~A Beautiful Mess~ Chapter 2 Chadresa/Kaguel
by Faith81

Theresa smiled as she looked up at Chad, then back down at her hand. "Can you believe we did it?" She questioned touching the simple gold band on her finger. "I canít believe you talked that judge into marrying us so quick."
Chad smiled. "I just mentioned that I was a Crane." He shrugged. "The whole town knows who I am T, it wasnít that hard."
The early morning sun was bright as a cold December breeze hit Theresa. The night before had been so exciting, it was all about revenge, making those that had hurt her pay.
Now she stood on the steps of the Crane mansion with her Ďhusbandí. Of course this marriage was in name only, but it didnít matter. Love had been unkind to her, and she really wasnít sure she even deserved to be loved again anyway.
"Do you think anyone is up in there?" Chad questioned.
Theresa laughed. "This place has become a hotel for the rich and lazy Chad, trust me someone is awake." With a slight shrug she winked. "And if theyíre not, weíre fixing to wake them up."
She watched as Chad rang the doorbell, a smirk on her face as Sandy the maid quickly opened the door.
"Mrs. Crane, err Lopez-Fitzgerald." Sandy frowned.
"Oh no Sandy, its Crane." Theresa spoke. "And you know Mr. Harris, Julianís son?" She smiled.
"Yes maíam." Sandy nodded.
"Weíre here to see Julian." Theresa said walking past Sandy, Chad right behind her. "Iím guessing heís in his study, right?"
With a nod from Sandy, Theresa marched her way toward the study.
"You!" She heard Rebecca shriek! What are YOU doing here?"
Theresa let out a tiny laugh. "Honey, Iím home." She spoke turning her attention toward Rebecca. "Did ya miss me?" She asked crossing her arms. "Cause I sure didnít miss you!"
"Youíre what?" Rebecca squealed. "You donít live here, youíre no longer Mrs. Crane you little hussy."
"Believe what you want Becs." Theresa laughed taking Chadís hand. Looking up at him she winked. "Come dear, lets go find your father."
Snickering Theresa and Chad walked passed Rebecca as she shrieked loudly. "Gwennie, Gwennie get down here NOW! Help that man stealer is BACK!"

Theresa rolled her eyes at the words Rebecca spoke, as she got to the study door. "You ready for this?" She asked Chad as she took a slow, deep breath.
"Ready when you are." He told her.
"Oh Iíve been ready." She spoke opened the door quickly causing Julian to spin around in his chair almost spilling his drink.
"What on earth!" Julian cried out. "That is fine wine you know!"
"Jules darling, you can by more." Theresa spoke. "Your son and I are here to see you."
Seeing Chad, Julian stood up, a smile coming to his face. "Chad, how are you."
"Oh Iím doing good." He smiled. "In fact Theresa and I have some news for you and your father."
"You have news for me? And father too?" Julian asked his eyes growing wide.
"Do you think you can get your father on the phone Julian?" Theresa asked. "This is rather important."
"Yes, yes of course." Julian answered looking up at Chad. "Anything for my oldest child."
Theresa watched as Julian quickly dialed a number. He acted so different around Chad, Theresa realized. It was almost as if he cared about Chad, more so than his other children.
"Yes father, Chad is here, with my former bride." He spoke into the phone. "Theresa father, thatís which one." Julian frowned. "Iím putting you on speaker, they have something say."
Quickly Julian put the phone on speaker and smiled.
"Do not put me on speaker Julian! Do you hear me you idiot!"
"We all you hear you Alistair
." Theresa laughed.
"What do you want?" Alistair questioned. "Iím too busy to have to deal with your little games Theresa."
"Oh this is no game." Theresa spoke. "In fact this is very serious."
"Well get on with it! What is it you want to tell me?"
"Actually I want to do those honors gramps!" Chad laughed his eyes looking up at Chad. "You see Al, when you told me I could become the Crane heir I was very honored. The thought of being in this wonderful family just thrilled me." He spoke sarcasm seeping from his mouth. "But there was one problem, you see I needed a wife."
"Yes, yes I remember." Alistair roared.
"Well he found one." Theresa interrupted.
"What!" Alistair and Julian both yelled.
"Thatís right, Theresa and I were married last night." Chad spoke. "So gramps looks like Iím the new Crane heir. And my wife, well sheíll be right there beside me."
Julian looked up at Chad and Theresa, a smirk coming to his face. Chad was truly his son, only a Crane would think of something so perfectly devious.
"You married her! You married your fatherís former wife?" Alistair yelled. "How could you do something like that? For my money? Is that it, you did this so you could have everything the Cranes have worked so hard for?"
"But Granddaddy." Chad laughed. "I am a Crane, and how is they say it, Iím entitled? Yes I believed Iím very entitled, since youíre the very man who got rid of me all those years ago. Iím a Crane by birth, and you know what I expect to be treated like one!" Chad spoke. "You thought you could play games with me, keep my out of the family, but the joke is on you Al, because I am now the Crane heir."
"Julian do something!" The voice bounded from the speaker phone.
"But father, you did say he had to marry before January. You never said who he had to marry!"
"You stupid man!" Alistair yelled. "You find this amusing."
"Iím sorry father, but I need to hang up now, goodbye." Julian spoke cutting his father off quickly.
The phone went dead, and Julian looked up at Chad and Theresa a smug grin on his face as he put his hands together and began to clap. "Well done." He laughed. "Very well done."
"You find this funny?" Theresa asked.
"Dear, someone needs to stand up to father. And Iíll admit, I have a problem doing that. You are a Crane my boy, you are indeed my son." Julian smiled.
"So if you find this amusing, would you mind if we did a few other things?" Theresa smirked walking over to where Julian stood. "You do realize weíll need a place to stay until we get a house of our own."
Julian nodded his head. "You, and my sonís are welcome to stay here." Julian sighed.
"But you know Julian, this place is very crowded. "Tell my why is Ivy and Rebecca still here?"
Julian groaned. "I canít get rid of them. They simply refuse to leave!"
"What if I could get rid of them?" Theresa asked. "Would you mind?"
"Youíre welcome to try." Julian smirked. "A good cat fight is always fun."
Theresa rubbed her hands together. "Then if youíll excuse me, I have some work to do."

Sam Bennett frowned as he helped his daughter from her bathroom back to her bed. Once Kay was relaxed on the bed he handed her a wet wash cloth. "Not fun is it?" He asked looking down at her.
Kay let out a groan. "Morning sickness does end right daddy?"
"Thatís what they say sweetheart, but Iím afraid your mother was sick the whole time she was pregnant with you and Noah. She was never once sick with Jessica though."
"Great." Kay muttered.
Sam laughed. "Would you like a few crackers? Maybe some iced tea?" He offered. "You really need to eat something."
"Iím never eating again." Kay frowned.
"Kay, baby you have to eat." Sam smiled.
There was a knock at the door and Sam and Kay both looked up to see Grace standing there wearing a frown on her face.
"Grace whatís wrong?" Sam questioned.
"Oh, Iím afraid John is sick. He has the flu and is running a high fever." She frowned. "Iím so worried about him."
Sam looked over at Kay and back at Grace. "Sweetheart, if heís that sick, should he be staying here? Kay doesnít need to get sick."
"Sam! My son is ill and you want me to throw him out?" Grace questioned crossing her arms.
"That isnít what Iím saying Grace." Sam sighed. "I just donít want our daughter to get sick. Sheís in the first stages of her pregnancy and she needs to stay healthy."
"Daddy its all right." Kay frowned touching her father on the arm. "Iíll just stay far away from John."
"Kay, this is your home. You shouldnít have to worry about hiding from John to stay healthy." Sam spoke. "I think John should stay with someone else while heís sick, like his father maybe?"
"Sam, heís my son and I have to take care of him!" Grace almost yelled.
"Heís a grown man with the flu Grace!" Sam spoke standing up. "Will you please stop worrying about him! Your daughter is having a child, she needs us and youíre worried about Johnís running nose and sniffles!"
"Well Iíve never!" Grace huffed. "How dare you speak that way to me!"
"Daddy, please its okay." Kay spoke taking hold of her fatherís hand. "Maybe I could stay somewhere else." She offered. "I donít want you and mom fighting like this."
"Since when do you care about your parents?" Grace suddenly yelled at Kay.
Kay rolled her eyes. "Maybe I donít want to explain to my child, that her grandparents broke up because some man and his son showed up on our door one day!" Kay shot back.
"You should be more concerned with explaining how its mother took its father away from his true love!" Grace answered back crossing her arms.
"Grace enough!" Sam spoke his voice rising.
"Whatís going on in here?" Miguelís voice boomed as he almost ran into the room.
"Miguel!" Kay spoke running over to him.
His arm went around her and he looked down to see fresh tears formed in her blue eyes. "Kay whatís going on?"
"It was nothing Miguel." Grace spoke. "Nothing at all."
Miguel frowned. "I could hear the yelling from downstairs."
Sam let out a sigh. "Grace was telling me that John is sick with the flu."
"Well Kay doesnít need to catch it does she? I mean it wouldnít be good would it?"
"Thatís what I was telling Grace." Sam frowned. "I thought John should stay somewhere else until he is better."
"Or Kay should stay with us at the house." Miguel suggested.
"No." Sam spoke quickly. "I think it would be best if Kay were to stay here, until you two are married that is."
"Married?" Grace frowned. "Miguel and Kay are not getting married."
"Yes mother we are." Kay smiled. "Miguel proposed."
"You did what?" Grace questioned. "But you love Charity, you belong with her."
"Mrs. Bennett, I belong with Kay and my child." Miguel spoke. "Weíre going to be a family."
"But you donít love her! She tricked you, I just know she tricked you."
Miguel looked down at Kay and saw her staring down at the floor. "Kay didnít trick me Mrs. Bennett. The truth is I really care about Kay, and Iíve been attracted to her most of my life."
"But, but what about Charity?" Grace questioned. "You love her."
"And when she wasnít around, I couldnít keep my eyes off Kay. Kay and I would be together now anyway if Charity hadnít came along."
Kay smiled. "And Iím staying at Miguelís until John gets better." She spoke. "Iíll even stay in Luisís old room."
Miguel laughed. "Mama will make sure you stay in Luisís old room."
"Fine, do whatever." Sam frowned.
Miguel smiled. "Iíll call mama and tell her to get your room ready."

Theresa was grinning widely as she walked out into the living room at the Crane mansion. Ivy looked up and frowned. "What are you doing here?" She questioned.
Theresa let out a sigh. "Oh Ivy, didnít you hear? Mama Crane is back!" She said with a tiny giggled. "Iím home."
"Youíre what?" Ivy yelled. "You are no longer a Crane you little"
"Now, Ivy." Theresa spoke cutting her off. "Is that anyway to talk to the wife of the Crane heir?"
Ivy let out a gasp. "What did you just say?"
Theresa held out her hand, showing Ivy the gold band on her finger. "Chad and I were married last night. You know Chad donít you Ivy? Julianís oldest son?"
Ivyís face went pale. "You married Chad? Of course you did, youíre a little gold digger."
Theresa frowned. "Ivy, you know talk like that isn't going to help you any. I mean now that I am the lady of this house again, you should respect me."
Ivy laughed. "Julian will never let you stay here!"
"Actually." Theresa grinned. "You remember when Julian kicked me out? When you laughed as I tripped over my bags heading out the door? Well Ivy, the joke is on you!"
"What are you talking about?" Ivy shrieked.
Theresa let out a laugh. "Jules told me to do some house cleaning Ivy. Its time for me to take out the old, unwanted trash." Crossing her arms she arched a eyebrow. "So Ivy, get out of my father-in-lawís house, or else Iíll throw you out myself!"


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