August 16, 2001

Well, today is one for the ages. Those who say that I can’t say anything good about Theresa or LK, mark this one down.

Subject: Julian and Theresa – BWA HA HA HA HA HAH A HA HA

Maybe it’s because she has a different acting partner.

Maybe it’s because she’s spouting new dialogue.

But, I absolutely loved Lindsey Korman today.

She has been so stuck in the ‘EEETTHAAN’ rut, that I didn’t know I could actually enjoy watching Theresa. But, I did today.

Ben Masters was ‘On’, and she gave it right back to him.


I mean, stop the tape cause I can’t stop laughing, kind of funny.

And, the thing is…they were BOTH in character.

Julian is a PLAYA.

Julian is a DOG.

But, I still maintain that Julian is NO rapist.

Julian has been partying hard for well over 20 years. It’s totally normal for him to booze up and get wild with a woman. And, because he’s Julian, he totally thinks that a woman will enjoy herself – period. Julian prides himself on being able to satisfy a woman. He’s gone for his PhD in Sex, and been using as many women over the past 20 some years, as his ‘research’.

Theresa has the ring on her finger. She looks and sees the ring on Julian’s finger, and asks if  they are married. Julian tells her, ‘ of course not’, and how does he know?

Because, he, Julian Crane, would NEVER buy such cheap jewelry. …LOL

That is a Julian line.

They go over the past night’s activities, and they talk about their dreams. Theresa is like, she dreamed that she was married to Ethan. And, Julian says that he dreamed that they had made love.

The look on Theresa’s face when he said that was PRICELESS. THAT should be a screen caption!

Theresa, the lying schemer that she is, believes her own hype. After all, she would NEVER sleep with someone unless they were ‘married’. (trying to perpetuate her ‘good girl’ image).

Julian is like,’ why would I marry you? I only wanted to..", he shut up, but we all know how Julian should have finished that sentence.

Theresa repeats that she and Julian can’t be married, and Julian tells her, ‘There are worse FATES, my dear."


Loved that turn of the phrase, using Theresa’s favorite word against her…LOL!

Theresa insists that they can’t be married, and Julian’s head hurts – he needs an ‘eyeopener’.


That was a funny moment. Theresa drank more than she ever thought possible, but, she’s wide awake, while it was just another heavy night for Julian. Julian still doesn’t see how any of this is actually a problem. He’s done this for forever – tie one on, and sleep with a beautiful woman. He’s going to have his drink, and think about it afterward.

While Julian drank, the wheels in Theresa’s mind were turning a mile a minute.

She won’t believe that she slept with Julian, and Julian is like, ‘ don’t start calling out Rape, dear.’

Theresa’s cow eyes really bug out then, and Julian tells her that he doesn’t have to resort to rape to get women.

And, you didn’t Julian. Theresa tied one on, and slept with a guy that she wouldn’t have normally slept with, and she feels embarrassed and like a fool, but, that doesn’t make it rape.

Theresa then begins her own ‘spin control’. She tells Julian that nobody can know about this. Ethan certainly can’t, and she not to subtly reminds him that Luis would kill him if he ever found out. That was a tool in Theresa’s arsenal. She didn’t need to remind him about Luis.

Theresa says that they will put this night behind them. Julian agrees that it would be ‘their secret’, and Theresa says she’s going back to her room to take a shower. The look on her face when she said that is worth another screen caption. It’s then, gathering her belongings, that she finds the brochure for the 24 hour wedding chapel. She looks at Julian and asks how she got it. They are in the middle of this, when they hear another knock on the door.

It’s Bruce.

Julian’s happy and goes to the door. Bruce is there, with a bottle of champagne to congratulate, ‘ the bride and groom’.

Upon hearing that, Theresa faints dead away….


Next time we see Theresa, she’s on the bed, passed out cold, and Julian is holding her hand, trying to get her to come to. Bruce asks Julian how the bride is, and Julian gets up and asks Bruce what the hell he’s talking about.

Bruce tells Julian that he can’t be serious. That he doesn’t remember? He then tells Julian that he and Theresa were wed in the 24 Hour Chapel, with Bruce as a witness. Bruce whips out the marriage certificate, and upon finding out that he’s married Theresa, Julian takes a place on the bed beside Theresa.


They were so funny: Ben and Lindsey, in matching robes, side by side, not believing it. Theresa, who had come to, passed out again.

Bruce left, and Theresa is just despondent. This is the worst day of her life.

Julian says that it’s not so bad. That his nanny once told him that in every cloud, there’s silver lining, and that maybe some good can come out of the situation. The look of incredulity on Theresa’s face is priceless as she asks Julian what good could come out of it. Julian is a hounddog, and thinks that it’s time that they celebrate as HUSBAND AND WIFE…and proceeds to give Theresa a kiss!

The man’s mind rarely, if ever, leaves ‘little Julian’.

Theresa is appalled and says, " I don’t think so."

They don’t really have time to get into another argument, because the next knock on the door that they hear is followed up by Ethan’s voice.


I  don’t know how long this will last, but, this has been so funny. Two lying schemers possibly getting caught in their own manipulations in a situation that neither wants.


Bravo to Ben and Lindsey today.


Subject: " What is Grace’s Favorite Juice in the Morning?", Sam asks.

Sam is at the Police Station when Hank drops by to see him. Sam fills in Hank about the David situation, and how David passed the tests and has revealed himself to be Grace’s First Husband. Sam doesn’t believe it, and has requested a FBI check on David. He’s going to prove that the man is a con, once and for all.

Grace, meanwhile, is at the B&B. She places an order, and when the man asks her name, she hesitates before she tells him Grace Bennett. David hears her, and tells her that she’s hesitating about the name, because she’s beginning to accept that she is David’s wife. David apologizes to Grace for bringing all this pain into her life. He realizes that it was all a mistake.

Grace gets furious when David says it was a mistake. IS he a con like Sam says? Has he done this all as part of a scam?, she asks. David tells her no, he IS her husband, but, he realizes that he should have gone about things differently. But, he says that he had no way of knowing that she had amnesia and didn’t remember him.

David finally acknowledged the family that Grace has with Sam, and realizes how much pain Grace is in. Grace says that she is torn apart, thinking that in the eyes of God, her marriage to Sam and their family don’t exist. She tells David that he should leave, but, David tells her that he’s been searching for her for over 20 years, and can’t leave her now that he’s found her.

Sam and Hank arrive at the B&B and Sam goes into Caveman Mode, telling David to hit the road. Grace tells Sam that David can stay at the B&B. I don’t know what Hank’s purpose was, and if he was trying to ‘threaten’ David, cause it was such a joke.  Hank asks David if he has any siblings, and David says no,’ but I have a wife.’ David leaves to go have some breakfast, and Sam asks him on his way out, what Grace liked to drink in the morning.

David came back with a strange concoction, and you could have tripped over Sam’s lowered lip, because he was shocked that David was right. David knew that there was nothing else to say, and left.

Just then, the fax came from the FBI, and Sam reads to Hank and Grace that David is exactly who he said he was, and that he doesn’t have a criminal record.

NOW, Mr. Chief of Police, you’re gonna have to deal with REALITY!


Subject: Shuis should get their money back on that slow boat

Why do I say this?

Because, it has to be a slow boat. It can’t be highly powered motorboat that I thought it was.

NO way could those crooks be in the same place watching them.

Am I wrong. Are they in a stationary place watching Shuis? If not, how are they spying on them. Are those binoculars telephoto?

June is having second thoughts, while Basil just wants the job to be done.

Shuis is enjoying the trip…while it lasts.


Subject: Theresa, The Enablers Have Arrived!

Edumb and the Enablers have arrived in Bermuda.

He tries calling Theresa’s hotel room and Julian’s but there is no answer. He does find out that Luis and Sheridan are down there, and the Enablers tells Ethan that he doesn’t have to worry about Theresa: Luis would never let anything happen to her.

They get to the Lobby, and Whitney and  Chad are impressed. Ethan talks about this bringing back memories, and then, this ‘Prince’ comments that maybe this was when I realized that I loved Theresa more than Gwen."


Cause, he continued on with the WEDDING PLANS after that.

And, then he strung Gwen along during the ‘may I date you, stage’.

This is why I loathe the character of Ethan far more than I can express.

He’s always been cruel to Gwen, which is why I can't stand

The callous way that he dumped her.
The complete disrespect and humiliation of that Christmas Eve Proposal.

And the way that he has totally disregarded Gwen since, has been ridiculous.

He purposefully seems to get off slamming and crapping on the TEN YEARS he spent with Gwen.

I don't know what the writers are thinking, that this is gonna prop up the E/T story, trying to re-write the mistakes that they wrote with that travesty.

IMO, it only degrades E/T and totally adds to the ruination of Ethan, who wasn’t that great of a character to begin with.

Theresa and Gwen are far more interesting characters AWAY from him.

The Enablers discuss once again that Whitney didn’t tell her parents she was coming down there, but, she’s glad she’s there for Theresa’s sake. I think there is a purpose to this, but that is another post.

Ethan sees the brochure for the 24 hours wedding chapel, and says that they will get married then. I have such little sympathy for a loser who finds out that his fiance lied, and doesn’t think anything of it. To see his bubble burst, will well be worth it…

Let HIM see how it feels to have your feelings trampled upon.

They all decide to go up to Julian’s room. The Enablers suggest that Ethan go back down and call, but, Ethan decides he wants to see Julian then, so he knocks on the door, and tells Julian he wants to see him.

So, let’s see what excuses Edumb and the Enablers can come up with now…LOL