August 14, 2001

Ok. I totally enjoyed today’s show. The last 3 minutes made up for EVERYTHING ELSE.

Subject: Where DO they get these criminals around Shuis

I haven’t commented on Shuis in a few days because they were doing the same thing- making love.

But, these bomb criminals are the same caliber of criminal that Pierre and Roger sent after Sheridan.

WHO inscribes the names of the victims on the bomb? Another RME moment. And, THESE two are professionals? I don’t think so. They look like bumblers, which is ridiculous, considering the kind of money that Julian/Alistair have to spend on criminals.

Sheridan doesn’t want to get up, so Luis has to convince her. They are at the boat, ready for their trip, and the bomb is aboard. I’m not a criminal, but, couldn’t they have hidden it in a more ‘secret’ place, so that it will actually be HARD for Shuis to discover it?

This is so lame.


Subject: ‘ Let me take a guess – doomed.’ – Oh, Kay

That line of Kay’s cracked me up.

Charity is trying to tell Miguel that she saw all of THEM on the ground, in pain. But, Miguel had a reason for everything, as he tried to calm Charity down.

Kay thinks that this proves Charity is a mental case, and that it’s obvious that Miguel would be better off with the poster child of stability – her. That was a RME moment for Simone.

Kay insists that she knows how things should shape up: she seduces Miguel, becomes preggers, and they live Happily Ever After. You could see the sympathy and pain that Simone feels for Kay when she asked her, ‘ You really believe sleeping with a guy will get him to love you?’ Simone can’t believe that after all those Afterschool Specials, Kay still thinks that.

But, Kay’s plan is thwarted when Charity decides to spend the night in Miguel’s tent. Kay isn’t discouraged, though, because there will be several nights for her and Miguel to ‘do the deed’.

Tabby and Timmy are sticking close to the kids, because it seems that Norma won’t try anything around them. But, Tabby tells Timmy that Norma isn’t their only problem – the warlocks are. And, if they come after them, they are finished, which is something that Timmy doesn’t want to hear. Tabby’s also had another run-in with ‘ Ross’, who still believes that Timmy is alive, which is why Tabby went to save him and gave him CPR. Jessica defended Tabby, and told Reese to cool it.

Once everyone is in their tents, Timmy observes that there are glowing lights in the distance. Tabby tells him that it’s the Warlocks, and it’s not good. Norma sees it too, and tells the Warlocks that they can have everyone else, but T&T are HERS..LOL. I’m still trying to figure out how Norma escaped from the Friends In The Basement.

Charity is in the tent with Miguel, when she gets up startled. She looks around, and since Miguel isn’t disturbed at all, decides that it’s her imagination playing games with her. She tries to settle down, and next thing she knows, there is a creepy head inside of the tent with her….icky – I guess the Warlocks HAVE arrived.


Subject: Oh My, Woody and Soon Yi

These two continued their back and forth today. Theresa was on the bed, so sleepy, but, not too sleepy or drunk to forget her ‘mission’, which is to get Ethan re-instated as a Crane. That thought never left HER mind. Julian is feeling Theresa up, which she begins to notice and wants to move to the couch, but, Julian tells her that they should stay in the bed. Theresa eyes are closed and the bed feels so good, and the next thing we know, there’s a knock on the door. Julian is wondering who it is, and whaddyaknow, it’s Edumb.

Crack me up if The Terror didn’t get the cow eyes and the quiver back in no time.

Ethan wants to know what was going on, and Theresa told him the good news. That she was there to make amends, because she WUVS him, and then, Julian accepts him back into the family, and they decide to get married then and there, in the Chapel.

Now, come on, people, didn’t you get from the word GO that this was a Theresa Fantasy special.

But, it got better. They went to the Chapel, and of course, Ethan understood everything. There was a Ward and Beaver moment between Julian and Ethan, as of course, Julian wants to be a witness at the wedding. I mean, the entire thing cracked me up. The level of delusion in this is outstanding.

Ethan and his Cinderellawannabe, who just engineered her own boat back to the castle (isn’t that CONVENIENT for the little darling). The wedding takes place without a hitch, and now it’s time for Mr. And Mrs. Crane to celebrate their wedding night in a Five-Star resort. Nothing’s too good for the ‘Cranes’, is it? LOL

Next thing we see is a Nekkid Theresa. Remember, when the show began, she was above the covers. Now, she’s on the other side of the bed, UNDER the covers. And, I SWEAR that looks like a wedding band on her finger. She tells Ethan that it was wonderful – them making love for the first time as man and wife. She leans over and tells him that she wants to make love again.

" Nothing would please me more."


That voice doesn’t sound like ETHAN.

It sounds like Julian.

Theresa hesitantly pulls the covers from over the other body in the bed.



That is a REWIND moment on Passions, if ever there was one.


And, who’s on his way to his ‘innocent’ Theresa? That’s right, Edumb’s on the plane, and ready for a rescue.


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve enjoyed a Theresa scene like that one today.