~A Beautiful Mess~ Chapter 6 Chadresa/Kaguel
by Faith81


Chapter 6

Kay Bennett touched her stomach as she walked into the police station. Rolling her eyes she did her best to ignore the whispers of the men as she walked past them. She saw her father standing in the corner talking to Luis and she smiled. "Daddy." She called out walking over to him. Samís tired eyes looked up at her and he forced a smile.
"Kay." That was the only word he spoke as he took his daughter into his arms, and shocked her by hugging her tightly. "You donít know how glad I am to see you."
"Daddy, can we talk?" She whispered pulling away.
Luis smiled. "Sam, I think Iíll head over to the Crane Mansion, my sister is due another yelling, and I think its time I give it to her."
"What has Theresa done now?" Kay slightly laughed.
"You havenít heard?" Luis frowned. "She married Chad Harris, or maybe I should say Chad Crane." Luis groaned. "I donít have all the details, but with Chad being Julianís son, this was just another way for my sister to stay in that family."
Kayís mouth dropped. "Whoa. Miguel is going to freak out, how did Pilar handle the news?" Kay questioned.
"Sheís been screaming since she found out. Mama is not a happy woman at the moment."
"Good luck with Theresa." Sam smiled. "Iím sure youíll need it."
Luis nodded his head. "Thanks." He smiled turning to Kay he smiled. "And you, I suppose I should congratulate you? You are the next Lopez-Fitzgerald I assume?"
Kay looked down at the ring on her finger and sighed. "That I am."
"Iím sure youíll make my brother very happy." Luis nodded. "Now I need to go talk to Mrs. Fate." He groaned, shaking his head as he walked away from Sam and Theresa.
"So thatís the ring Miguel gave you?" Sam asked taking his daughterís hand in his. "Its nice."
"Yeah, it is."
"I remember when you hands were so tiny. I would hold both of them in one hand and youíd giggle." Sam sighed. "Now youíre going to be a parent, and you get to experience all of those little things. Are you ready for that Kay?"
Kay swallowed. "I think so. Daddy donít be ashamed of me, I know I didnít live up to what you expected, but I love Miguel, I really love him."
"Oh Kay, Iím not ashamed baby." Sam frowned touching her face. "I just look at you and I see my little girl. Its hard to comprehend that my baby is going to be a mother soon. Your so young, and life is very hard, marriage is hard."
"Daddy, whatís going to happen with you and mom?" Kay frowned.
"Your mother is at the B and B and thatís where sheís going to stay for awhile. Charity is with her, but Jess stayed with me." Sam explained. "Your mother hurt me, she was going to walk out on me to be with David until you told her the truth. Then she was sorry, but it was too late. I just canít deal with that kind of hurt anymore Kay. She loves David, and that kills me inside. My wife is in love with this stranger that came to town, this man that she doesnít even know."
"Daddy Iím so sorry. I should have said something sooner. I was being so petty and childish."
Sam frowned. "The damage was done long before you found out Kay. It started the day Ivy brought David to Harmony. "
"So you and mom, its really over?" Kay frowned.
"Iím afraid it looks that way at the moment. Grace is so bitter now, she has made John and Charity her life."
Kay lowered her head. "Iím sorry daddy."
Sam wrapped his arm around Kay, "Its going to be okay, your old man will be just fine. You worry about yourself and your child." Sam whispered. "You are going to have your own family, a husband and a baby. Thatís all you should be worried about."
"But I worry about you too daddy, your my family." Kay frowned. "And I hate seeing what mom has done to you."
Sam swallowed, "Shouldnít you be out planning a wedding? Buying a gown?"
"Oh like I have the money for a dress." Kay frowned. "Miguel and I are just going to have a simple wedding. I donít need a fancy dress, Iíve never been a fancy person anyway daddy."
"Yeah, but its your wedding."
"And itíll be perfect." Kay smiled. "Iím marrying the man I love, thatís all I need."
Sam nodded his head, his daughter had a lot to learn and he could only pray she was ready for the road ahead.

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald searched through the newspaper and frowned. "I need a better job." He muttered. "One that will support us." Taking a sip of his coffee he leaned back again the kitchen chair and sighed.
"Miguel?" A voice whispered out his name.
Looking up he saw Charity standing at the kitchen door staring at him. She wasnít wearing a drop of makeup and her eyes were dark and sad. "Your mother let me in." She explained her voice flat.
"Charity, what are you doing here?" He questioned standing up quickly. "Are you okay?" He asked.
"Okay?" She laughed dryly. "Yeah Miguel Iím just great."
"Thatís not what I meant."
"I know." She frowned. "I just needed to talk to you, and I knew Kay wasnít here, I saw her in town."
"What is it you wanted to talk about?"
Charity dropped her head. "I heard you proposed to her last night. Beth was at the B and B checking on Aunt Grace and I heard her tell her about the romantic proposal you had planned." Looking up at him she frowned. "Funny, the best you could do for me was a proposal at my bedside, for her you went all out."
There was silence as Miguel searched Charityís eyes for a clue of what she felt. All he saw was a dull look of confusion. "Sheís having my child, I have to do the right thing."
"So you pull out all the stops for the most romantic proposal in Harmony history?" Charity quipped.
"It was just a few flowers and some stupid music."
"Because sheís having your child, yeah I got it." Charity frowned. "Why canít you just admit that you love her?"
"Because I donít." Miguel whispered. "Not like that."
"Then tell me you have feelings for her, because lying isnít making this easier for me."
"I donít want to hurt you." Miguel swallowed.
"Too late for that." Charity muttered crossing her arms. "I think the whole ĎCharity sheís having my babyí thing pretty much did me end, but thanks for worrying about my feelings Miguel."
Miguel stepped closer to her, shocked to see Charity step back. "Do you want me to be honest Charity? I do have feelings for Kay, I guess I always have. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, but you were the girl I fell in love with."
"Oh, so thatís why you lead Kay on is it? Miguel, how many times did I catch you kissing Kay? More times that I want to remember, and what did you say to me? You were helping out your friend, or evil made you do it. I was so stupid, so blind, I actually believed you. You say you love me, but she is the one you always go too, sheís the one you share passion with Miguel. I saw that long ago, the way you kiss her? Its with something deep, and you never gave that part of yourself to me." Charity spoke through whimpers.
"Charity, no its not like that." Miguel tried but she shook her head.
"It is like that Miguel it is. You have wanted Kay, and now you have her."
"Charity, you donít understand."
"Shut up Miguel, tell me, how many kisses did you share with Kay? How long did you two dance around with these Ďfeelingsí? Was that the only time you slept with her Miguel?"
"Charity please."
"Tell me." She yelled. "For once be honest!"
Miguel frowned. "There were several kisses." He admitted. "But we were only together once."
"Are you lying to me? You told me you thought it was me that time, were you ever with her and you knew it was Kay?" Charity yelled.
"Almost." He swallowed. "But it didnít happen."
"Almost?" Charity cried. "When Miguel? Tell me now!"
"When you were in the hospital, there was this thing that almost happened in the shower."
"Thing?" Charity cried. "Miguel I almost died and you were in a shower making out with my cousin?" Tears fell off her face. "You do love her." She shrieked. "You love Kay, not me. Thatís why you canít help but kiss her, thatís why when you kissed her it was so passionate. Sheís the one you want, your just not man enough to admit it!"
Miguel let out a sigh. Throwing his arms in the air he turned away from Charity. "Fine! Yes, Charity when I kiss Kay it feels much different than with you. With you it was a sweet gentle love, with Kay, I can be more free." Miguel admitted. "I can be the person she knows, the one Iím afraid to be around you. Is that what you want to hear? That Kay allows me to be myself? That out of fear I was never truly myself with you? Charity, Iím marrying Kay and giving her and our child the best I can give them. I hurt you and I realize that, I messed up and it breaks my heart. I asked you to forgive me, I told you I wanted you back but you refused. This isnít easy and you did nothing to deserve it, but if you want the truth, I gave it to you."
Tears sprung from Charityís eyes as she looked up at Miguel. "I came here today to make you feel worse." She admitted. "Guess the jokeís on me again. I see now more than ever, that you could actually build a life with Kay. Its so twisted, but the one thing that kept me going was thinking of how good itíd feel when you two finally realized you werenít right for each other. The downfall would have tasted so sweet. Now I see that, thereís a chance for you two after all. Kay gets what she wants." Charity cried. "And I donít know Miguel, maybe you get what you want too." As the words rushed out of her mouth she turned and quickly bolted out the door, leaving Miguel alone in the house his mouth opened as one single tear fell from his eye.
"God help me." He prayed in a whisper. "Because Iím going to need it."

Kay stood in a small wedding shop staring at the gowns that hung all around her. They were all so beautiful, yet at the same time, they were very expensive. She knew that she wasnít going to have her dream wedding, but she would just have to make do. A nice plain dress would work, it would have too, she frowned as she touched the lace on one of the nicer gowns.
"Its beautiful isnít it?" A womanís voice questioned. "One of our finest gowns."
Kay smiled. "Its breath taking." She agreed. "But way out of my budget." She frowned looking at the soft white gown.
"Are you getting married soon?" The woman asked. "Iím Cindy, by the way. This is my shop."
Kay nodded. "Iím Kay. Actually I am getting married soon, havenít set a date, but I know itíll be soon."
"You would look lovely in this gown." Cindy spoke her long blond hair falling on her shoulders. "A pretty girl like you, your husband to be would be speechless."
"And so would her mother." A angry voice belted out.
Kay quickly turned around the smile leaving her face. "Mom."
"Iíll leave you ladies alone." Cindy frowned rushing off.
"You wouldnít dare wear white? Its a sign of purity, and thatís something you have none of." Grace growled.
"What are you doing here anyway mother?" Kay asked crossing her arms across her chest.
"I saw you from the window when I was walking by." Grace admitted. "I couldnít believe you were looking at a gown like this."
Kay rolled her eyes. "Daddy told me to find a nice dress."
"Your father doesnít know you."
"My father loves me." Kay fumed.
"You would actually wear white? Your pregnant Kay, and the father of the child doesnít even want you! Heís marrying you because he feels its the only thing to do. Miguel belongs with the only woman heíll ever love, Charity."

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane entered the small shop and smiled as she walked over to the owner. "Cindy! I heard your sister was getting married."
Cindy smiled as she saw Theresa, Theresa had graduated from high school with Cindyís sister. Although Cindy was a good bit older than Theresa she still thought of her as a friend. Theresa looked around the store and frowned.
"Whatís going on over there?" She questioned as she saw Grace and Kay.
"Oh that." Cindy frowned. "That poor girl, her mother just walked in and started yelling at her."
"Thatís Kay Bennett, Cindy sheís having a child with my brother."
"So thatís why her mother didnít want her to wear white." Cindy nodded.
"Cindy excuse me please." Theresa smiled as she headed toward Kay and Grace.

"Mom stop it! You can do this some other time." Kay frowned. "Just leave me along and let me plan my wedding."
"Wedding." Grace huffed. "Youíve brought shame to this family Kay. People will laugh when they see you walking up the aisle in white."
"Mother I canít afford a dress like that anyway." Kay frowned. "So drop it."
"Kay, Grace, what a surprise to see you here." Theresaís voice bubbled as she walked up to the mother and daughter.
"Theresa." Kay swallowed. "What are you doing here?"
Theresa smiled. "I brought Cindy and gift to give to her sister." Looking down at Kayís hand she smiled. "Miguel proposed I see, he told me he was going too."
"Yeah, it was very sweet."
"I see your looking at dresses, this one would look great on you." Theresa grinned.
"She shouldnít wear white." Grace muttered.
Theresa rolled her eyes, but only Kay caught it. "Nonsense." Theresa spoke.
"I canít afford any of these dresses anyway." Kay sighed. "I just wanted to look."
"Actually, maybe you can." Theresa smiled widely putting her hand on Kayís arm. "You deserve to look beautiful on your special day, in any dress you want. Let me pay for the dress, itíll be my gift to you. You pick any dress in this store and Iíll buy it." Theresa offered glaring over at Grace. "And it doesnít matter what color you decide on."
"Theresa, I canít." Kay began.
"Yes you can." Theresa nodded. "In case you havenít heard, Iím a Crane again. You are marrying my brother, and he seems to be happy with that. Let me do this for you, weíve never gotten along that well, but Iíd like to try. What do you say Kay?"
Kay swallowed as she saw her motherís eyes become large as her frown spread. A wicked smile came to face. "If you insist." Kay laughed. "Thank you so much Theresa."
"Its my pleasure."
Kay grinned as she looked over at Grace. "If youíll excuse me mother, I have a dress to pick out."
Theresa started laughing as Grace let out a grunt and stormed out of the store. "Wow, sheís angry."
"Did you do that on purpose? Because of what she said?" Kay asked.
"I did that because I wanted too." Theresa smiled. "She was treating you bad, but I really want to buy the dress Kay. "
"Then I guess I should start looking." Kay laughed. "I canít believe this, I get to be a real bride." Frowning she looked over at Theresa, "Oh by the way, I saw Luis about an hour ago, he was heading over to the Crane place to yell at you. Just thought I should warn you."
Theresa groaned. "Oh great, just what I need." Shrugging her shoulders she laughed. "Well maybe heís already came and went. Iíll deal with him later, now about that dressÖ"

Chad laughed as he bounced his stepson on his knee. The little boy giggled loudly, slinging his chubby arms in the air. "You know your mom, sheís crazy." Chad laughed. "Sheís a lot like me, weíve made mistakes, but we understand each other for it. Your a lucky boy. " Chad smiled. "She loves you lots, and she really is trying, even if it seems like she doesnít have a clue." Sighing Chad brushed back Ethan Martinís hair. "This town just donít get her littleman, but we do donít we? We understand."
"Big load coming!" Theresaís voice shrieked as she almost fell into the room, her arms full of Christmas gifts. "I didnít think Iíd make it up the stairs." She laughed sitting down the gifts. "Christmas is such a wonderful time, I have a reason to buy things."
Chad stood up, "And I see you bought plenty." He chuckled.
"Oh, Iím buying a wedding dress as well." Theresa grinned as Chadís eyes became wide. "For Kay silly." Theresa laughed. "She hasnít decided on her gown but I want to pick up the bill. Her mother is horrible to her."
Chad searched the gifts picking up a blue book he smirked. "Baby names for boys?" He questioned. "Theresa."
"Iím thinking Iíll name him something different, his own name. I was out of my mind when I named him after Ďthat maní. Of course I want him to keep Martin as the middle name, but he deserves his own name." Theresa grin taking her son into her arms. "Isnít that right Martin?"
Chad sighed. "Your brother stopped by today, I wasnít here but one of the maids said he was very angry."
"Yeah, I guess Mama told him." Theresa nodded searching a bag. "Do you think Martin is too young for a tricycle? I mean for this summer maybe? They were on sale and well I couldnít resist." Theresa rambled. "Oh and I took your advice, I checked into taking some collage classes in the spring, its not to late so sign up." She spoke taking a breath.
"Ok." Chad laughed. "Say that all again, only slower."
Theresa rolled her eyes. "You heard me. I thought you were going to work in the studio today, why are you here anyway?"
"Julian asked me to stay by the phone. His father was having pains and heís in the hospital over night for treatment. Julian said it was nothing, but he wanted to check on him anyway, something about not wanting to deal with his wrath later."
"Al is sick? I didnít know that man could get sick."
"The doctor said it was stress." Chad shrugged. "Wonder what stressed him out." He smirked.
Theresa laughed. "I donít have a clue Mr. Crane."
The phone rang and Theresa sighed. "Let me get it." Handing ĎMartiní to Chad she walked over and picked up the phone. "Hello? This is his daughter- in- law." She spoke listening carefully. "Oh, your calling about Alistairís remodeling, you canít find the paint he asked for?" She frowned glancing over at Chad as he peeked in a light pink bag. Smirking she lifted her head. "Well that works out wonderful, because Mr. Crane decided against that color. Yes, he asked me to call but Iíve been so busy. This is going to sound very odd, but he wants his bedroom painted a light pink. What pink?" She frowned. "Ballerina pink." She grinned. "Oh you have that? Wonderful. And his office, he said Dusty rose would be a better color in there."
Chad gritted his teeth at her and she waved her hand at him. "Yes, I know he usually prefers whites and beigeís, but people change. Now as for the study, pale blue, can you do that? Mr. Crane finds it very calming. No Iím not kidding, if you donít believe me you can ask his grandson. Mr. Crane wants a relaxing setting. Yes, thank you very much." Theresa laughed hanging up the phone.
"Heís going to kill you, you do realize that donít you?" Chad laughed. "Pink? Dusty Rose? Theresa your insane."
"Oh hush, he deserves it."
"Chad! Chad are you up here?" A womanís voice called out.
Running to the door Chad frowned as he almost ran into the woman. "Eve." He gulped.
"Tell me its not true. You married Theresa? You want to be a Crane?" Eve Russell gasp.
"Its true." Chad sighed. "Its all true."

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