A Beautiful Mess~*~ Chapter 21
by Faith81

Kay felt Miguel wrap a protective arm around her bringing her closer to him. He refused to let go of her as Charity rambled on.

“Miggs she’s drunk.” Kay whispered looking up at him with fear in her eyes.

“I see that.” He frowned.

Charity turned around and faced the crowd of people. Slinging the bottle around in her hand she shook her head. “Look at you people, laughing and dancing and enjoying their wedding. You’re all so happy for them.” She rattled. “So happy that Kay finally snagged Miguel. You people all claimed to be happy for me too, when I had him but it was a lie wasn’t it? Just a bit fat lie!”

“Charity sweetie I think its time to go home.” Sam spoke taking Charity by the arm.

“No!” She yelled jerking away from him. “I’m not finished!” Her voice was that of a child, but as she turned back Kay, there was anger in her eyes. “Look at you two, you’re pathetic. She’s been chasing you for years and you were finally dumb enough to fall for it.” Charity spoke as her hair fell in her eyes.

“Charity please don’t do this.” Miguel spoke frowning.

“Shut up Miguel!” She yelled. “Just shut up!”

“Charity, let’s talk about this somewhere more private.” Kay spoke stepping away from Miguel. “Just you and me.”

“Kay no!” Miguel and Sam spoke at the same time.

“I don’t wanta talk to you I want everyone to hear what I have to say!” Her words were slurring together at times as she took another drink out of the bottle. “I loved him! I loved Miguel and everyone here knew it. Look at you people, no one cares that I got hurt do you? I bet everyone is so happy for them huh? I heard Miguel and Kay, Kay and Miguel from the moment I came to Harmony, but it was my heart he wanted not hers! Not yours Kay!” She spoke her eyes going back and forth between the crowd and Kay. “I was good, I was sweet, but look at me, look at what it got me.”

“Charity please, you need to get out of here.” Sam pleaded. “You don’t want to do this.”

“Dad’s right Charity, let me drive you home.” Noah offered stepping forward.

“Why so I won’t ruin things for your sister? To late for that.” She laughed.

Noah shook his head and stared down at the bottle in her hand, “How much have you had to drink?” He questioned.

“None of your business.” She spoke looking at the bottle. “I just wanted, I just wanted to, umm I forgot what I wanted to do.” She slurred as she tried to find her words. “Forget I just wanted to forget.” She finally got out.

“I understand.” Noah spoke. “So why don’t you let me get you out of here. You don’t need this.”

“I’m not finished.” She frowned.

“Yes you are.” Sam told her taking the bottle from her hand. “You are going to go home and sleep this off.” He ordered.

“You’re not my father, you can’t tell me what to do.” She spoke trying to move past him. She bumped against his arm but stumbled stopping her from leaving.

“Charity, it’s time to go.” Sam commanded. “Now.” He took her by the arm and looked toward the door.

“Dad wait.” Kay called walking over to where her father and Charity stood.

Instinctively, Miguel, Noah and Fox quickly formed a wall around Kay. For the first time Miguel didn’t object to Fox being near his wife, in fact he was almost grateful. He had no idea what Charity might do in her drunken state, and with his wife pregnant he had no plans on finding out.

“You want something?” Charity questioned fighting to get her arm away from Sam. She lost her balance as she pulled away and almost fell backward, but Sam’s arms caught her quickly.

“Charity, you’re right.” Kay spoke dropping her head. “I did you wrong, we both did. I know you love Miguel, and I know what its like to watch someone else with him. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“No you’re not, your just saying that.” Charity huffed

“Believe what you want.” Kay shrugged, “But I really am sorry. The people here didn’t do anything wrong. These people, they are our friends and family. They support Miguel and me because the love us. Don’t be angry with them, they just want everyone to be happy.”

“Everyone but me.” Charity whispered.

“No, they want you to be happy too.” Kay added. “I want you to be happy.”

“I was happy with Miguel.”

“Look Charity, I’m not going to apologize to you for loving Miguel. I loved him long before he even knew your name. I will never be sorry for knowing him, or wanting him. My love for him, it started long ago. I am sorry that you got caught in the whole thing, and I’m sorry you’re hurt. If you want to be mad at me you can, but don’t take it out on everyone here.” Kay stood tall as Charity slowly backed away.

“I hate you.” She muttered under her breath.

“If hating me makes you feel better go for it. I can’t stop you.” There was calmness in her voice as she spoke to Charity. “I thought I hated you too for a very long time, but I realized I didn’t actually hate you. I was just jealous of you, and you know what I still am.” Kay frowned. “Not because of Miguel, but because of who you are and what you stand for.”

“He was mine.” She whispered. “Mine.”

“I love Kay now Charity, please just go home. You’ve done enough, this isn’t like you.” Miguel spoke. “Please leave Kay alone.”

“Kay, Kay, Kay, you’re sooooo worried about Kay.” Charity laughed through anger. “I remember when you didn’t care about Kay. You said Kay had a silly crush, that you could never love Kay. You told me Kay was too complicated Miguel, complicated, that’s what you said.” The words came slowly from her mouth almost like slow motion. “Don’t you remember Miguel? When you said Kay wasn’t girlie enough for you? That she was just your best friend; you called her one of the guys! Hear that Kay? One of the guys!” Her voice was loud as she stared into Kay’s eyes. “He only wanted one thing out of you Kay, and you gave it to him didn’t you? That’s why he’s with you, because you were more than willing to throw yourself at him!”

“Get her out of her now dad.” Noah spoke.

Sam nodded his head and gripped Charity’s arm. “I’m taking you to your aunt young lady.” He spoke his voice angry. “I can’t believe you did this.”

Everyone watched as Sam finally dragged a staggering Charity out of the building as she mumbled something about the room spinning.

“Kay, are you okay?” Miguel spoke looking at his bride.

Tears glistened Kay’s eyes. “I need to be alone for a little while Miguel.” She whispered. “Why don’t you check on your mother? I’m sure Charity’s little outburst stunned her.”

“Kay I want to be with you right now.”

She shook her head no and sighed, “Not now Miguel, I just need a little time.”

Julian Crane watched as Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald consoled her son. His eyes went to the woman next to him and he saw the worry on her face. “That was quite a scene wasn’t it?” He questioned.

“Yes, yes it was.” Eve frowned. “Poor Kay, she looked so hurt at what Charity said. I realize Charity was hurting and I know she was drunk, but she said some very hurtful things.”

“You’re worried about Kay aren’t you Eve?” Julian asked. “Darling she has plenty people here that love her.”

“She doesn’t have her mother.” Eve frowned. “And she needs her now.”

“I feel bad for those two kids.” Julian sighed. “Weddings in Harmony never go right do they?”

“Apparently not.” Eve whispered. “Oh Julian, those two kids didn’t deserve to be humiliated like that. They really do love each other. I know Kay isn’t perfect, and I suspect she’s done a lot of things in her life she regrets but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve love.”

“I know dear, I agree.” Julian smiled. “Just like us right Eve? The town is whispering about them just like they are us?” He questioned. “People here really need to find hobbies.”

Eve chuckled. “Oh Julian, you know I don’t care what people in this town say to me. I know that I’m very happy to be here with you tonight. My friends will accept that I care for you Julian, and if the rest of this town doesn’t like it I can’t help that.”

Julian frowned, “Eve darling, I don’t want people to look at you badly because of me. I know what this town thinks of me, and I don’t want to drag you down with me.”

Eve smirked, “Little late for that isn’t Julian?” She teased. “It’s time that I stood up for myself and its time that we let everyone know that we care about each other.”

“I like this side of you darling.” Julian whispered taking Eve’s hand. “I like it very much.”
Miguel stood in the corner nervously waiting on Kay to return. He couldn’t believe Charity had tried to ruin everything. Letting out a sigh he leaned against the wall and frowned.

“That was quite a show your ex put on.” Paloma spoke walking up to him. “And mama always said she was so meek and mild.”

“Paloma.” Miguel smiled. “I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to spend with you.”

“You’ve been a little busy.” Paloma nodded. “Don’t worry about it.”

“It’s been so long, I can’t believe you’re so grown up.” Miguel sighed.

“I can’t believe you’re married.” Paloma smiled, “I can’t believe Theresa’s married either. To her son’s brother?”

“Chad’s a good man.” Miguel told her. “He might actually be good for Theresa.” He shrugged. “I just want her happy.”

“Well she’s a Crane, so I’m sure she’s delighted.” Paloma muttered. “Anyway.” She spoke quickly changing the subject, “Where’s your wife at now?”

“She needed air.” Miguel frowned. “And I know Kay, so I let her go for now. I can’t believe Charity was so harsh.”

“She was drunk Miguel.” Paloma reminded him. “And she’s angry.”

“Paloma, I’ve already talked to Charity. She knew I was marrying Kay, she knows how much I love Kay. There was no reason for today’s scene.”

“You hurt her.” Paloma shrugged. “So she needed to vent a little.”

“She called my wife easy.” Miguel argued, “That was stepping across the line.”

“I’m sure once she sleeps it off she’ll regret what she did.” Paloma frowned. “Your wife isn’t a saint though. You were with Charity when she got pregnant weren’t you?”

Miguel’s eyes grew angry as he looked at his younger sister. He wouldn’t let anyone talk about his wife. Kay wasn’t perfect but neither was anyone else in Harmony. “Paloma, you don’t know the story.” He spoke his voice low. “You don’t know anything about my relationship with Kay. We had danced around are feelings for years, me doing most of the dancing.” He sighed. “I know I hurt Charity, and I know what happened was bad but it wasn’t Kay’s fault. You’re my sister and I love you, but you weren’t here and you don’t know everything that happened.”

“Well I guess you put me in my place.” Paloma shot back. “I am very aware that I wasn’t here Miguel. More than anyone I know that I missed out on a lot. Let’s face it I missed out on everything! Forgive me if you think I overstepped, I’m sure you wouldn’t feel that way if it was Theresa or Luis talking to you.”

Miguel shook his head, “You’re wrong Paloma, I’ve went toe to toe many times with both of them.”

“Well I wouldn’t know, its not like I was here to see it.”

“That’s not my fault.” Miguel spoke quickly. “I always hoped you’d come back and live with us.”

Paloma saw that Miguel wasn’t backing down and sighed. “I’m sorry Miguel, I guess I’m just a little wound up.”

“Don’t worry about it sis.” Miguel smiled, “Listen, we’ll talk later but right now I need to go find Kay. I’m starting to get worried about her.”

”Yeah of course go.” Paloma nodded.


Kay wiped the tears out of her eyes and let the fresh air hit her. She looked up at the moon and frowned. “Does he really love me?” She whispered.

“Of course he does genius.” A sarcastic voice spoke from behind her. “He married you didn’t he?”

“Crane.” She muttered. “Not now.”

Fox walked out and shook his head, “Your cousin puts on quite a show. I never would have thought she had it in her.” He snickered.

“Did you hear the things she said? That Miguel used to tell her all those things about me?”

“And yet he married you today.” Fox sighed. “And he had that look in his eyes, the one that makes me nauseous.” He spoke looking down at her. “He loves you Kay, he loves you and not her.”

“But.” She began but he cut her off by shaking his head.

“He loves you. You won Kay, you won and she lost. Stop crying about what your drunk cousin said and go find your husband. This is no time to be upset.”

“You really believe he’s in love with me?” Kay whimpered standing up.

“Look, if I hadn’t thought this thing was real I would have told you to come clean with him today. I would have loved to had a chance with you, baby or no baby but I could see that you two love each other. Now I’m no romantic, but its real Kay. So please just let it be real and forget about that blonde that tried to ruin things.”

“Thanks Crane.” Kay smiled hugging Fox gently. “You’re a good friend.”

“Friend.” He laughed. “I’m not used to hearing women say that word.”

“Well get used to it.” Kay smiled.

“Well as your friend I think you should go back inside. It’s freezing out here and its not good for you.” Fox sighed running his hand through his hair. “You’re husband is waiting for you.”

“Yeah.” Kay nodded. “Do you think it’s a bad idea for me to go check on Jess tonight? I really don’t think I’ll enjoy anything until I know she’s ok.”

“She’s nursing a broken heart what can you do to help her?” Fox asked.

“Be her big sister?” Kay questioned. “She needs me.”

“Its your wedding night.” Fox countered. “You should be with your husband.”

“After I see my sister.”

Fox shook his head, “I can’t win with you can I?”

“Nope, but don’t feel bad no one else can either.” Kay laughed. “Want to come back in with me?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll get Theresa to introduce me to that cute blonde waitress.” Fox smirked. “Of course the little redhead is hot too.”

Kay rolled her eyes. “You’re such a Crane.”

“Is that your feeble attempt of a insult?” Fox laughed as the door shut behind them.

“Kay.” Miguel’s voice spoke as Kay looked up to see her husband standing staring at her. “Can we talk?”

“I’m out of here.” Fox spoke. “You remember what I said.” He spoke to Kay as he walked off.

“I don’t like him.” Miguel huffed his eyes glaring at Fox until he had disappeared in the crowd of people.

“He’s harmless.” Kay smiled. “Honest.”

Miguel nodded his head and took Kay’s hands into his. “Are you feeling better? I am so sorry about Charity. The things she said, the way she acted. You have to know Kay, you must know that I love you.” He rambled. Kay slowly placed her finger on her lips silencing him.

“Miguel.” She smiled touching his cheek with her hand. “Shut up.”

“What?” He whispered confused at her reaction.

“I know you had a past with Charity, I know there was a time when you loved her and not me. She was mad Miguel, drunk and mad so of course she was running her mouth. It stung at first, but I know you love me. If anyone knows how important marriage is to you its me, and I know you would have never married me if you didn’t love me with your whole heart.” She smiled. “So please just don’t worry about it.”

“You’re, you’re so..”

”Unbelievable? Wonderful? The best thing that ever happened to you?” Kay giggled cutting him off.

“Yeah all of those.” He nodded.

Kay wrapped her arms around Miguel’s neck. “Will you just kiss me?” She whispered.

“Consider it done.” Miguel nodded capturing her lips with his.


Noah Bennett paced back and forth as he waited for his sister to return. Worry was in his blue eyes as he searched for her. He couldn’t help worrying about Kay, she was his sister and she wasn’t as strong as people thought she was.

“She’ll be fine.” A soft voice spoke as a hand gently rested on Noah’s arm. “She has Miguel.”

Noah’s eyes glanced over to see Theresa standing beside him. “This was her day, she just wanted it to be perfect.”

“Her wedding was perfect.” Theresa smiled.

“No, it wasn’t. Mother wasn’t here, and that hurt her Theresa.” Noah whispered. “It hurt her more than she’ll let on. Then Charity had to show up and say all those things? Kay and Miguel didn’t deserve that.”

“No they didn’t, but at least the got married. Most weddings in this town never get to the ‘I do’s’.” Theresa chuckled.

“Speaking of weddings, you and your husband seem happy.” Noah smiled.

“We’re testing waters.” Theresa nodded. “And so far it’s going good.”

“I’m happy for you Resa.” Noah smiled. “You deserve to be happy.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen.” She shrugged. “If this marriage will be real or what, but I know that Chad understands me like no one ever has. I don’t know Noah, I just think that’s worth something.” Theresa spoke.

“Yeah sounds like it is.” Noah nodded.

“Excuse me, Theresa.” A female voice spoke forcing Noah’s eyes away from Theresa and over to the beautiful blonde.

“Sheridan.” Theresa gushed, “You look great.”

“Thanks.” Sheridan blushed. “I just wanted to tell you how beautiful everything was today. You really outdid yourself again.” She smiled.

“It was nothing.” Theresa shrugged. “Just wanted my brother to have the day he deserved.”

“He would have if my crazy cousin hadn’t ruined it.” Noah grumbled. “Poor kids.”

“Cousin?” Sheridan asked lifting an eyebrow.

“Sheridan, have you met Noah Bennett?” Theresa questioned. “Sheridan Crane, meet Kay’s brother Noah.” She smiled.

“Hi.” Sheridan smiled her blue eyes sparkling. “Yes I can see the resemblance to your father.” Sheridan spoke. “Nice to meet you Noah.”

“Its nice to meet you as well.” Noah spoke. “I’ve heard a lot about you from dad, he speaks highly of you.” Noah smiled his own blue eyes twinkling.

Theresa eyed Noah and then turned back to Sheridan, “Have you spoke with Luis tonight?” She asked. “Not to be nosey but I just had to ask.” She laughed gently.

Sheridan shifted nervously. “I’ll be speaking to both of your brothers tonight.” She sighed. “And once I do, everyone will know how I feel.”

“Sheridan.” Theresa spoke touching her hand. “Good luck in whatever you decide.”

“Thank you Theresa.” Sheridan nodded. Glancing back at Noah she smiled, “It was nice to meet you Noah.”

“Yeah you too.” Noah spoke as the woman quickly walked away. “She seems like a very nice person.” He whispered to Theresa.

“Yes she is, and after tonight she’ll be with one of my brothers for good.” Theresa smiled. “I just pray she follows her heart.”


Jessica Bennett stormed into her mother’s Bed and Breakfast her eyes red as she saw Grace standing at the counter. “How could you?” She yelled as the door slammed behind her. “How could you do that to her? Where were you tonight mother?”

“Excuse me?” Grace questioned. “Young lady I don’t like your tone.”

Jessica rolled her eyes, “She wanted you there, she just wanted her family to be there.” She whispered. “But you couldn’t do it could you?”

“I suppose you’re talking about your sister?” Grace sighed. “I really didn’t want to waste my time going to a wedding I knew wouldn’t happen.”

“Wouldn’t happen?” Jessica asked. “What do you mean wouldn’t happen?”

Grace shrugged her shoulders, “Jess, I knew Miguel wouldn’t actually go through with it, not when Charity is his soul mate.”

Jessica shook her head, “It did happen mother! Miguel married Kay tonight and spoke the most beautiful vows to her I have ever heard!” She yelled. “Miguel doesn’t love Charity, he doesn’t want her! Why can’t you get that? He is in love with Kay, his wife.

“He married her?” Grace gasped her color going white.

“Yes mom.” Jessica frowned. “He married Kay, your daughter who loves you despite the way you treat her. Miguel is in love with her and they are looking forward to a future together with their baby. Why can’t you see that? Everyone else in town can see it but you.”

“Jessica honey, I love your sister, but she has been terrible to me.” Grace frowned.

“And you haven’t treated her like dirt?” Jessica questioned. “You missed her wedding mother. The wedding she has dreamed about all her life. How could you hurt her like that? Not be there when she married the only man she has ever loved? Would you have done that to me? If I was marrying someone Charity loved once? Is that the way you treat your daughters?” Jessica asked her voice trembling. “Why do you love her more mom? How can you love your niece more than the people you gave birth to?” She cried. “How?”

“Jess how could you even ask me something like that?” Grace spoke her mouth falling open. “I love you with all my heart.”

“I remember when I believed that.” Jessica spoke staring at her mother. “I remember when we were little and you truly loved us. I don’t know what happened to you mother, but I can honestly say I now regret the day Charity came into our lives. That day you decided she was more important than Kay and now, I guess she means more than me.”

“Take that back.” Grace frowned her eyes becoming angry. “Jessica how can you say that?”

“Because mother I sat at a church today watching my sister pretend that she wasn’t hurt that you weren’t there. I saw the hurt in my father’s eyes when he walked my sister down to Miguel and didn’t see you. You have always been there for Charity when it came for her love for Miguel. You supported her even though you knew that Kay has had feelings for Miguel for years.”

“I didn’t.” Grace started.

“Don’t!” Jessica yelled. “Just don’t! I knew how Kay felt mother, and you did too! The way she looked at him, the things she’d do for him, we all knew! I was just a brat that didn’t want my sister happy, but you, you are her mother! You knew from the second Charity came into town that Miguel’s feelings for her would hurt Kay, but you still backed Charity. Charity should have been told about Kay’s feelings as soon as we realized she was related to us. Kay wouldn’t do it, but I should have.”

“Charity’s love for Miguel is pure. Kay just had a silly crush.” Grace spoke crossing her arms. “Those things can’t compare.”

“Compare? Kay had spent years as Miguel’s best friend. She was the person he turned to when he was hurting. They had their own special codes mother, they could finish each other’s sentences, but when Charity came along that all changed and we both just rallied behind Charity.” Jessica’s words spilled fast as the hurt began to leave and anger seemed to brew. “At least I came to my senses, but mom, you just couldn’t.”

“You have no right to talk to me this way!” Grace yelled. “You’re becoming just like Kay!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t be talking to you like this mother, but someone needs to make you see how much you are hurting this family. All you think about is Charity, and it’s just not right! I’m so sorry we’re not perfect. Forgive me if I can’t be every thing you and Charity are. What’s wrong with you mom? Are we just not Standish enough for you?” Jessica growled. “You always taught us not to judge people mom, but it’s been real easy for you to throw stones lately and lets be honest you’re the last person that should be throwing anything at anyone!”

“Don’t you speak to me like that!” Grace yelled raising her hand.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on my daughter!” Sam’s voice suddenly boomed as the front door flew open.

“Daddy!” Jessica cried out running over to her father who was holding Charity by the arm.

“I’m not drunk.” Charity rambled. “Let go of me, let me go.”

“Charity?” Jessica questioned looking up at her father.

“Long story.” He frowned. “Are you alright sweetheart? What are you doing here?”

“I’m fine daddy.” Jessica whispered through tears. “Daddy, Reese and I broke up tonight and I just couldn’t stay at the wedding.”

“Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry.” Sam spoke letting go of Charity as he wrapped his arms around Jessica.

“Whoa the room is like spinning.” Charity spoke going sideways as Grace ran to her.

“Charity what in the world is wrong?”

“She’s drunk.” Sam spoke his arm still wrapped around his daughter. “And she tried to ruin Kay and Miguel’s reception. Now would you like to tell me why you were about it my daughter?”

“Our daughter was being very rude and I just lost my temper Sam. I am truly sorry.” Grace frowned. “You know I don’t believe in hitting our children.”

“And yet when I walked in you had your hand raised to slap Jessica.” Sam frowned.

“Things got out of hand.” Grace spoke glaring over at Jessica.

I was mad at her for not showing up at the wedding.” Jessica admitted. “I did say some mean things.” She whimpered.

“Mean? You know who’s mean? Kay is!” Charity slurred. “She’s just mean, mean mean!”

“Grace get that girl upstairs.” Sam frowned. “Well discuss this when you come back down.”

“I don’t wanta go upstairs!” Charity spoke pulling away from her aunt.

“Fine!” Sam spoke harshly. His eyes went back to Grace, “Where were you tonight?” He questioned. “Where were you when our little girl walked down the aisle and married Miguel?”

“I was here.” Grace whispered. “I can’t support Kay and Miguel. I just can’t.”

“Support? All you had to do was show up. You just had to be there tonight for her. She’s you’re daughter, and it was her wedding, this was one night you should have put aside for her. How could you not show up?” He questioned.

“I didn’t think Miguel would actually marry her.” Grace shrugged. “Not when he loves Charity.”

“He doesn’t love her!” Jessica yelled. “See dad? See what she’s like now.”

“Jess please don’t yell at your mother.” Sam whispered.

“Yes sir.” Jessica frowned.

Sam shook his head and looked back at Grace, “You’re not the woman I married.” He whispered. “You’re not the woman who raised my children, and taught them to be strong, wonderful people. I had all these dreams for us Grace, we’d grow old together and have our grandchildren on the weekends. Those dreams will never come true now. Everything I planed, all the things I hoped for will never be.” He spoke looking down to see tears falling from his daughter’s eyes.

“You make it sound so final.” Grace spoke. “Sam, I still love you.”

“I wish I could believe you, but the facts can’t be denied. You were going to leave with David until our daughter told you the truth Grace. You said you loved him, and then tonight you couldn’t even show up at our daughter’s wedding.
That said all that needed to be said. You don’t want to be a member of this family, so don’t worry Grace you don’t have to be.”

“But Sam.” Grace whimpered.

“No buts.” Sam frowned trying to be strong for the teenager that was crying in his arms. “You let both our girls down tonight and you can’t even see that. You were going to hit Jessica, and that isn’t like the woman I love. Tonight proved what I have been fearing, our marriage is over and this time it can’t be repaired.”

“I’m not the only one that’s changed Sam, you used to be a man that never believed in giving up.” Grace cried.

“I can’t hold on to dreams forever Grace.” He shrugged. Looking down at his daughter he frowned, “Are you ready sweetheart.”

“Yeah.” She nodded glancing back at her mother. “Mom, I’m sorry.”

Grace shrugged her shoulders then wiped the tears from her eyes. Her eyes went to Charity who was leaning against the wall. “I have to help Charity, it’s so unlike her to do something like this.”

“I don’t feel too good.” Charity spoke.

“Daddy please.” Jessica whispered. “Let’s go home.”

Sam nodded his head and wrapped his arm around his daughter. Looking back at his wife he let out a sigh. “Tomorrow’s a new day Jessie.” He spoke under his breath. “For all of us.”


“He dumped her.” Kay whispered as Miguel pulled his car into the drive of their house.

“What?” Miguel questioned looking over at his wife. “Are you talking about Reese?”

Kay blinked her eyes and looked back at Miguel. “Daddy.” She spoke dropping her head, “He dumped her tonight.”

“Kay? What are you talking about sweetheart?” Miguel asked taking her hand.

Kay shrugged her shoulders. “I just felt it, dad is done with my mother. I can’t explain how I know but I just do. My parents marriage is over.”

“Did you have a premonition?” Miguel asked as his hazel eyes grew large.

“No!” Kay answered quickly. “No nothing like that, just a feeling. I promise you I saw nothing, I just know somehow.” Her eyes became large as well. “Oh no Miguel, do you think I’m becoming her?” Her voice squealed the question and her eyes glared as Miguel chuckled.

“Don’t go there.” He smirked. “No Kay I don’t think you’re becoming Charity, but you are a Standish and you can’t fight that.”

“What if I want to?” She questioned crossing her arms. “I’ve never had these feelings before.” She huffed.

“Maybe you’re carrying the next Standish woman?” Miguel smiled. “Think our daughter will have those powers and that’s why you had that feeling?”

Kay rolled her eyes, “Oh please, now you sound like Reese. We’re having a son, I told you I just know it.”

“It’s a girl.” Miguel muttered under his breath.

“Whatever.” Kay spoke, “But my parents marriage is over, and Jess is going to need me tonight.”

“Tonight?” Miguel questioned. “Kay I’m not sure if you know this or not but it is our wedding night.”

“You think?” She gasped then smirked. “Yes Miguel I know its our wedding night, but my sister needs me. I know she does.”

Miguel dropped his head, “It’s really late, I’m sure she’s in bed right now.”

“No, she’s in her room crying because Reese broke her heart, and then something happened, I don’t know what but something else happened.” Kay frowned. “I need to see her Miguel, she needs me.”

“Just a feeling again?” He asked.

“Something like that.” She shrugged.

“It can’t wait until the morning?” He whined. “You know the day after our wedding ?”

“If you want to have a wedding night you will drive me to see my sister now.” Kay ordered.

“I’m not going to win am I?” He asked pretending to pout.

“Once I see my sister I assure you, you’ll get exactly what you want.” Kay promised.

“In that case.” Miguel grinned pulling out of the driveway, “Let’s go see your sister.”

It was midnight when Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald found her son sitting in the kitchen in the dark. There was a sadness on his face, even without the lights on a mother just knew. With a sigh she sat down in the chair beside him.

“It’s over Mama.” He spoke looking over at Pilar. “It’s really over.”

“Luis what are you talking about?”

Luis ran his fingers through his hair, “She chose herself, that’s what she said anyway. Sheridan said she needed time to discover herself again. She wants to be alone for awhile.”

“Oh Luis.”

“Antonio just bolted and ran.” He spoke. “Big surprise there.” He grunted. “But I just stood there staring at her. She said she loved me, loved me like she had never loved anyone like she loved me but she just wanted to be alone.”

“I’m sorry my son, truly sorry.” Pilar frowned.

“What’s done is done.” Luis shrugged. “I’ve lost her and I have to respect her decision.”

“You’re not fighting for her?” Pilar questioned.

“I won’t do that to her. Sheridan believes she needs time and maybe she’s right. She said she wanted to dabble in the company too. Can you believe that?” He asked. “She wants to work with Julian.”

“She is a Crane Luis, and it is her right.” Pilar spoke.

“I love her so much Mama, I love her with everything in me, so how do I deal with this? How can I deal with being without her?” Tears rolled down his dark cheeks as he looked up at his mother. He struggled for control of his emotions as he blinked more tears away.

“I can’t answer that for you son. I can only be here for you.” Pilar spoke touching Luis on the hand.

The pain that showed in her son’s brown eyes spoke all she needed to know. This was the son that truly loved Sheridan Crane. The man that was willing to do anything for her. He was the one who was willing to listen to her and then let her go. He didn’t run, but he also didn’t fight. She had never doubted Luis, and it broke her heart to see such pain coming from him.

“You know Theresa said something one day about how maybe none of us were with our soul mates. She told me she thought Ethan was hers and was wrong, Miguel was wrong about Charity, and that I might just be wrong about Sheridan. I thought she was crazy then but now I’m not so sure Mama.”

“Luis this is so unlike you.” Pilar frowned concerned by her son’s words. “You have always believed you belonged with Sheridan.”

Luis dropped his head, “Mama I have something to tell you.” He whispered. His eyes darted away from hers as he stood from his seat. He was nervous as he leaned against the counter. “I was offered a job in Boston.” He spoke staring down at the floor.

“Boston.” Pilar repeated. “I see.”

“I found out about it last week but wasn’t sure what to do. Sheridan hadn’t told me her plans and I just expected to spend my life with her.”

“But now.” Pilar sighed.

“Now, I think it might be best if I take the job.” Luis nodded. “I’ll be making much more than I am now, and living away from Harmony might be good for me.”

Pilar looked up at Luis and frowned, “I suppose you’re mother has been a foolish woman.” She began. “I always expected Theresa to leave town, but I thought you and Miguel would live here forever. Now I see that its you that needs to find you’re on path.” The words were hard to speak, but as Pilar looked at her son she knew it was time for him to go. He had spent his whole life taking care of her, and now he needed to take care of himself.

“What are you saying Mama?” Luis asked finally locking eyes with the tired lady.

”You should take the job son.” She whispered wiping tears from her eyes. “You’ve been held down my this family long enough. Your brother and sisters are grown now, and I can take care of myself. Miguel and Theresa have their own families, and Paloma, I’m not so sure she even likes us.” She admitted through tears. “It is your time Luis, and if you don’t take this chance now, you may never have another one.”

“So I guess it’s settled.” Luis gulped. “I’m leaving town.”

“You’re starting over.” Pilar corrected forcing a tender smile.

“Yeah.” Luis nodded. “I guess I am.”

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