~A Beautiful Mess~ Ch. 13
by Faith81

Chapter 13

Morning shined a new light on Harmony as plans began to come into play. A Sleepy Kay Bennett yawned as she walked into the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, only to find her sister asleep on the couch. A smile crept across her face as she thought of the night before. She could still see Jessica on the doorstep tears streaming down her face as she admitted she had been wrong. The sisters had bonded once again, and Kay knew she was one step closer to having everything.
She felt two arms wrap around her, and she sighed. “She looks so young.” Miguel whispered.
“She’s not even two years younger than me.” Kay whispered back relaxing against the man she loved.
“Jess was always sheltered though, your mother always treated her different. It made you grow up faster.”
“And you dealt with loosing your father and Antonio. We’ve been through a lot.” Kay spoke turning to face him. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck melting against him. “We’ve always had each other though.” Kay smiled. “We’ll always have each other.”
“You do realize we’re getting married in two weeks. Kay, we have to find a place to live.”
“We can look today.” She smiled kissing his lips gently. “After I decide on my wedding gown. Jess is going to help me make my final decision.”
“If she ever wakes up.” Miguel chuckled.
Kay smiled. “Let her sleep.” She whispered. “She needs the rest.”
Taking Kay’s hand Miguel smiled. “Well before she wakes up I have something I want to show you.” He whispered leading her to his bedroom.
“Now?” Kay questioned.
“Now.” He smiled. Walking into the bedroom Kay looked around, her eyes wandering as Miguel walked over to his closet. Taking out a package he smiled as he turned back to Kay. “I found this when I was shopping with Theresa.” He spoke. “It’s not much, but I thought you would like it.”
“Miggs.” She blushed taking the box from him. “What is it?”
“Its something for the baby.” He smiled as they walked over and took a seat on his bed. “Open it.”
Carefully she opened the package, gasping as she saw what was inside. A tiny denim dress with pink bows and lace stared back at her. Beside it a tiny shirt that said ‘I love my mommy’. Tears brimmed in Kay’s eyes as she looked up at Miguel. “But what if it’s a boy?”
“Its not.” He laughed. “Theresa wanted me to get this lacy pink dress, but this one, it looked liked something you’d buy.”
“Its so pretty.” She cried. “I love it Miguel.”
“Really?” He questioned. “I can take it back if you don’t.”
“No.” She spoke quickly. “Its perfect.”
Miguel wrapped his arms around her, “So why the tears?”
“Happy tears.” She whimpered.
Lifting her chin, Miguel placed a tender kiss on her lips. Pulling away he looked in her eyes, staring at her as a smile fell on her face. Again he brushed his lips against hers deepening the kiss as he held her. Kay rested against Miguel as he kissed her, taking in every moment like it was the last. Praying, it was on the beginning, a look into the future. As he pulled her tighter to him, they heard a cough and then another cough. Groaning Miguel pulled away as Kay turned around to see Jessica standing at the door, her arms crossed, with a smirk on her face. “That’s what got you into this mess.” She teased stepping in the room.
“You’ve always had horrible timing.” Kay muttered looking up at her sister.
Jessica chuckled. “Isn’t that what a little sister does?”
Miguel kept his arm wrapped around Kay as he watched her and her sister tease. “I’m just glad you walked in, and not mama.”
Jessica snickered. “I came in here to see if you were ready to make the final decision your dress sis.” Winking she looked toward Miguel, “But if you’re busy, I can come back later.”
Kay rolled her eyes as she stood from the bed. “You’re not funny.” She spoke to her sister. “Let’s go pick out that dress.” She sighed touching her stomach. “While I can still fit in it.”
Jessica followed Kay out of the room, her eyes glancing at Miguel before she shut the door behind her. “Miguel.” She spoke her voice stern.
“Yeah Jess?”
“Don’t hurt her.” She whispered. “She’s been dreaming of this her whole life. Please, don’t hurt my sister.” Closing the door she left Miguel alone to think.
He fell back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. His heart fluttered as he looked over at the tiny dress that still remained on his bed. “I’m falling in love.” He whispered. “I’m really falling in love this time.”

Theresa touched her lips with her hand as she sat down in the upstairs library. Dazed she stared ahead, her eyes never wavering as her mind whirled. She had heard women in the past go on and on about how important friends was. She had ignored them, because she had Whitney. Replaying the night before in her mind she ran her fingers through her hair. She needed a friend, someone to talk to, a person who might understand. She had kissed Chad, and she liked it. There was no one to run to however, no friend to tell the news to. She was alone and friendless now, emptier than she had ever been in her life. In school she had been popular, people seemed to love to be around her. Anytime she had something to say, there was always someone to tell. In the past if she couldn’t talk to Whitney, there was always Chad. Now, she needed someone to talk to about Chad.
“Theresa are you in there?” She heard her mother call out. Looking up she saw Pilar standing in the doorway her arms crossed.
“Mama.” She smiled. “I’m so glad to see you mama.”
Pilar examined her daughter frowning as she walked toward her. “Look at you, you’re a mess.”
“What?” Theresa questioned.
“I knew those Cranes would do this to do.” Pilar went on. “Your hair is a mess, and those clothes, Theresa they are wrinkled.”
“Mama, I can explain.” Theresa smiled. “Something wonderful is happening.”
“Yes, yes, I know. You’re getting revenge on Alistair. It isn’t wonderful Theresa, its dangerous.”
A frown fell on Theresa’s face as she sunk back down in her chair. She couldn’t tell her mother about Chad. She wouldn’t understand she would blame it on him being a Crane.
”Mama it’s not like that.” Theresa whispered. “You have no idea what my life is like right now.”
“Your brother’s say you have matured, but I’m not sure I can believe them Theresa. A mature woman would get out of this situation. Someone who had learned would forget this. You should forget about these Cranes and think about your son.”
“My son?” Theresa swallowed. “That’s the one person I do think about mama. My son is a Crane. I know that’s hard for you to accept, but its true Mama. My son is the reason I want to see the Cranes come out from under Alistair’s control! Mama I have called you for days, but you refuse to speak to me. I wanted to tell you that I am starting college. Why can’t you just be happy for me in the life I have chose?”
“Because its not the right life for you.” Pilar snapped. “Its not a good life at all.”
Theresa lowered her head. “It’s the life I want to live Mama and the Cranes are part of that life now.”
Pilar stepped back from Theresa, tears in her eyes. “I miss my sweet precious daughter.” Pilar whimpered. “The innocent child I raised.”
“I’m not a child now mama, but I’m not some horrible greedy person either. I’m a married woman who loves her child dearly.”
“You married for revenge!”
“I can’t do this with you mama, I won’t argue with you over my marriage to Chad.” Looking up at the clock she frowned. “I need to check on Martin, he should be waking up from his nap.”
“Theresa wait.” Pilar called out.
“I’ll call you mama.” Theresa frowned. “When your ready to treat me like a adult, we’ll talk.”

Fox walked into the music studio his brother was working in, and smirked as he listened to the beat of the music. Chad waved at Fox as the music slowly became silent.
“Not bad.” Fox clapped. “I’m impressed.”
“Nicholas Foxworth Crane is impressed? Should I be honored?” Chad teased.
“That’s up to you.” Fox smirked. “But I didn’t come here to talk about music.”
Chad’s eyes became large. “Did you come to talk about the business and your vote?”
“That I did.” Fox nodded. “Some interesting things went on last night.” Fox said taking a seat.
“Tell me about it.” Chad muttered his mind going back to the kiss he shared with Theresa. It had been simple, yet there was chemistry there he couldn’t deny. It was more than he expected and he wasn’t sure how she had felt about it.
“I talked to grandfather last night.” Fox frowned. “I thought I’d see what the old man had to say.”
“Interesting conversation?” Chad guessed taking a seat in front of Fox.
“The old man tried to play me.” Fox spoke lifting his head. “And no one plays Fox Crane.”
“Play you? What did he do?” Chad knew the man was smart, and his fear was that Alistair would catch on to what was going on.
“He’s promising the company to everyone bro.” Fox smirked. “Offered me a very sweet deal.”
“He made you his heir?” Chad gasped.
“He made the same offer to Jasolyn. Told us both we would become his sole heir if we promised him our vote. My grandfather is smart, but he doesn’t know my sister. She’s a wicked woman.” Fox laughed. “And she has a very big mouth. Not long after I got off the phone with grandfather she called me, bragging of her new position.”
“The same position he had just offered you.” Chad grinned. “So does that mean you’ve decided on a side Nick?”
“I have to look out for myself Chad. Grandfather tried to use me and I don’t like that. You and my father have made the better offer, a offer I trust. I want to see grandfather go down now. You can’t out fox a fox and that’s just what the old man tried to do.”
Chad stretched his arm out to shake his brother’s hand, “Glad to have you on board.”
Fox shook Chad’s hand as he arched an eyebrow, “Just don’t try to pull a fast one on me.” Fox warned. “Because if you do, I will figure it out.”
“No games here man.” Chad promised. “What we say, we mean.”
“We? Is this we you and your sexy wife or you and my father?”
“All of us.” Chad spoke standing. “We all give you our word Nick.”
Fox stood and let out a sigh. “You better stand by that.” Turning away from Chad, Fox crossed his arms. “Now, enough about business, tell me how are you and the beautiful Theresa? Such a pity she’s in this marriage with you, a fine woman like that.”
Chad grunted lowering his head as he took a breath. “The marriage isn’t bad, in fact it is improving.”
“Oh really? So are you staying with her once you get what you want? My offer still stands to take her off your hands.”
“Thanks, but no thanks.” Chad smiled. “Theresa might find you clever, but you’re not her type. She needs a man that believes in love.”
Fox snarled his nose, “Love? Please tell me you’re not into that true love nonsense.”
“Its not nonsense man, love is real.”
Amused, Fox lifted his eyebrow. “Have you ever been in love?” He questioned his trademark smirk on his face.
“Yes Nick, I have.”
With a chuckle he faced Chad. “And how did that work out for ya?”
Chad frowned. “Well as you can see I’m not with her.”
“Exactly.” Fox laughed. “It didn’t work.”
“But it wasn’t because I didn’t love her.” Chad tried watching as Fox’s eyes began to dance.
”It just wasn’t meant to be, right Chad? I’ve heard that line a thousand times and it always give me a good laugh. Sure, the sell ‘true love’ on TV and in every song on the radio, but it’s not real. People get together, people break up, so why bother with it?”
“Because it’s a beautiful thing.” Chad smiled
“If you break out a violin I’m leaving.” Fox teased.
“Joke about it all you want, but one day you will fall in love.” Chad smiled.
“Are you in love right now Chad?” Fox smirked. “Tell me how do you feel about your wife?”
Chad opened his mouth to answer just as the door to the music studio flew open.
“Chad, do you have any idea where Simone is?” A female voice asked.
Fox turned to see two forms standing in the doorway. His eyes went to the woman who had spoke and he smiled. She was tall and beautiful, but unlike most of the women he knew she wasn’t tiny or fragile. She stood tall, her blue eyes piercing as she ran a hand through her short brown hair. Fox grinned, she was a challenge, and it showed in her eyes.
“Sorry Kay, I have no idea where she’s at.” Looking over at the smaller girl he frowned. “You haven’t talked to her Jess?”
Jessica Bennett shook her head. “Not in a week, she was thinking of going away for college, but she hasn’t called me back.”
“I need to talk to her Chad.” Kay frowned. “I need to make things right with my best friend.”
Fox looked at the women and then at Chad. “Chad, where’s my introduction?” He asked his eyes gleaming.
“Jessica and Kay, meet Nicholas Crane, my brother.” Chad sighed. “Nick, these are Ethan’s half-sisters, Sam Bennett’s daughters.”
“I see.” Fox grinned. “Its wonderful to meet two lovely ladies.”
“Save it.” Chad frowned. “Kay’s getting married to Theresa’s brother in two weeks, and Jess is underage.”
Fox glared at his brother. “I can still pay them a compliment, can’t I ladies?”
“Of course.” Jessica giggled.
”Nicholas, are you ‘the’ Fox Crane?” Kay asked looking at him. “I heard Ethan talking about you once. He said you’re a ladies man.”
“Well, my name is Fox.” He smirked.
“And I’m suppose to be impressed?” Kay asked crossing her arms.
“You have spunk.” Fox laughed. “I like that.”
Rolling her eyes Kay looked back over at Chad. “Do you have any idea where Eve might be? She’s not answering her cell phone.”
Chad sighed. “My guess would be that she’s with Julian.”
“Julian?” Kay asked with wide eyes. “Are those two? No, wait are they?”
Chad shrugged his shoulders. “I have no idea.”
“Well maybe I’ll find her, I really want Simone to be part of this wedding.” Kay smiled. “She is my best friend.”
Turning to leave she looked back at Fox, “I do hope your smarter than Ethan Nicholas.” She sighed. “But then again, it doesn’t take much to be smarter than Ethan.”
“Nice meeting you.” Jessica smiled, before Kay grabbed her sister by the arm and yanked her out the door.
“Thanks for the help Chad.” Kay called as the door slammed shut.
“Kay Bennett.” Fox smirked. “She’s very interesting.”
Chad groaned. “And she’s also very pregnant.”

Julian Crane smiled as he watched Eve take a bite of her chicken salad. “I was pleased when you called this morning.” He spoke looking down at his steak.
“I really needed someone to talk to Julian.” She frowned. “I can’t find Whitney, Simone has decided to move away and Chad, I’m not sure where I stand with him.”
Julian frowned. “I’m not the best person to talk to about children.” He admitted. “I was a horrible father to everyone of my children. The fact that they haven’t tried to have me killed yet still amazes me.”
Eve smiled. “You can always try to build something with them now Julian. I believe Fox would be willing if you just tried.” Taking a sip of tea her eyes locked with his. “And our son does want to be part of your life.”
“Our son.” He smiled. “He would bond with you much faster. You’re the good person in all of this.”
“You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself Julian. You have three sons in town right now, that is where you should start. You could also call your daughter’s and speak with them.”
Julian chuckled. “I’m afraid of Jasolyn and Ericka will only listens if Fox tells her too. She looks up to him. As far as Martin goes, do you really think Theresa would allow me to be part of his life?”
“I believe at this point in her life, she would.”
“Enough about my children.” Julian frowned. “Would you like me to look for Whitney? She’s with Liz; it shouldn’t be too hard to find her. Liz isn’t as smart as she thinks she is, I’m sure I could locate them.”
Eve dropped her head, “Whitney doesn’t want me to find her. I’m not her mother now, and that has her heartbroken. Liz gave her this sad story about how she was adopted herself, so she understands her. Whitney refused to listen to me, I tried to tell her that Liz just left her with me, but it didn’t matter.”
“And TC?”
”TC hates me now.” She frowned. “When we adopted Whitney, I made sure he didn’t know who the birth mother was. It was an arrangement I made to protect my sister, and she used it against me.” Wiping a tear from her eye, Eve frowned. “Looks like you’re all I have left Julian.” She sighed. “You’re the only person in this town that still cares.”
“Darling, I will always care.” Julian smiled taking her hand in his as her brought it to his lips. Placing a tender kiss on her hand he smiled. “And our son, he cares too.”
“I pray that you’re right Julian.”
With a teasing smile he winked. “Why Eve, didn’t you know Cranes are always right.”


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