A Beautiful Mess~*~ Chapter 19 (Kaguel/Chadresa/Evian)
by Faith81

Chapter 19

Julian Crane smiled as he sipped his champagne. “I must admit Eve, for a wedding of two town locals, this was quite a beautiful ceremony.”

Eve chuckled lightly. “Those two kids are truly in love. They’ve changed each other for the better it’s really quite amazing.”

“Does that mean I don’t have to worry about young Miguel trying to punch me anymore?” Julian asked with a smirk.

Eve shook her head, “You’re too much Julian Crane.” Shrugging her shoulders she looked over at the happy bride and groom. “Miguel’s not a bad kid, he just loves his sister.”

“Yes those Lopez-Fitzgerald’s are quite close. Sometimes I must admit I envy them.” Julian admitted. “My children rarely speak and when they do it’s to fight over money. To see a family so loving, I just wish I had that.”

Eve smiled, “You do realize Fox and Chad are getting along rather well, and they both seem to adore Martin. I’d say you’re already half way there.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right.” Julian smiled. “My boys are all playing nice aren’t they?”

“Yes Julian they are.” Eve laughed. “Now why don’t we go talk to with some of the other guests? I’d like to talk with Pilar and Sam.”

“Yes, um why don’t you do that.” Julian frowned. “I’ll just stand over there in the corner.”

Eve gently took Julian by the hand and smiled up at him, “Nonsense. If you want them to give you a chance, you must be willing to do the same. Julian these people are my friends.”

Julian stood silent for a moment. He had Eve’s hand in his and her beautiful eyes looking up at him. He had never been able to say no to the woman next to him. She just did something to him, and refusing her was too hard. “Very well Eve, let’s talk with your friends.” He spoke watching as her chocolate eyes beamed.

“Thank you Julian.” She smiled as she pulled him through the masses of people.


Theresa was talking to the waiters at the large reception she had prepared when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Her eyes looked upward and she smiled. “Chad.”

“You know the wedding it over. You can try to relax now.” He suggested. “Theresa you look beautiful.”

His last sentence sent a smile all over her face. Her eyes caught his and she sighed happily as she took his hand. “They look happy don’t they?” She asked gesturing toward Kay and Miguel who were standing in a corner just staring at each other.

“Completely in love.” Chad agreed. “Everything is perfect tonight T, just relax and enjoy yourself.”

“You know, I saw Sheridan talking to Luis a few minutes ago. I really hope she has finally decided who she wants to be with.”

“If Sheridan doesn’t want to be with Luis it’ll shock me.” Chad smiled.

“It won’t shock me.” Theresa spoke honestly. “I thought Charity belonged with Miguel, I was wrong. I thought I belonged with Ethan again, very wrong. I also always thought you belonged with Whitney.”

“And you were wrong.” Chad finished. “Good point.”

“I just realized that sometimes people find happiness in places they never expect to.” Theresa smiled. “Like your parents, look at them Chad. Your mother is glowing and Julian, I’ve never saw Julian look like that.”

“Yeah it’s kind of weird huh?” Chad questioned. “I don’t know how I feel about it. What if he hurts her T, what if Julian remembers he’s a Crane and breaks her heart again?”

“And what if he realizes that his love for her is more important than his last name?” Theresa countered.

“You’re full of good points tonight.” Chad laughed.

“I’m a very wise woman.” Theresa teased seeing an amused look fall on Chad’s face. “I am!” She spoke slapping his arm teasingly.

Chad’s smile was warm as he looked down at Theresa. He had missed seeing the sparkle in her eyes. Her face glowed the same youthful glow he had remembered when he first met her, but with it there was a look of a woman now. He was enjoying watching the strong Theresa emerge again. He wasn’t sure where things were headed with his wife but so far he was enjoying each little moment. So many men wanted to find the perfect woman, but not him. He simply wanted someone who was real, and Theresa was very real.

“You know people should be dancing here.” Chad spoke with a grin. “I mean if you wanta do this thing right that is.”

“You’re very right.” Theresa nodded. “Kay and Miguel are due their first dance and I wouldn’t mind seeing how you handle yourself on the dance floor.” Theresa smirked.

“Me? Oh I’m a pro.” Chad laughed. “I’m not sure you can keep up with me Mrs. Crane.”

“Wow you are a Crane, that’s a lot of bragging.” Theresa giggled.

“Oh and you never brag?” Chad questioned.

“Me? Never!” Theresa grinned. “Ok maybe a little, but only about my beautiful son. I mean the child is gifted Chad, I have to brag on him.”

“Of course you do, mother’s have the right to brag about their kids. Now why don’t we get this reception started?” Chad smiled offering Theresa his hand.

“Sounds good to me.” She answered slipping her hand into his.

Jessica held Reese’s hand tight as she saw the fear in his eyes. Kissing his cheek she ignored the feeling that was stirring in her stomach. “Wasn’t it a beautiful wedding?” She questioned. “Kay looked so happy.”

“Yeah they both looked happy.” Reese nodded.

“I’ve never saw Kay smile so much.” Jessica laughed. “She just can’t stop smiling, but that’s what love does to a person.”

Reese smiled weakly, “You are so special.” He whispered. “So real.”

“Reese is something wrong?” Jessica questioned. “You’ve been acting strange all night.”

“We’ll talk about it later, right now I just want to enjoy being here with you.” He sighed hugging her gently. He took in the smell of her hair as she slowly pulled away from him. Her eyes searched his for a moment and she frowned.

“Are you mad at me about something?” Jessica questioned. “Have I done something?”

“No.” Reese answered quickly. “No of course not. You are wonderful Jess.”

“So what did you want to talk to me about? I’m not going to enjoy the rest of the night until you tell me.” She spoke. Forcing a smile she added, “You know how I am, I can’t stand not being in the loop.”

“Jess please not now.” Reese whispered. “I can’t talk to you about this here.”

“Yes you can.” Jessica spoke pulling Reese over to a corner. “You have been acting strange for weeks. You’ve been ignoring my calls and not showing up when we’ve made plans. Something is going on Reese and I want to know what.”
“I’m leaving for UCLA tomorrow.” He suddenly blurted. “It’s a great college and I really want to go there.”

“What?” Jessica spoke taking a step back. “You’re what?”

“Jess I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you, but with your parents and Kay I just didn’t know how. I was planning to go there after I graduated but things happened. I’ve already transferred and have a place to live. My parents are actually moving out there too. Dad got a great job out there too.”

“You’re leaving me.” Jessica whispered. “You’re just going to pack up and leave me?” She questioned. “How?”

“Jess I care about you, but this is my education. UCLA will give me something Harmony University can never give me.”

“So that’s it?” She questioned as tears began to form in her eyes. “You’re just going to go? You tell me the day before you leave? What kind of person does that Reese? You tell me the day before you go?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you.” He tried seeing the anger in her eyes. “We can try to make it work Jess.”

”Oh sure we can Reese.” Jessica fumed. “You know it will never work out. I can’t believe you’re doing this. Why didn’t you go when you graduated? You weren’t even with me then.”

“No, no I wasn’t.” Reese sighed as he glanced over at Kay.

“No.” Jessica whispered looking over at her sister. “You were with Kay then.” She choked. “You thought Kay was in love with you so you stayed.” She realized. “That’s it isn’t Reese? You couldn’t leave town because you loved Kay, but you can leave me?”

”Jess it’s not like that.” Reese spoke reaching his hand out to touch her arm. He dropped his head as she jerked away from him.

“Don’t touch me.” She warned glaring at him. “What do you expect from me Reese? Do you want me to wish you luck? Tell you I hope all your dreams come true? I’m not going to do that! You couldn’t leave my sister when she was pretending to want you, but you can leave me knowing I’m in love with you.” Shaking her head she turned away from him. “I was just some stand in for you. You couldn’t have Kay so you decided to take the next best thing.” She whispered.
“No Jessica!” Reese spoke turning her back to him. “It’s not like that. You have to believe me, I wanted to tell you about UCLA but I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t leave town when I graduated because this town was going crazy and I wanted to be here. It wasn’t all about Kay. You have to know that. It is just time for me to leave this place. I handled it all wrong and I know that but I do care about you.”

“I think you should leave now.” Jessica whispered wiping the tears from her eyes. “I have nothing more to say to you.”

“Jessie please.” Reese begged grabbing her hand, “Don’t leave it like this.”

Her eyes caught his and she frowned, “I told you, I’m not going to wish you the best Reese. I’m sorry I know it makes me a horrible person but right now I really don’t have it in me. Just leave Harmony and don’t look back because there’s nothing left here for you.” Her words were bitter as she pulled her hand away from his grip and ran out the doors.


“Attention everyone.” Theresa called out as the crowd became quite. With a smile she looked over at her brother and Kay. “I think its time for my brother to share a dance with his wife. I’m pretty sure Kay will agree that she’s waited a long time for this moment, and there’s no need to wait any longer. Now I hear you two had problems deciding on what song would best fit your love, but in the end, Miguel picked a song that he feels best describes what he feels for you Kay.” Theresa finished speaking as music filled the room. The crowd watched in awe as the young newlyweds stared at each other with nothing but love.

Kay took Miguel’s hand as he led her to the empty floor. The soft music began to play as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “So you picked the song out?” She whispered.

“Theresa helped.” He smiled. “I love you Kay.”

This could be it, I think I'm in love
It's love this time
It just seems to fit, I think I'm in love
This love is mine
“I never thought this day would come.” Kay spoke staring up at Miguel. “I never thought you’d love me the way I love you.”

“I do Kay, I love you more than I knew I was capable of loving.” Miguel whispered resting his forehead against hers.

They held each other blue eyes meeting hazel so young yet in that moment nothing mattered. The road ahead of them seemed so far away as the music played. Right now it was just them alone on a dance floor in each other’s arms. They didn’t even notice when the other couples slowly began to dance. All that mattered to them was their love and their child.

I can see you with me when I'm older
All my lonely night are finally over
You took the weight of the world off my
shoulders (the world just goes away)
Eve smiled as she found herself in Julian’s arms slowly moving to the music. His eyes never left her as they took in the words to the love song that was playing. They were dancing in a corner far away from anyone else. Eve didn’t care that people might be staring at her. She didn’t care that she would have to explain things to her friends. All that mattered to her was that she was in the arms of the man that she never stopped loving. She was tired of denying her feelings, tired of hiding what she felt. For years she thought it was wrong to love Julian Crane, but now she knew it wasn’t. It wasn’t wrong to care about a person who understood her like Julian did.

“Eve dear you are so beautiful.” Julian whispered. “So wonderful.”

“Julian, I’ve wasted so much time.” She whispered tears brimming in her eyes. “I’ve ran for so long.”

“Ran from what?” Julian asked his voice deep with concern.

“From this.” She answered touching his lips with her own. “From us.” She murmured pulling away.

“My darling do not apologize. The man I once was didn’t deserve a woman like you.”

“Julian, I’m far from perfect.” Eve sighed. “I’ve made so many mistakes myself.”

“It’s over now Eve, the past is behind us.” Julian promised.

“And the future?” Eve questioned.

Without a word Julian captured Eve’s lips again with a kiss that told her all she needed to know. The future was going to bring many things for them. She felt it in her heart.

Oh, when you kiss me
I know you miss me--
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me--oh, when you kiss me
Oh, yeah

Theresa’s eyes beamed as she watched Julian kiss Eve. Nudging Chad she smiled. “Your father is kissing your mother.”

“I see that.” He whispered wrapping his arms around her waist. “Everyone sees it.”

“And you know why?” Theresa smiled. “Because you can’t hide love like that.”

“Ok fate girl, can we stop staring at my parents?” Chad sighed. “This is all strange.”

Theresa smiled. “Of course. You know you were right, you’re a fabulous dancer.”

“That’s because I’m dancing with you.” Chad smiled.

Theresa rested her head against Chad’s shoulder. She felt a sense of peace with him. For the first time in years she truly felt like she was accepted. She took in his scent and thought about all the years she had waited to feel so relaxed, so free. When she had helped Miguel pick out the song for Kay, her thoughts had went to Chad. The words seemed to speak much of what she had begun to feel for her own husband.

You are the one, I think I'm in love
Life has begun
I can see the two of us together
I know I'm gonna be with you forever
Love couldn't be any better

She wasn’t sure if it was love she was feeling yet because she wasn’t sure what real love was really like. She just knew that when she looked at Chad she knew she could trust him. When she had heard the song played the first time, she remembered the words ‘This love is mine’, it was what stuck out in her mind. Finally this was something that was hers and hers alone. There was no other woman, nothing to stand in the way.

“T, I think this dating thing is going pretty good.” Chad spoke as he looked down at her touching her face with his hand softly.

“I think it could be better.” She spoke with stern look on her face.

“Really? What am I doing wrong?” Chad answered suddenly feeling nervous.

“Nothing.” Theresa spoke finally breaking a smile. “You are doing everything right.”

“So how could it get better?” Chad asked confused.

Theresa only smirked at his confusion as she pulled him closer to him. “Think Crane.” She whispered in his ear.

With a smile Chad nodded his head and gently leaned down kissing her softly. Theresa pulled him closer forcing the kiss to grow as she held him to her.

“Better?” He asked when they finally pulled away.

Almost out of breath Theresa nodded her head, “Much.”

Oh, when you kiss me
I know you miss me--
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me--oh, when you kiss me
Oh, yeah

“Looks like your sister’s marriage isn’t fake after all.” Kay whispered to Miguel. His head turned to see his sister and Chad dancing close together and he smiled.

“Nice to see her happy.” He sighed. “Nice to see everyone happy for a change.”

Kay nodded her head, “I could barely think today when you were saying your vows. Miguel they were so beautiful.”

“You really threw me for a loop when you said you couldn’t say the vows. I almost thought you were going to run out on me.” He smirked.

“Never.” Kay answered back pulling him tighter to her. “You’re stuck with me forever.”

“I’m not complaining.” Miguel smiled. “Today is just the beginning of a new life for us Kay.”

“It looks like it’s a new start for a lot of people.” Kay nodded.

“Maybe but tonight is about us.” Miguel smiled. “I can’t believe I married that little girl that used to get mad at me for pulling her pigtails.”

“It hurt!” Kay pouted. “And you were a brat when you were younger. You used to be such a tattletale. Always getting mad because I could run faster than you.”

“For the record Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald you cheated.” Miguel laughed. “But even then I thought you were the cutest girl in our grade.”

“Just the grade? What about the whole school?” Kay asked with a giggle.

“That too, and now I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever saw. Today when you came walking in you took my breath away. You are far from the tomboy I became friends with all those years ago. You are such a beautiful woman.”

“Oh Miggs.” Kay smiled kissing his lips gently. I love you.”

I can see you with me when I'm older
All my lonely nights are finally over
You took the weight of the world off my
shoulders (the world just goes away)

As the three couples danced together on the dance floor Pilar and Sam watched from the side. They both felt a void in their hearts as the saw the love in the eyes of their children. Pilar saw that Theresa was truly happy with Chad, and that Miguel wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to be with Kay. It was a slow start to rebuilding the family she had feared has been ruined. With two of her children happy maybe the others would soon follow.

Sam let out a sigh as his mind wandered to Grace. His heart was shattered and he wasn’t sure it could be repaired. His wife, his partner was a stranger to him. He couldn’t remember feeling the joy that his daughter was feeling now. He missed seeing his wife look at him with love. He wanted to see his family together and happy again but in his heart he knew it wasn’t meant to be. Sam glanced over at Pilar and frowned. He had been feeling sorry for himself and yet he hadn’t stopped to think about Pilar. This was a woman who still had no idea if her husband was dead or alive. She had lived years without the man she loved. In his mind he knew he would be grateful for the years he had spent for Grace, but his heart only ached. Seeing the pain in Pilar’s eyes he sighed finally breaking the silence. “Pilar would you like to dance?” He questioned his friend.

Pilar smiled, “That’s very nice of you Sam but I haven’t danced in ages.”

“I promise I won’t step on your feet.” Sam spoke forcing a tired smile.

Pilar nodded her head and slowly took Sam’s hand, “I’m sorry Grace didn’t come tonight Sam.”

“Yeah so am I.” He frowned. “But I’ll deal with it later, right now I’m enjoying watching my daughter smile. “

“They are very much in love.” Pilar agreed. “I pray it lasts for them.”

“So do I Pilar.”

Oh, when you kiss me
I know you miss me--
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me--oh, when you kiss me
Oh, yeah

“Isn’t this all just so cozy.” A dry voice spoke as a pair of blue eyes looked up at a very depressed Fox Crane. “I didn’t see you at the ceremony.” With a slight smile she giggled, “I would have noticed you that’s for sure.”

“I snuck in.” Fox answered staring at the girl. “You have to be Paloma, Theresa’s sister? I’ve heard her talk about you, but she didn’t tell me how beautiful you are.”

Paloma grinned. “Let me guess, Fox Crane? I saw your picture in that house of yours today. So why are you at my brother’s wedding?”

Fox frowned, “I’m a friend of Kay’s.”

”I’m sure you are.” Paloma smirked.

Fox shook his head, “I can assure you Kay is very much in love with your brother.”

“Good for them.” Paloma shrugged.

And when you kiss me
I know you miss me
Oh, the world just goes away
When you kiss me

“Look at all these people, they all seem to be in love.” Fox grumbled.

“Not everyone, Kay’s sister was outside on the steps crying last time I checked.”

“Jessica?” Fox asked his eyes widening.

”I guess that’s her name, it’s not like I took the time to stop and say hi. I just want out of this town.”

“I bet that jerk she’s dating did something to hurt her.” Fox spoke with a frown. “If you’ll excuse me.” Fox said stepping back. “It was very nice to meet you Paloma, I’ll have to find out why Theresa didn’t tell me how stunning you are.”

“Maybe she’s jealous.” Paloma smirked.

“Perhaps.” Fox smiled, “But I would guess its because you’re also off limits. You know if you come back to Harmony when you’re legal you’ll have to look me up.” Fox laughed as he turned and walked away.

“Fox Crane.” Paloma grinned watching him walk out the door. “I may have to find out more about you. Yes I will indeed.”


Song: Shania Twain When You Kiss Me..

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