A Beautiful Mess - Chapter 10 (Chadresa/Kaguel)
by Faith81

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane, laughed as her son giggled and pointed into the Book Café window. "Who do you see in there?" She asked, her eyes landing on her mother. "Is that Grandma? You know what? I bet Grandma is still mad at Mama." Watching as her mother talked to Grace Bennett she sighed, "Weíll wait and see grandma another time." She spoke walking away from the window. "Today we just have fun."
Heading toward her car she held Little Martin close to her, the winter air was bitter, and she knew her son had to be as cold as she was.
"Theresa!" A male voice called from up ahead. Looking up she let out a groan as she quickly turned around and headed the other way. "Oh dear." She muttered. "Not today."
"Theresa! Stop right there young lady!" The voice yelled as she began to walk quicker. "Theresa, now!"
Stopping in her tracks she turned around to see her older brother, standing in front of her, his arms crossed, his eyes narrowed.
"Luis, um how nice to see you." She tried but is frown told her to just keep quite.
"Running from me, very mature Theresa." Luis sighed. "I thought you were a Ďmature womaní now. Is that how mature women handle their problems, by running?"
"I donít have a problem Luis." Theresa spoke shifting her son to her other hip. "Iím actually very happy with my life at the moment."
"Youíre married to another Crane!" Luis yelled out, ignoring the stares of strangers that passed by.
"But Chad, heís the good Crane." She tried forcing a smile. "Heís one of my best friends."
Luis groaned. "You donít marry someone just because theyíre a friend Theresa! You marry them because you love them, because you belong with that person and no one else!"
"Luis you donít understand." Theresa sighed. "Chad and I, we have plans."
"Plans? You have plans? Theresa youíre always having plans, plans that backfire. Is this another way of getting back at Ethan? Is that it?" He shouted throwing his arms in the air.
"Ethan?" She yelled back. "Why does everything I do have to be about Ethan? Believe it or not Luis, but Iíve moved on from Ethan."
"Iím glad to hear that, but that still doesnít explain this latest stunt youíve pulled!"
Theresa rolled her eyes. "Stunt? Luis it isnít a stunt."
"You ran off and married Chad Harris." Luis fumed. "How is that not a stunt?"
"Its Chad Crane, and I have a very good reason! You know what Luis? I realized something one day, I was sitting in my room feeling sorry for all of us. You losing Sheridan to Antonio, Miguel losing Charity, and me losing Ethan. I thought we had all lost everything, and we would never find happiness. Well you know what? Maybe I was wrong! Maybe the people we thought we belonged with, arenít the right people after all!"
Luis stepped back, his eyes becoming large as he looked at his baby sister. "I belong with Sheridan!"
"Then why is she still with Antonio? Heís getting better Luis, healthier every day and she wonít leave him! I know you love her, I know it hurts, but maybe just maybe its not meant to be."
"I donít know about you and Miguel, but I know who I belong with!"
"And I never thought Iíd see Kay Bennett make Miguel smile like he does. I also never thought Iíd come to the place that seeing Ethan made my skin crawl. Things change Luis, people change and we canít stop that."
"Theresa, this isnít about me and Sheridan. This is all about you and these life changing decisions you make without thinking."
"I did think Luis, and I realized marrying Chad was the right thing to do." Kissing her son on the head she smiled. "Iíve been doing a lot of changing Luis, for the better I think. I realize now whatís important in life, and the most important thing to me is my son. I know my marriage to Chad makes no sense to you, and no its not based on love like I dreamed my marriage to someone would be, but it works. We get each other, and the plans we have, we can make them work. Chad made me see that I can be more that what I am, he even talked me into starting college."
Luis looked at his sister, her big brown eyes stared up at him with honesty. She had changed, it was written all over her face. "Iím impressed." He admitted. "Still not happy but impressed."
Theresa smiled. "Well maybe I know something that will make you happy. Iíve started the process of changing Ethan Martinís name. As of today he is no longer Ethan Martin Crane, he is now Martin Luis Crane, I decided last night." She spoke.
"What?" Luis gasp. "Martin Luis?"
"If its okay with you that is." She spoke. "Iím going to make it legal, name him after the people that really matter to me. Not in my dream world, but in my reality."
Reaching out Luis took his nephew and held him tight. "Did you hear that buddy? Your getting a name change."
"So does that mean its okay?" Theresa questioned.
"Sis its more than okay, its amazing." Luis gushed.
"I just wish I had done this sooner." She frowned.
Luis bent down and kissed her forehead. "I might not understand you Theresa, but I have to say, your growing up."
Fox Crane stood watching his brother flip through papers in their fatherís office.
"So your the new one." Fox spoke crossing his arms, as Chad looked up.
"You must be Nicholas." Chad smiled standing from his seat. "Theresa told me you were here."
"Ah, yes the lovely Theresa." Fox smirked. "And its Fox, Fox Crane."
"Fox?" Chad laughed, "Thatís a interesting name."
"Foxworthy is the middle name my wonderful parents tagged me with. I figured I might as well make something out of it." Fox shrugged.
"Well if you donít mind, can I call you Nick?" Chad questioned.
"Hey, as long as the women think Iím a Fox, you can call me whatever you want."
"Nick it is then."
"So Chad, tell me whatís up with you and that sexy wife of yours? Going after grandfatherís company? Taking revenge on a man like him? You two are either very brave, or very stupid."
Chad shook his head. "Gramps deserves everything weíre going to give him. The man has ruined too many lives, its time for a little pay back, thatís all."
"Pay back huh?" Fox questioned. "You know I received a call from him the other day, he was yelling about his house being remodeled. Iím not sure what all he said, but I did get, pink rooms and the name Theresa, is that part of your pay back?"
Chad laughed loudly, "No, thatís Theresa having fun."
"Creative little thing isnít she?" Fox smirked. "Not to mention a complete knockout."
Chad took a deep breath almost annoyed as his brotherís words. "Theresa is a very talented, beautiful woman. She knows what she wants out of life, and my guess is, sheíll get it."
"Youíre a lucky man Chad. Most men dream of having a hot woman like that, but you have it." Fox watched as Chad lowered his head. "Or do you? Tell me bro, just Ďhowí married are you to Theresa?"
"I believe your getting off subject Nick, we were talking about Al and how I hate him." Chad spoke gritting his teeth.
"Now whoís changing the subject?" Fox smirked lifting his eyebrow. "Your marriage to Theresa is in name only isnít it? You two are just playing man and wife to get back at grandfather."
Chad frowned. "Are you willing to help us Nick? Thatís the real question here. Will you give Julian your vote at the next meeting?"
Fox laughed lightly, his face beaming as he shook his head. "Father needs my vote, oh how I love the sound of that. Father needs me and my help to get what he wants. The man that shipped me off all those years ago suddenly needs my help. Now the question is, will I actually help up? Or walk away from him, like he walked away from me."
"I understand why your bitter, but you could be the better man. Between Julian and Al, who would you rather see running the company?" Chad questioned. "Think about it dude, Julian has more than earned his spot, and good oleí Gramps deserves to be kicked out of that company."
"You make a good point Chad, but I still have a small grudge against father. You see, he never embraced me like he did Ethan. In fact in the short time heís known about you, heís gave you more attention than he gave me, my whole life. Forgive me for being bitter, but I have the right. As for the company, I want to know what I get out of giving father my vote. Forget taking the high road, what else would I get?"
"A position in the company?" Chad suggested. "Something your grandfather never thought you were worthy of. Better yet, you would get Julianís attention, and I know you want that."
"What kind of position?" Fox questioned. "Iím willing to listen, but you have to make it worth my time."
Chad let out a long sigh, "That is something Julian will decide, but Iím telling you now, if you give him your vote, heíll make it good."
Fox thought for a moment, "Before I decide anything I wanta know exactly what I get in return. You and your wife make big promises, but I need to know father will do as you say he will."
"I understand where your coming from. Youíre a true Crane, Nick."
"That I am." Fox laughed. "That I am. Now dear brother, I have a question for you. When this whole revenge plot is over, and you and Theresa get what you want, what then? Will you and Theresa remain in this scam you call a marriage or will you two be ditching each other as quick as possible?" With a slight smirk, he crossed his arms. "Because if you two plan to go your separate ways, I wouldnít mind getting to know the young Mrs. Crane myself."


Kay Bennett took a deep breath as she entered her bedroom, at her parents home. With her mother gone now, the house seemed so empty. Only Jessica and her dad remained in the house, and she realized it no longer felt like home. She had only came back to pack a few things, but as she stood alone in the silence she felt a tear roll down her cheek. "How can this be happening." She whispered. Her family had fallen apart, and in her heart she knew she was partly to blame. Slowly she lowered herself to the floor next to a box and a pile of clothes. "Canít look back now." She spoke picking up a old shirt.
"Need some help with that?" Miguelís voice spoke from the doorway.
A smile came to Kayís face as she turned to see him staring down at her.
"Saw your car outside and I figured you were packing a few things."
"Yeah, daddy told me I could come back home, but I just canít move back here."
Miguel bent down beside her, "Remember when you would sneak out of here to meet me at the beach?" He smiled. "We were what twelve then?"
Kay laughed nodding her head. "Daddy would kill me if he knew about that. I remember we would just sit and talk, it was actually a peaceful time in my life."
Miguel nodded his head. "It was a good time for me too. When I was with you I never thought about papa, or how tough Luis tried to be on us. I could just relax and be my self."
"And I could be me." Kay smiled. "I can dance around in the sand, sing and goof off and you never asked questioned. You just let me be who I am, and I knew then you werenít like other boys."
Miguel smirked, "So are you telling me that youíve always wanted me Kay Bennett?"
"Maybe." She giggled.
"Was it my hot body?" Miguel teased leaning closer to her.
"Well it sure wasnít your brains." She joked pushing him back playfully.
"Hey!" He pouted. "Mama says Iím special!"
"You are special Miguel." Kay smiled, "And I love you even more because of it."
Miguel pulled Kay toward him, wrapping his arms around her as he melted into him. Her head relaxed against his chest as he put one hand on her stomach. "Our child is going to have everything we never did Kay. Sheís going to have the attention we craved, and all the love two people can give her."
"Her." Kay sighed. "It could be a Ďhimí."
"Its a her." Miguel whispered. "I was looking at names today, in this baby book Theresa bought. I never knew there were so many names to pick from. Mama told me we have to look at meanings, because thatís very important."
"Meanings huh?" Kay laughed. "You really thing that matters?"
"Mama seems to think so."
"Miggs, my name means pure." Kay laughed. "I just donít think the meaning matters that much. I mean when you look at me do you think pure?"
"Hey now, donít talk like that." Miguel frowned. "Your one of the sweetest people I know."
"Sweet?" Kay laughed loudly. "Iím sweet?"
Miguel chuckled. "You can be."
"I guess I have my moments." Kay shrugged.
"You know we should start looking for a place soon, we are getting married very soon."
"Iíve looked in the paper for apartments." Kay frowned. "They all cost so much."
"Yeah I know."
"But weíll find something." Kay promised. "It might not be great, but itíll be home."
"How can you be so at ease about this?" Miguel questioned. "Youíve always had such a nice life, and as much as I want to give you that, right now I canít."
Kay at up and looked at Miguel, "I know its going to be hard Miggs. I understand that weíre both going to have to work hard, but Iím willing to do it." Touching Miguelís face with her hand, Kay smiled. "Now, are you going to help me with these clothes?"
Miguel kissed Kayís forehead and smiled. "Yeah, and then weíre going to the beach."
"In the winter?" She laughed. "Your not a winter person Miggs and its been snowing outside for awhile."
Thinking for a moment Miguel smiled, "You make a good point. I have a better idea anyway." He smirked. "How long has it been since you made a snowman?"
"Your kidding right?" Kay asked with wide eyes.
"No, I challenge you to a snowman duel. I bet my snowman will look much better than yours." He winked.
"Your so on." Kay laughed hugging him. "And I will win."
"Weíll just see about that."

Outside the door, a single tear rolled down Jessica Bennettís cheek as she slowly slid down the wall. Suddenly she realized something she had never saw before. "They really have a chance." She whispered to herself. "They could actually make it.í

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