August 9, 2001

Well, today wasn’t bad.

Subject: " I’m used to getting what I want."

Well, wasn’t THAT the line of the day. Parasita, under the influence, admits the truth to Julian.

Julian and Theresa are in his hotel room. For someone who is ‘under the influence’, Theresa is still mightily focused on her objective: getting Ethan re-instated as a Crane.

I admit that I did LOL a little bit more with their scenes today, mainly because I have little to no sympathy for Theresa. Everyone and his mama has warned her about what a pig Julian is. She KNOWS how Julian has treated Ethan since the paternity revelation, and  she knows about what they tried to do to Luis and Sheridan.

But, she doesn’t seem to care about any of that. It’s inconvenient to her ‘plan’. And, heaven help anything that gets in the way of her plan.

I wonder what happened to all the platitudes that she was saying about Sam and the Bennett family. I guess, she just wrote that off completely.

I cracked up when they had to crawl back into the room. But, funny thing is…she still didn’t lost sight of her ‘goal’…so, how drunk is she?

Julian is a DOG. Everyone knows that. Most people are wary of him. They have enough sense to do it.

All it seems, except for The Terror.

It’s hard to watch what is the equivalent of a petulant child, getting into trouble, and have any sympathy for her. I’m so tired of everyone and his mother talking about Theresa ‘not thinking before she does something.’

Well, she’s an adult. And, there comes a time when you have to pay the piper for ‘not thinking’.

I hope this is that time.

Subject: Things are looking good for Sheridan and Luis – or so they think

I actually have enjoyed the past few days of Nekkid Luis. He and Sheridan have been getting in some loving, which they should. They’ve talked too much about E/T, but, what else can you expect.

Sheridan and Luis would be on their honeymoon, if the disaster at the church hadn’t of happened. So, of course, they’re doing what people who thought they’d be married do: mate like rabbitts.

I also have no problem with them being like this, because we all know that it will be awhile before they are happy like this again.

We saw the co-conspirators in Julian’s plan. And, truth be told, they don’t inspire much confidence. They are of the level of all or Pierre and Roger’s accomplices. The guy seems too psyched about the bomb, and the gal seems too squeamish – not a good pair. Plus, what idiot goes and has a discussion about a bomb in the hallway of a hotel?


Julian paid them off,  but, why do I get the feeling that these two are nothing but bumblers?

Luis cracked me up, wanting to go ‘talk’ to the people next door, after hearing the crashes of the flowerpots and the loud music. Stop being a killjoy, Luis. People have fun in their own ways.

It was a hoot to see Sheridan and Luis go to ‘talk’ to their neighbor, only to find out that it’s Julian.

Uh oh!


Subject: Tabitha and Timmy…boo hoo

Well, T&T are on the boat, burning. The teens and Norma are looking at them burn.

Miguel, being the hero that he is, insists that they have to save Tabitha. He and the others go to look for a possible way, leaving Reese behind. Reese got an eyeful, alright. He saw Timmy screaming and pleading for help. Of course, when he told the others, they didn’t believe him.

Kay and Simone were back in Miguel’s tent. Simone told Kay that she was going to see what was wrong. The thought that Miguel might be in danger brought Kay back to a state of dress, and they went and found the others. Miguel was about to go after Tabitha, and Kay pleaded with him not to go. You’d have to be blind not to see the level of caring from Kay to Miguel, and Charity saw it. She saw the worry on Kay’s face, and though she may not admit it, knew that it was a look of a woman in love worried about her man.

Miguel didn’t concern himself with these things. He did what any hero going into fire does on Passions: strip off his shirt…LOL He got to the boat, and his trying to find a way to Tabitha.

Norma doesn’t like this one bit. She wants T&T to die, and curse the kids for trying to help T&T.


Subject: Pilar….it’s ‘FATE’.

Ok, how many people shuddered when they heard Ivy utter those words.  I know I did.

Shame on you, Poison Ivy .

How could you torture us  with that word?


Pilar tells Ivy that Sam loves Grace and that he is her husband. Ivy tells Pilar that it’s not true. Sam is a free man, and now, she’s a free woman. It is like the hands of time were on her side, and that they had turned back the clock.

There’s the Poison Ivy that I know.

She smells another chance with Sam. So, of course, she’s not going to give up. And, the great thing about it in her eyes, is that she doesn’t have to scheme. ‘Fate’ is working for her, by bringing in this husband from Grace’s past.

They wind up walking near Tabby’s house and see a man with Sam and Grace. Ivy wonders if it’s David and decides to eavesdrop to see if what he says is true. Pilar admonishes her, but, Ivy doesn’t care. This is her shot, and she’s going to take it.

Subject: David gets bolder by the minute

Sam and Grace are talking about the possibility of her being married to David. Sam tells Grace he thinks David is a con artist, and that the one thing Grace knew when she came out of the fire, even with amnesia, is that she didn’t have someone wanting her.

Sam tells her that he has to stick  to that belief.

They hear a noise outside, and they find David. Sam accuses him of stalking Grace, and he says that he just wanted to jar Grace’s memory. He wants to give her some flowers, and told her that he wanted to spruce them up, with a little help from Tabitha’s garden. Sam accuses him of being a ‘thief’, and David sarcastically replies that maybe he is.

Grace asks Sam to cool it, and then tells David that they should all go into the house to talk about things. Grace tells David that she doesn’t remember him at all, and that she has the life that she has always wanted. David suggests that they spend time together, which Sam doesn’t want to hear. David says that he has proof that he is Grace’s husband, and he’s going to give it to them right now.

Poor Grace…..caught between two men….LOL