August 13, 2001

Well, today wasn't so bad.

Subject: Tabby and Timmy

Tabby is determined to get to Timmy, which she does, going through the fire to get to him. She brings him back to the dock, but she sees that he isn't breathing. So, she administers CPR to him. When did Tabby learn it - LOL

Reese observed Tabby doing this and tried to make everyone see that this proves that the doll is alive. Tabitha tells Reese that he is right; Timmy IS her. That he's the only thing in the world that she cares about, and she doesn't care if that makes her seem like a crazy old woman. When Reese continued on his witchhunt, Jessica asked Reese why Tabby didn't use her 'powers' to save Timmy. He came up with an excuse, and they told him to lay off Tabitha.

Once they were all back to the camp, Charity still had her visions. This time it was of Theresa and then, of all of them on the Island. She told them that they were all doomed. Miguel had thought things were bad before, because they were cut off from everyone, and couldn't email anyone to tell them to warn Theresa and Sheridan. But now, Sheridan's seeing bad things for all of THEM - and Tabby agrees with her. Saved from the fire, only to face more danger.

Oh well, what else is new?

Subject: " How could something so Right... Go so wrong? "- Oh, Edumb

Only Edumb could make a statement like this.

Everything that I remotely call 'The Hustle', was front and center today.

Something so right?


Only a dunce who fell for his stalker could utter these words in seriousness.

Only Mr. " Truth means everything to me, but, don't give it to me because I'll just disregard it", could be bending over backwards making excuse after excuse for Theresa.

They had a million excuses for her.

Chad the Enabler.
Whitney the Mega-Enabler, who's been helping Theresa with her delusions since the word go.

And, now, Edumb, the stalking victim, who isn't smart enough to cross the street by himself.

Theresa is a GROWN woman. Instead of FACING what she did, she came up with a SCHEME and RAN.

Ethan has NEVER asked her about this.

Ethan has NEVER told her anything like this.

Remember, she did NOT have any doubts as to the certainty of Ethan's love.

She KNEW that he still loved her.

She KNEW that he was desperate to find her.

She KNEW that he wanted to talk things out, like an ADULT would do.


There isn't an excuse that these three can't come up for Theresa as to why she is in the WRONG for going down to Bermuda.

But, like I said, what would I expect from these three liars.

So, be on your way to Bermuda, Edumb. Save that Parasite who is your 'soulmate'.

Subject: David is growing annoyed with Sam...LOL

I am enjoying the happenings at the Lenox House. Sam, Grace and David, are having a showdown inside, while Pilar and Poison Ivy listen on the outside.

David told Grace that she had a scar on her foot because she cut it on their Honeymoon.Sam tells him he's never seen it, and that this is just a crock, and David tells him to look.

Whaddyaknow...the scar is there.

Just another nail in the coffin.

Sam, by this time, is grasping at straws. He wants anything to help him prove that David is a con, but, David's had just about enough of Sam too. He tells Sam that enough is enough: Grace is his wife, and he's not leaving town without her.

Grace is at the breaking point, and tells them that she's not some trophy in the schoolyard, and that they have to discuss this like adults. She tell David that nothing he's said has jogged her memory, and that she's going to need more from him, and if he can't give it, he's going to have to leave.

So, David pulls out the big gun: he tells Grace that he knows about her love for Angels, and that she had decorated their house full of Angels. This freaks Grace out because her house with Sam also had a lot of Angels in it. Sam says that it's a lucky guess, or that he got it from the magazines, but Grace tells him that all the pictures of their house in the magazines was of the outside, so how could he know. Sensing that he had Grace finally believing him, David continued: he knows about the Angel Girl that would appear to Grace and tell her things about her future. He brings up Faith and Grace's mother, and their powers.

Grace is spooked, Ivy is thrilled. This is more than she had ever hoped for, and the best thing is that she (Ivy) didn't have to do anything. Pilar says that Grace won't honor the marriage. Ivy says, PULEEZE, this is Grace we're talking about, and just when it didn't look like it could get any better for Ivy, David pulls out a Saints Metal from around his neck and shows it to Grace. He's a Catholic, just like she is; they were married in the church, which he even names so that Sam can check out the record of their marriage. Since they were married in the church, he believes it is sacred, just like he knows Grace would.

Grace is in tears. Sam is feeling his world slip away from him. Pilar is making signs of the cross. David thinks he's finally made a breakthrough. And, Poison Ivy is beaming, ear to ear.

Ah......sounds like good soap...LOL

Subject: Woody and Soon Yi Continue Their Follies

Luis is outside of Julian's room, who is on the bed with Theresa. He covers her mouth, and tells her that they can't let Luis know that she's there in his room, because Luis would kill him. Theresa keeps on babbling that Luis will understand, and only when Julian tells her that if they're interrupted he won't be able to consider her request, does she shut up and agree to go to the bathroom.

See, this is why I'm not buying Theresa the 'Victim'. She's conscious enough to not lose sight of her 'goal' - Ethan being adopted.

If she was in SUCH danger, then she could have left with Luis, and been perfectly safe. But, then, where would her 'PLAN' be.

Julian is a DOG.

Everyone and his mother has told her that.

But, she's decided to play game with the Big Boys.

WHEN does she ever accept RESPONSBILITY  for her actions?

Considering the enablers on this show, my guess would be 12 days from never.

Julian gets rid of Luis and Sheridan, and he and Theresa begin drinking again.

Theresa doesn't just pass out on top of the bed. NO, she consciously pulls back the covers...HUH?

And, as far as Julian beginning to feel Theresa up?

EXTREME heebie-jeebies time.