Subj: The Bermuda Ickyness Begins.....and Warlock Island? Same Old, Same Old.
Date: 8/6/2001

Today was a little slow.

Subject: Warlock Island

The teens, Tabby/Timmy & Norma are all on Warlock Island. We had mostly ‘the usual’ with this group.

Usual 1: Charity and her premonitions

Charity is sitting in front of the fire, in a daze, when she begins to scream. Miguel comes to her ‘rescue’, of course, and asks her what’s wrong. She tells everyone that she sees danger for Theresa. She describes Theresa being on an island, and that she’s in danger. Miguel tells her that she can’t be right, and they remind Miguel of the accuracy of Charity’s premonitions. . Charity then sees a boat exploding and senses death.  Miguel is going to call Pilar, but, his cellphone won’t go through. Since the boat won’t be back for them until morning, they decide to go to sleep. Charity stays at the fire, and in the end, she tells Miguel she sees Theresa about to take a drink, and if she does, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

Usual 2: Tabby & Timmy trying to get away from someone

T&T are sticking close to the camp, because Norma seems to draw the line at killing a group of kids. Norma is up in a tree, spying on Timmy and Tabby, talking to ‘Father’. T&T are talking, and Tabby has a plan. She wants Norma to think that they are asleep at the campground, so that they can sneak off and take the boat back to the mainland. Tabby doesn’t want to be around when the Warlocks come to life. Her name has been said too many times for them not to come around and realize that she’s on the island.

Norma isn’t as dumb as T&T think, cause she was listening in on their conversation about Kay and her plan, and how they want her to succeed. Norma caught up with them on the boat, and is about to squash all of Tabby’s plans for escape.

Same old, same old.

Usual 3: Kay – on that Hamsterwheel, spinning and spinning

As usual, Kay Bennett is involved in a plan to get Miguel ‘ to be hers’.

As usual, the plan meets the disapproval of her best friend, Simone Russell, who tries to give Kay the ‘moral’ point of view.

And, as usual, the plan involves Kay getting ‘physical’ with Miguel. Kay’s plans usually fall into one of two categories: a) something that gets Charity ‘out of the way’, or b) Kay believes that the ‘physical’ will get Miguel to love her, because she’s giving Miguel something Charity hasn’t.

The dialogue is the same:

Simone –
‘ Kay, Miguel loves Charity.’
‘ Kay, what you’re doing is wrong.’
‘ Kay, the plan is disgusting.’
‘ Kay, you can’t do that to an innocent baby.’
‘ Kay, you aren’t ready to be a parent.’

Come on and join in. if you’ve been watching Passions since the beginning, you know all of Simone Russell’s lines.

In fact, since this story hasn’t moved ONE IOTA since the beginning of the show..

You know ALL the lines.

And people wonder why I think this is the worst story on Passions.

For a show geared towards teens, how can you have SIX of them, and not ONE real story between them?

What an enormous waste of screentime.


Subject: Sheridan – a Standish?

It’s becoming more and more clear that Sheridan is a Standish female somehow. This is not the first time that Sheridan has ‘sensed’ danger. She did today right after Charity was looking into the flames of the fire at Warlock Island. Just then, the flames in Sheridan’s fire burst forth.

Once again, she felt something bad was going to happen. Luis, being the logical guy that he is, thinks that she’s just looking for trouble where there is none. After all, Julian and Alistair gave it their best shot. He thinks the imposter was the limit that ‘normal’ bad guys would go to. It doesn’t cross Luis’ mind that they actually would want Sheridan DEAD. He doesn’t think that they would go that far. From Luis’ POV, he and Sheridan are the only two that can ruin their relationship, and he knows that they are in love and won’t do any such thing. He tells Sheridan to just enjoy their time together, and to know that they will be married soon. Sheridan tries to get comfort from Luis’ words because he seems so sure.

Subject: The Island

Well, the nightmare is shaping up well. Before my eyes, my poor Julian…about to be ball and chained to The Terror.



Julian sees Theresa, who tells him that he’s the only one that can help him.

My poor eyes!

We were subjected to the Julian/Theresa flashback from Friday.

How many times will they torture us with it?


Julian escorts Theresa into the dining room, walking past his cronies. Once he gets Theresa situated, he goes to talk to them, telling them that it is Theresa.

They wonder why Theresa would be down in Bermuda, and Julian tells them that she obviously wants to lose her virginity, since her wedding didn’t come off, and she knew that Julian was a good teacher.


I loved that line, because it was TOTAL Julian.

The arrogance of it.

The chauvanism of it.

It was total Julian.

Julian’s friend Bruce bets him a box of Cuban Cigars that he won’t be able to get Theresa into bed.

Julian takes the bet, and goes back to his table.

In a conversation full of mixed signals, Julian thinks Theresa is there for him, and every word has him more convinced, until she bursts his bubble and tells him that she’s there for Ethan. That she wants Julian to take Ethan back into the family. Julian spit out his champagne when he heard that. He couldn’t believe his ears, but, Theresa  tells him she’s there to ‘set things right’.

Julian is deflated, but not defeated. Theresa might not be there for the reason HE thought she was….but, it’s not going to stop Julian. He’s trying to ‘loosen’ her up, so he offers her champagne.

Now, I’ve seen Theresa take plenty of glasses of champagne. So, why do they insist on playing this ‘Parasita as a naïve bumpkin’ routine that they’ve got going with her and Julian. That was my main problem with Julian/Theresa. All the other teen females on this show are as ‘innocent’ as Theresa was (until the night on the beach with Ethan), but, NONE of them are this ‘naïve’. And, ESPECIALLY after KNOWING how Julian/Alistair treated Ethan upon finding out the truth,….


Knowing all about the Imposter Scheme….

This ‘bumpkin’ routine just doesn’t cut it.

It’s all about Propping Up The Terror – making her into the ‘victim’.

Yeah, right, whatever.