August 30, 2001

I enjoyed today’s show.

Subject: The Happenings on Warlock Island

Tabby has told Timmy to put down the Warlock Scepter. That he doesn’t know about the power of it, and that he can wind up destroying them all. Timmy puts it down, but begins a long argument about why if he can’t use it, Tabby should. After all, they are down in Norma’s trap, and if they don’t find a way out, she will kill them. If the Warlocks will kill them too, what do they have to lose?

Tabby sees Timmy’s point, and picks up the scepter. She tries to cast a spell, and something begins to happen. Timmy thinks they are saved, but, Tabby’s not so sure. Without her full powers, she has no idea what will happen.

Above ground, the teens and Norma are looking for Charity. Simone tells Kay that this is all her fault, and if Charity has died, she’s going to tell all that she knows. Kay says that it’s not her fault that Charity is crazy, and whatever happens because of it isn’t her fault either.

Miguel is frantic about Charity. He even swears! They all are looking for her, and then Miguel finds a piece of her shirt caught in the door of the cave and wonders what happened to Charity.

Charity is in the Warlock’s cave. She’s out like a light, having visions of them all in skeletal form. The Warlock’s are chanting over Charity. They want her to use her powers to help them, and then they plan on killing Charity and everyone else. By the end of the show, Charity is up again, in a trance, and has agreed to help the Warlocks.

Unless something serious happens with this story, it’s just a continuation of being the biggest waste of time in daytime. Where else but this story can you get a soap story that the fundamentals of which haven’t moved in over TWO YEARS. It’s the worst story on Passions, and if not for writing updates, I’d FF this crap.

Subject: Still Lost at Sea

Well, the guys are looking for Sheridan. The monster wave hit, and the boat broke apart. We see that Chad and Ethan are alive, but, they’re still looking for Luis. They see a body with black hair floating, and go to see if it’s Luis. If it’s dead, it’s Basil. Luis is still alive. He has to be – cause this is Passions.

So, we’ve got three crazymen and a murderer out on the high seas. And, still no sign of Sheridan.

Subject: The Wedding Pictures – the New Bird Statue?

Theresa is holding the picture of her wedding to Julian. Rebecca and Gwen come over and Rebecca asks what Theresa is holding. Theresa tells her that it’s nothing, and Rebecca insists on seeing them.

Whitney manages to take the picture and put it back in the envelope, and then Rebecca sees that it says wedding pictures. She grabs it from Whitney, and is about to look at them, when Gwen tells her not to. If these are pictures of Ethan and Theresa getting married, then  she doesn’t want to see them.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Julian are having a talk on the other side of the room. Julian is already counting on being married to Theresa, and Rebecca is SO not a thought in this. Julian had me LMAO when he said that Rebecca will just have to accept it, and that if he’s feeling generous, he’ll consider giving her the ‘consolation prize’ of being his mistress. Bruce told Julian that he’s living in a dreamworld if he thinks that Rebecca is going to take being jilted kindly. Julian talks about the loss of Ethan and ‘other family problems’ of the last year, but  thinks that being married to Theresa is going to mean a new life for him.  Julian is also delusional if he thinks that after all the secrets that she knows, Rebecca is gonna slink away into the night. They hear the ladies yelling and go over to see what’s wrong.

When they get there, Whitney tells them that Rebecca took Theresa’s envelope without her permission. Gwen comments that she knows that they are Ethan and Theresa’s wedding pictures and Bruce volunteers the information that Ethan and Theresa aren’t married, and he knows that for sure. It’s the most hopeful thing Gwen’s heard in awhile, and it has Rebecca’s curiosity piqued even more. Julian tells Rebecca to just look in the envelope, as Whitney and Theresa look on horrified.

Before Rebecca gets the chance, Whitney snatches the envelope back, and pulls Julian away and explains to him the contents of the envelope. Julian is digesting it, when Rebecca takes it back. Julian tells Bruce about the envelope, and he doesn’t understand what’s on Julian’s mind. Julian says that this will spare him the time and effort of telling Rebecca, and Bruce reminds him that if Rebecca finds out NOW, there is NO WAY OUT for Julian. He’ll be STUCK on the island with Theresa AND Rebecca – is that what he wants?

Julian thinks about it and knows it’s not a good idea, so he goes over to Rebecca and tells her that he thinks that’s she should return Theresa’s envelope to her. Rebecca tells Julian she wants to know WHY Julian is once again defending Theresa? What is up with THAT?