid. If she wants help, he would do it. When she doesn’t come out, Luis leaves.

Julian tells Theresa that it was the smart thing to do. That they need not tell anyone else about what happened, and that his lips will be sealed.

Theresa is talking to herself most of all about the ‘dream’ she had. She and Ethan were together, and they exchanged wedding rings. Theresa then finally notices the wedding band on her finger. She asks Julian how it got on her finger, and just then, HE notices that HE has one on too!

Julian has this dumbstruck look on his face, and Theresa is quivering and shaking..
‘ Oh no, we can’t be married.’



I don’t know how this will wind up, but, these past few days have been hilarious, if nothing else.