August 7, 2001

Today’s show wasn’t so bad.

Subject: The Island

Well, we were subjected to the usual fare by our Warlock Island visitors.

Kay is still on her quest to get Miguel. To this end, she’s gotten naked in his tent, stripping herself of everything but a bra. Simone, as usual, is appalled, and is trying to plead with Kay to ‘stop this nonsense’.

Charity is still getting her premonitions about Sheridan and Theresa, and wants them to be warned. Miguel’s cellphone was out yesterday, and Reese’s handy dandy computer connection is out, so they weren’t able to send emails.

They all decided to leave in the morning, and when they couldn’t find Simone and Kay, Charity worried that her premonitions had been about them and not Theresa and Sheridan. They went searching for them, and Simone warned Kay that she was about to be busted naked in Miguel’s tent.

Where were Timmy and Tabby in all of this commotion?

In the boat.

In a totally Passions move, they didn’t decide to cast off right away. No, that would make too much sense. No, they have to wait and fix Martimmys, which gave Norman enough time to decide upon a course of action for T&T – she’s going to burn them to death when she torches the boat. She locked T&T in the captain’s room at the head of the boat, and has poured gasoline on it and thrown a match into it. How will T&T get home now?

Subject: Bermuda – Julian puts his ‘Mack’ on

After reading other posts about the happenings in Bermuda, I’ve tried to look at it with new eyes. I’ve tried to see the humor in the entire situation, but, it’s hard.

Julian isn’t about to lose the bet, which is the only thing on his mind: getting Theresa into bed. His ‘pride’ is at stake….and some good Cuban cigars.

So, Julian is pouring on the champagne.

I do have to admit that it was funny watching Theresa try and keep up with someone like Julian, who drinks like there is no tomorrow. She is SO out of her league, and SO out of the game, it’s ridiculous. Maybe, that is the humor of it all. This is Julian’s playgroud; his games, his rules.

But, this new way of  thinking only lasts so long, cause I got the heebie jeebies when I saw Julian ‘lightly touch’ Theresa’s hand.


Visions of Woody and Soon Yi ran through my head.

It was funny hearing Luis comment on Julian’s three friends – how they were lechers, and that he was glad Theresa wasn’t there. It was too funny to hear Luis talk about the innocence of his sister – yeah, right, whatever.

Luis thought that he heard Theresa’s voice, but, Sheridan tells him that’s impossible, because there would be no way that Theresa would be there alone. Luis agrees and they go back to their room with a bottle of champagne.

Julian tells Theresa that he’s willing to further discuss things: IN HIS ROOM.

The waiter cracked me up when he said that Theresa must be wanting to get back to her and MR. CRANE’s ROOM. Do they know Julian at that resort, or what?

Subject: Look what happens when a husband pops up from nowhere

I really liked both sets of Adult conversations today.

Subject: Grace and Pilar

Grace and Pilar were very good. Grace didn’t go looking for Pilar, but, she was grateful to have the pair of ears listening. A pair of ears that she knows and trusts. Someone that she can have a conversation with and no that it will be kept private. Someone that she knows will ask all the objective questions.

Grace tells Pilar about David. She tells her about the marriage license, and how David knew certain things. Pilar told Grace that those could have been gotten through other means, and Grace tells Pilar ‘ that’s what Sam says.’

She used that line over and over again. I thought it was very indicative of Grace that she would do that. She knows how Sam feels about David, and that he’s trying to break this down from a ‘cop’ point of view.

And, though Sam could be right……Grace utters something private to Pilar.

“ You should see the way he looks at me, Pilar.”

With that one sentence, Grace revealed that she totally believes David.

It’s a communication between a man and a woman in love. And, even if Grace doesn’t remember David, she knows ‘the look’.

And, it scares her. She is afraid for her family. Her marriage. For the only life that she can remember. Her past has come back to haunt her in a major way.

Subject: Savy in the Park

I thought Savy was excellent today. I really enjoyed them.

Sam and Ivy meet up at the park. Sam has a hostile tone towards Ivy, asking what she’s doing there, and she reveals that she’s there to think about things. Sam says that’s why he’s there too, and Ivy tells him she knows what is upsetting him: the backstabbing tramp, Theresa.

Sam tells Ivy that he doesn’t believe anything bad about Theresa, having known her his entire life. Sam tells Ivy that there is a difference between keeping secrets not to hurt someone and revealing something maliciously. Ivy tells Sam that she doesn’t want to spend her time discussing Theresa, because it’s Ethan that she’s worried about.

She expresses concern for their son, and tells Sam that it’s very important that Ethan knows that he has the support of his parents, so that he can make better decisions. Sam agrees, and tells Ivy that he’s going to invite Ethan to dinner. Ivy says that she wants to go, and when Sam objects, tells him that this is about their SON, not any relationship between them.

Ivy tells Sam that she learned her lesson about his marriage to Grace, and even though she gave it her best shot, she knows that he loves Grace and won’t leave her. And, she’s finally going to respect it. Sam is touched by Ivy’s words, especially after the church bells ring out indicating that it’s midnight, and Ivy reveals that she’s a divorced woman.

I thought Kim Ulrich was fantastic in this monologue, as she expresses doubts about her future. She doesn’t know how to be anything other than Mrs. Julian Crane, and now, she’s going to have to find out who she is. Without a marriage or a home, she has to start over. Sam lets Ivy lean on his shoulder for comfort, but, she pushes him away, telling him that she can’t fall into that trap again. She has enough problems in her life without being dragged back into the active pain of not having Sam. She doesn’t want to be reminded so obviously of what she lost when she lost him.

Sam tells her, when she compliments him on his marriage to Grace, that there might be problems after all. That he might be losing the love of his life. He tells her about David and his claim of being married to Grace.

My my my….things don’t look so dark for Ivy after all….LOL

The adults made today.